خدایان تشنه اند #2020

خدایان تشنه اند By Anatole France محمدتقی غیاثی Literal translation The Gods are thirsty Anatole France was awarded the Nobel Prize in Published in when Anatole France was sixty eight The Gods Will Have Blood is the story of Gamelin an
  • Title: خدایان تشنه اند
  • Author: Anatole France محمدتقی غیاثی
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  • Page: 247
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  • خدایان تشنه اند By Anatole France محمدتقی غیاثی
    خدایان تشنه اند By Anatole France محمدتقی غیاثی Literal translation The Gods are thirsty Anatole France was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921 Published in 1912, when Anatole France was sixty eight, The Gods Will Have Blood is the story of Gamelin, an idealistic young artist appointed as a magistrate during the French Revolution Gamelin s ideals lead him to the most monstrous mass murder of his countrymen, and theLiteral translation The Gods are thirsty Anatole France was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921 Published in 1912, when Anatole France was sixty eight, The Gods Will Have Blood is the story of Gamelin, an idealistic young artist appointed as a magistrate during the French Revolution Gamelin s ideals lead him to the most monstrous mass murder of his countrymen, and the links between Gamelin and his family, his mistress and the humanist Brotteaux are catastrophically severed This book recreates the violence and devastation of the Terror with breathtaking power, and weaves into it a tale which grips, convinces and profoundly moves The perfection of Anatole France s prose style, with its myriad subtle ironies, is here translated by Frederick Davies with admirable skill and sensitivity That The Gods Will Have Blood is Anatole France s masterpiece is beyond doubt It is also one of the most brilliantly polished novels in French literature.
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      Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1921 in recognition of his brilliant literary achievements, characterized as they are by a nobility of style, a profound human sympathy, grace, and a true Gallic temperament Anatole France began his career as a poet and a journalist In 1869, Le Parnasse Contemporain published one of his poems, La Part de Madeleine In 1875, he sat on the committee which was in charge of the third Parnasse Contemporain compilation He moved Paul Verlaine and Mallarm aside of this Parnasse As a journalist, from 1867, he wrote a lot of articles and notices He became famous with the novel Le Crime de Sylvestre Bonnard 1881 Its protagonist, skeptical old scholar Sylvester Bonnard, embodied France s own personality The novel was praised for its elegant prose and won him a prize from the French Academy In La Rotisserie de la Reine Pedauque 1893 Anatole France ridiculed belief in the occult and in Les Opinions de Jerome Coignard 1893 , France captured the atmosphere of the fin de si cle.He was elected to the Acad mie fran aise in 1896.France took an important part in the Dreyfus Affair He signed Emile Zola s manifesto supporting Dreyfus, a Jewish army officer who had been falsely convicted of espionage France wrote about the affair in his 1901 novel Monsieur Bergeret.France s later works include L le des Pingouins 1908 which satirizes human nature by depicting the transformation of penguins into humans after the animals have been baptized in error by the nearsighted Abbot Mael La Revolte des Anges 1914 is often considered France s most profound novel It tells the story of Arcade, the guardian angel of Maurice d Esparvieu Arcade falls in love, joins the revolutionary movement of angels, and towards the end realizes that the overthrow of God is meaningless unless in ourselves and in ourselves alone we attack and destroy Ialdabaoth He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921 He died in 1924 and is buried in the Neuilly sur Seine community cemetery near Paris.In 1922, France s entire works were put on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum Prohibited Books Index of the Roman Catholic Church 2 This Index was abolished in 1966.

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    • Les dieux ont soif The Gods Are Athirst The Gods Are Thirsty The Gods Will Have Blood, Anatole France 1971 1337 254 19 1345 264 1391 247 9789640014691 1394 376 9786001216497 1363 1363 363 1394 281 9786006182575 1912

    • 3.5 4 starsWhat happens when we let an idea, an ideal of what humanity ought to be, perhaps even a good one of what it could be, consume us What happens when the idea becomes important than the people it is meant to represent What happens when this idea becomes a god to be worshipped blindly and that god thirsts for human blood in the name of necessity and perfection Well, the answer is pretty self evident I guess.Anatole France s The Gods will Have Blood aka The Gods are Athirst shows just suc [...]

    • Mutlak monar inin y k l p yerine Cumhuriyetin kuruldu u Frans z Devrimi, tarihte kendi ocuklar n devrimi yapanlar yiyen devrim olarak ak llarda yer edinmi tir nl ns z, yoksul aristokrat ayr m na bak lmaks z n bir y n insan n giyotinle kurban edildi i bir k kten de i imdir Lakin hen z emekleme a nda olan bu de i im, Cumhuriyet ilerin hain arama ve i imizdeki d manlar paranoyas yla adeta bir k y ma d n r Kral deviren Cumhuriyet ilerin uygulad bask yle bunalt c bir hal al r ki, gelen gideni arat r [...]

    • I really enjoyed the book despite a not so perfectly translated version I had It is meticulously detailed in describing people, their characteristics, opinions and behavior and also in describing locations Though I find some statements a bit pretentious and not natural for that specific situation The similarity of people and the incidents throughout the time and place is unbelievable While devouring every sentence, I was thinking of some people I knew who leaved in another country in another tim [...]

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    • Rating 3.625 of fiveThe Book Report The journey through the Terror of the French Revolution made by artist variste Gamelin, aspiring bourgeois to Jacobin true believer to his inevitable fall after the Coup de Thermidor One man s life journey explores the entire amazing and enthralling course of the defining break between the Old World Order and the New My Review This book was a Book Circle read Frederick Davies translated this work very ably, in that the prose is supple and muscular The book is [...]

