Miles From Nowhere: A Round-the-World bicycle Adventure #2020

Miles From Nowhere: A Round-the-World bicycle Adventure By Barbara Savage Miles From Nowhere A Round the World bicycle Adventure A well loved classic tale of adventure Read this and you ll find yourself recommending it to friends again and againThis is the story of Barbara and Larry Savage s sometimes dangerous often zany bu
  • Title: Miles From Nowhere: A Round-the-World bicycle Adventure
  • Author: Barbara Savage
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Miles From Nowhere: A Round-the-World bicycle Adventure By Barbara Savage
    Miles From Nowhere: A Round-the-World bicycle Adventure By Barbara Savage A well loved, classic tale of adventure Read this and you ll find yourself recommending it to friends again and againThis is the story of Barbara and Larry Savage s sometimes dangerous, often zany, but ultimately rewarding 23,000 miles global bicycle odyssey, which took them through 25 countries in two years Miles From Nowhere is an adventure not to be missed Along th A well loved, classic tale of adventure Read this and you ll find yourself recommending it to friends again and againThis is the story of Barbara and Larry Savage s sometimes dangerous, often zany, but ultimately rewarding 23,000 miles global bicycle odyssey, which took them through 25 countries in two years Miles From Nowhere is an adventure not to be missed Along the way, these near neophyte cyclists encountered warm hearted strangers eager to share food and shelter, bicycle hating drivers who shoved them off the road, various wild animals including a roof ape and an attack camel , sacred cows, rock throwing Egyptians, overprotective Thai policeman, motherly New Zealanders, meteorological disasters, bodily indignities, and great personal joys The stress of traveling together constantly for two years tested and ultimately strengthened the young couple s relationship.As their trip ends you ll find yourself yearning for Barbara and Larry to mount back up and keep pedaling It s a story that makes you feel like you ve grown right along with the author.
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      Barbara Savage Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Miles From Nowhere: A Round-the-World bicycle Adventure book, this is one of the most wanted Barbara Savage author readers around the world.

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    • Dear Julie,I just read a great book that you may wish to take to Tanzania with you to read when you are not teaching the children at your school The book is titled Miles from Nowhere by Barbara Savage She and her husband traveled by bicycles around the world beginning in California, going up to Canada, and then back down to the U.S over to Key West, Florida, and then took a flight to Ireland and continued on The trip to some of the European countries was interesting, mainly because of how they w [...]

    • I don t think I ever really read this book Every winter my family used to pack ourselves into a van and head to some ski mountain or another loaded with enough books on tape to keep us happy for at least 10 hours I have such clear memories of those tapes Claire Bloom reading The Nutcracker, Patricia Routledge reading Wuthering Heights, and, hilariously, the entire TimeLife series of the biographies and music of classic composers My best memories are of Miles From Nowhere, and it was on regular r [...]

    • A friend recommended this book, published in 1983, and as far as I recall, hearing nothing about It s a memoir of Barbara Savage and her husband Larry s 23,000 mile bicycle journey around the world in 1979 80 It s an amazing journey, especially read 30 years later They start out in their home town of Santa Barbara riding all the way to Prince Rupert, BC, then through the Canadian and American Rockies, cross country to the east coast and then to Miami, crossing the Atlantic to bicycle thru Europe [...]

    • I loved this book and was extremely sad to see it end I was even sad to learn that the author, Barbara Savage, was struck and killed by a car whilst cycling She was a fabulous writer and had such a spirit of adventure This is a book I will enjoy reading again and again, a status I rarely grant to book since there are just so many books to read in life I recommend it heartily to anyone who enjoys travel writing.

    • Mountaineers Books Staffer I LOVE this book I m a cyclist so this is a subject that gets my attention, but REALLY this is a wonderful adventure story whether you ve ever pushed a pedal or not, and no doubt one of the best bike touring stories ever written It s got adventure, drama, tenderness and The Savages bike toured around the world for two years at the end of the 70s They went to places where first world women didn t go in those days The Savages made their trip at a time when Addidas tenni [...]

    • When I become involved in a new activity, I tend to read everything I can find on it Twenty years ago, while living in California, I was an avid bicyclist I enjoyed riding long distances, and with my wife entered numerous races and rallys, both in CA and in Mexico Necessarily, though, my dream of a cross country bicycling journey took a back seat to marriage, children, and my professional aspirations However, I enjoyed reading about others who took the path less trod.Unlike me, Larry and Barbara [...]

    • Think about the book often than would have expected Interesting what happens around the world that reminds me of Barbara s book.Here s a link to a review familyonbikes blog 2008 03

    • While the book was written from a world touring adventure over 30 years ago 1978 1980 , this book is best of its type that I have read so far I knew from reviews that Barbara died from a bicycle related accident sometime around 1985 when the book was in the process of being published Having that knowledge changes how you understand Barbara s words as you read When she tells of close calls, you sadly realize that one day it will actually happen of course But than this her words of what she exper [...]

    • This is an amazing story of a woman s journey across the world on a bicycle I am staggered by the ambition and courage and energy and persistence that such an adventure would have required, but I m equally impressed by the enormous rewards the author and her husband enjoyed No way would the travel experiences have been so rewarding had they arrived by tour bus and stayed in first class hotels I ve been a year round cyclecommuter for a few years now, but my daily trip is twenty minutes each way, [...]

    • Miles from Nowhere is a well written account of a couple s two year round the world bicycling adventure Unlike many other travelogues I ve read, this one maintains a steady cadence and level of detail throughout I felt that the protagonists were extremely easy to relate with I also felt that the descriptions and comparisons between the people they met and their experiences really added depth and dimension to the story especially in terms of helping me understand the people and experiences in cou [...]

    • This book reads like a litany of despair one complaint after another Oregon was too rainy Canada had too many mosquitoes South Dakota was too flat and boring New York was too cold Florida drivers were rude Egypt was filthy India was too crowded And so on and so on How tiresome Here s my advice If it makes you so miserable stop doing it And for heaven s sake, don t write a book about it.

    • I think if you re a reader into world travel adventures, you are going to love this book There are than enough memorable scenes to go around On the other hand, if you are into tour cycling with an eye for minimizing easily avoidable problems, this book will eventually wear you down I mean the woman can really write, but who on earth would start out a cycling trip around the world without taking tools for simple bike fixes I could go on and on and on I ll admit I m a be prepared kind of guy, but [...]

    • The late Barbra Savage wrote an interesting, enjoyable and often gripping account of her and her husband s cross the world cycling trip in a clear and simple writing style Although I picked up this book with the single intent of learning the ins and outs of long distance bicycle touring, I put it down with an immense appreciation for the couple with all the hardship they had to endure Perhaps it was the style of writing, the interest in the subject or maybe just the sheer timing in which I read [...]

    • An entertaining account of this husband wife team s bicycle trip around the world in the late 1970s The writing is not quite that of an experienced travel writer it s like reading the well written daily log of a friend The initial struggles the couple face as they set out on the first leg of their journey, across North America, are mostly with the limitations of their bodies Cultural struggles come into play in parts of Europe, and of course in Africa and Asia, and even parts of the southern U. [...]

    • This book about a bike journey around the world is made very poignant by the fact that Barbara Savage was killed in a bicycling accident as the book was going to press So as one reads of her harrowing misses by traffic on the roads of Egypt or Thailand or even the U.S there is a sense of sadness that one day the worst would indeed happen.Aside from this poignancy, the book is a frank tale of both the joys and trials of living with only what one can carry on a bike Savage and her husband do spend [...]

    • Absolutely sensational It is a must read even now, decades later She does an incredible job of communicating to us not only the hardships, but also the joys of traveling I particularly enjoyed her accounts of expats in Spain not because it was idealistic, but rather because of it being realistic She dug deeper and revealed men and women who were equal parts unique and tragic I also thought her experiences traveling through regions were so distinct that they in themselves captured just how truly [...]

    • I put off reading this one for a long time when I read that the author had been killed riding her bicycle in California after her trip was completed The story is fascinating Don t think I could have handled biking in Egypt or India Too many people, too many crazy drivers and too much dysentery Perhaps much has changed now but many of the areas where Barb and Larry Savage biked must still be the same Imagine having people throwing rocks, clumps of dirt and animal piles at you or giving lewd remar [...]