    • This historical novel was published in 1912 by the Nobel Prize winning author, Anatole France It focuses on the events and psychology of participants in the Terror during the French Revolution It has been translated into English under the titles The Gods Are Thirsty or The Gods Are Athirst The main protagonist is variste Gamelin, a not very successful painter who lives with and with difficulty supports his widowed mother during this period of general physical deprivation Gamelin is intensely pat [...]

    • Anatole France con un estilo elegante, a veces excesivamente elegante para nuestro tiempo, crea una novela cuyo tel n de fondo es la Revoluci n Francesa de 1789 Anatole France acomete esta gran novela cuando contaba ya con 66 a os de edad y contando una gran cantidad de informaci n acerca de este evento que le da un nuevo rumbo a Europa, ya que desde ni o ley de primera mano muchos documentos y libros acerca de la Revoluci n Francesa, debido a que su padre ten a una librer a con un vasto acervo [...]

    • Oh, I liked this I really, really liked this Nobel Prize winner Anatole France wrote this novel about the bloodiest years of the French Revolution approximately 1793 1794 as seen through the eyes of ordinary citizens One is a struggling painter and patriot named Evariste Gamelin One is a former aristocrat and tax collector named Maurice Brotteaux who lives in the attic above Gamelin One is virtuous and one is evil One is kind and one is bloodthirsty But who is who may surprise you Alas, this is [...]

    • The Gods Will Have Blood distinguishes itself from other novels of French Revolution I ve read by its fantastic level of cynicism France s writing reveals the bitter ironies of the Terror, marshalling a fascinating cast of characters At the centre of the narrative is Gamelin, an idealistic young artist who lives in an attic with his mother He becomes part of the Revolutionary Tribunal and, as he sees it, fights to preserve the Revolution by sending traitors to their death The major figures of th [...]

    • 3.5 htilal in e itlik ilkesini sa layaca ndan bahsetme bana, nk insanlar hi bir zaman e it olmayacaklar, m mk n de ildir bu lkenin alt st ne de getirilse, her zaman b y kler ve k kler, i manlar ve zay flar olacakt r SF 29

    • Even at a young age, I was already intrigued by France s Reign of Terror because it was one of the few documented instances of protracted anarchism It also featured colorful leaders and anti heroes in Marat, Danton, and Robespierre It was a very bloody and disorganized period while France was groping for both its own freedom and identity It was also a revelatory time, in that it revealed people s true character The Gods Will Have Blood is a story set in this tortuous period in France It has two [...]

    • Ce roman qui est tres bien crit et qui exprime un point de vue avec lequel je suis en accord m a laiss un peu froid La raison est que le protagonist est une ordure Quand a la fin, il subit le sort qu il m rite le lecteur, comme l auteur meme, on est bien content L intrigue se d roule Paris pendant la revolution francaise au moment ou le Terreur est a son sommet Le heros, Evariste Gamelin, est un revolutionnaire fervent Dans sa vie personnelle, il a des bons et des mauvais cot s C est un fils mod [...]

    • The phase of the French Revolution that has come to be known as The Terror is perhaps the most depressing stage of a popular revolution that began with the high ideals as Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and descended into the shadow of Madame Guillotine Anatole France was once a very successful novelist, so much so that he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1921 France was uniquely situated to write a great novel of the French Revolution Born in 1844, his father owned a bookstore, called the [...]

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    • I rarely, no, I have never written a review on a book before I never wanted to be placed in a position where I declare a book to be one of the best books I read, and only to be left with a feeling of disappointment and being cheated in a good way to find a better Best book It is inevitable among readers But the only thought that filled my head as I leafed through the book, page after page, finishing it within hours while lying in bed, was that of me writing a review on this book Well I did have [...]

    • Anatole France does a stunning job in The Gods Will Have Blood showing the slow disintegration of the French Revolution into the Reign of Terror Spanning the years 1792 to 1794, beginning after the Jacobins have effectively seized control, France attempts to understand the revolution through the effect it has on the people living it His fictional protagonist Gamelin personifies the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the revolution itself He begins as an idealistic republican Although he has cut himself o [...]

    • An intelligent, subtle, touching, insightful book about the Jacobin Terror.Gentle psychological exploration of why some men do evil and others do good.Wonderful characters, subtle evocation of the times Very delicate prose style.

    • Set during the French Revolution s Reign of Terror, this classic historical novel follows a young painter named variste Gamelin, whose idealism propels him onto a path of ruthless butchery that ends, as it must, when he himself is swept under by by the turning tide as his mentor Robespierre himself falls victim to the bloodthirst and violence he helped facilitate.Brutal, realistic, and filled with despicable characters The pace occasionally dragged a bit, otherwise an absorbing read.

    • This is one of the better novels of the French Revolution, and shows the full horror of The Terror Unfortunately it doesn t really give reasons for it, and there were some justifiable ones the threat of invasion by the royal families of other counties for one Alas people are quick to condemn the revolutionaries, but very often don t ask why these things happen

    • Historically speaking, The Gods Will Have Blood is one of the most accurate novels about the French Revolution There are no idyllic heroes, no swashbuckling adventures, or anything which was exactly interesting What we have here is a novel which clings to historical context and accuracy As such, readers are introduced to normal characters who bear all the weight of mundanity and regularity that was to be had during the French Revolution Basically, the characters are just normal people in the Fre [...]

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