    • First book I read about someone else touring with their bike so this one holds a special place The personal views and the effort it took are well told They were such novices I as they set out They learn so much as they go and begin to be comfortable with what they are doing They were not a harmonious pair In fact there seems to be a lot of interpersonal animosity that surfaces as they stress out with the effort But they change and grow as they travel.In many ways these two seem to naive to survi [...]

    • Miles from Nowhere is a wonderful book about a round the world bike tour in the late 1970 s The author, Barbara, has a gift for keeping the pace of the narrative flowing as she describes the fun, tribulations, and surprises that greet her and her husband as they negotiate the ins and outs of bike travel in a pre internet age.I couldn t help but feel a little sad when Barbara describes all of the wonderful experiences she had with the people she met on the way Her frequent descriptions of the peo [...]

    • This was a really interesting story of bike touring across parts of the world I had some issues with the author s tone throughout the book toward the people she came across in her travels in foreign countries She was rather insensitive and condescending in her descriptions, although I do give her some slack for the era in which she was alive and experiencing these different cultures Also, I would have loved for her to talk about the effect of the touring on her relationship and her own emotiona [...]

    • Really great read This book was written in the early 80 s though takes place mostly in 1979 and 1980 Barbara Savage was a great writer so tragic that she died so very young and just as this book was being published The fact that she died in a bicycle accident is made even eerie by the fact that she frequently jokes about dying and had a real fear of dying on her bike on this trip I definitely recommend this book for travel junkies as she paints some really vibrant pictures Although I m thinking [...]

    • This book was the single most inspirational reading that set me off on an around the world bicycle tour, 1988 1990 Miles from Nowhere is the iconic guide to hundreds if not thousands of cyclists The author, Barbara Savage, was killed in a cycling accident shortly after she and husband Larry returned Knowing I lived just 30 miles from him I called Larry He asked what I wanted When I told him I was preparing to cycle around the world his advice was, Don t make too many plans I convinced him to get [...]

    • Excellent Barbara took me right along with her and her husband as they bicycled across the world Very realistic They began the two year tour as beginners and ended as well seasoned travelers This book had suspense, humor and was a pleasure to read all the way through Unfortunately, the author died from injuries sustained during a bike accident when the book was going to print, a short 3 years after her trip round the world Very sad for the loss of life but I will always carry the memory of readi [...]

    • This is a very entertaining book that I read in high school and which led me to be spontaneous, adventureous, and fearless I immediately set out to ride my own 300 miler a few weeks later I reread it with my girlfriend last year and we both enjoyed it as much as I had the first time around.Miles from Nowhere shows what a marriage can take, what a long trip can break, and what great propped can make the author and her husband run into some of the most mean, kind, hateful, and loving people in the [...]

    • Their journey ended in 1980 2 years before I was born I keep wondering how the countries they visited and the people they met have changed since then Did their circumstances improve Are we growing closer and find new ways of understanding each other or is frustration, misunderstanding and social injustice driving us apart This book is detailed and very honest to the point that it almost feels like accompanying them on their journey Sometimes you cannot believe how mean some the people behave, wh [...]

    • What an adventure Told in a regular folks voice, it got into rather a bit much detail toilets or lack thereof , but that s the kind of frank practical talk that other adventurers of this era shared with each other at hostels back before info was widely available on line In fact, another bicycle tour book writer was criticized for NOT putting the details of the bike and logistics into the book, opting instead to describe the people and impressions of the regions Since you can t please everyone, t [...]

    • In the late 1970 s, Barbara and her husband bicycled around the world This book is still readable today, and offers amazing insights into the cultures of other countries Egypt was especially dangerous and jaw dropping in their treatment of the couple as well as the U.S This journey is, in some ways, beyond comprehension They rode a total of 23,000 miles over the course of two years through places such as the U.K India and Tibet Barbara is a wonderful writer and what s heartbreaking is that she w [...]

    • One of my favorite books of all time have now read it three times, and each time is like the first as it seems new each time Her travels through Egypt, India and Nepal did NOT sound like fun way too primitive , but I wonder if it s still like that 30 years later I find it sad that she makes it around the world for two years by bicycle and then in CA, as the book was going to press, she is killed while training for a triathlon I think she was hit by a car on her bike and suffered fatal head injur [...]

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