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Armchair Detective By Kelli Jae Baeli Armchair Detective Jobeth O Brien awakens on the floor of her kitchen her battered face and the memory of an angry visitor tells her that she is close to something important in her investigation In between this surveil
  • Title: Armchair Detective
  • Author: Kelli Jae Baeli
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Armchair Detective By Kelli Jae Baeli
    Armchair Detective By Kelli Jae Baeli Jobeth O Brien awakens on the floor of her kitchen, her battered face and the memory of an angry visitor tells her that she is close to something important in her investigation In between this surveillance and delivering newspapers, her beloved 62 Falcon is the scene of middle of the night romps with a lonely socialite, who gives her than she bargained for Her quesJobeth O Brien awakens on the floor of her kitchen, her battered face and the memory of an angry visitor tells her that she is close to something important in her investigation In between this surveillance and delivering newspapers, her beloved 62 Falcon is the scene of middle of the night romps with a lonely socialite, who gives her than she bargained for Her quest for the truth pits her against errant husbands, a modern day madam with a taste for blood, a horny landlady, a vicious attack dog, and the lies she tells herself Amid these challenges, Jobeth stakes out her prey and runs for her life, continuing the investigation that pulls her into close calls, unexpected allies, and secrets But Jobeth has secrets of her own, and only love can excavate them.
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      Kelli Jae Baeli

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    • Kelli Jae Baeli

      Even after 57 books, Kelli Jae Baeli always tries to write the sort of book she would want to read She says her favorite thing to do is take a common trope and turn it on its ear Where you expect a zig, she gives you a zag In her pages, you will find strong female characters, ethical dilemmas, realistic romantic storylines often filled with adventure and intense pacing, tempered by witty dialogue, and happy endings All are hallmarks of her work Indie Publisher and author of 29 bestsellers, Baeli enjoys a sales position in the top 5% of lesbian authors, also penning numerous essays, short stories and silly, serious and vitriolic Facebook posts She and her wife, Melissa, a budding author in her own right, make their home on Holiday island, near the quaint tourist village of Eureka Springs.

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    • you get something different out of each book you read.This one was an interesting story, and the character development was phenomenal, but the thing that i found myself saying at the end of the book was wow, she s a really talented author This book shows a really well rounded project storyline, characters, the dry cynical humor that i love, depth, emotional manipulation, literary prose here and there but mainly, none of it seemed forced You could tell that this author could just start typing, go [...]

    • Good grief this oozed sex The mystery really took a back seat to lots and lots of sex.I was going to open with something like I reminded myself of how that J.M Redmann series started, in that first book, Micky was rather quick to become involved in sexual escapades That calmed down as the series progressed But then, even that first book, had a deeper tie to the mystery plot It s not like Armchair Detective doesn t have a mystery plot line It does have one It s that there appear to be two differe [...]

    • The most appealing thing about this novel is its narrative voice Written in first person, this novel is wry and humorous It s the first thing that draws you into the story and it s at once self depreciating and self assured, which is an interesting combination For a while I thought this self assurance bordered on cocky, but by a few chapters into the book I was captivated It s a strong voice and it never falters once in the whole novel.By describing the novel s voice I m also describing the main [...]

    • I was wary of the way Jobeth was described at first a sort of macho lesbian who touts NRA rhetoric, likes ridiculously conspicuous for a detective cars and helps a pedophile who s being blackmailed by a quoting our dear hero bimbo madame This isn t strictly a romance, considering our love interest has little characterization and is mostly there to be fallen in love with, and it isn t strictly a mystery novel, considering how little mystery there is and how that part of the plot only seems to adv [...]

    • This one has a bit of a noir feel Jobeth is a drifter of sorts, working nights delivering papers while she studies for her PI license The two main plotlines are introduced early on, where Jobeth is hired by a man who is being blackmailed and she meets a wealthy woman who she becomes entangled with A simple job of watching his back leads to her getting deeper into the investigation and her fling with Phoebe also develops into than she expected There are some holes and leaps in the plot but I ll [...]

    • I was a literature major, and I ve read my share of every genre, and many different styles Not every author in print is in command of the craft Kelli Jae Baeli, I assure you, IS One thing i noticed right away with this book is that Baeli is a master of dialogue I ve read so many books where the dialogue was so forced or even contrived, but the interaction between her characters flows so effortlessly, and it s so authentic, so entertaining, and often laugh out loud funny But she does something el [...]

    • This was a fun read It has a Rainey Days vibe to it with Kelli Jae Baeli s signature sense of humor The chemistry between Phoebe and Joebeth is done well Joebeth has a dry, sarcastic wit and Phoebe s personality is fun and playful The book has a bit of everything romance, comedy, drama, and mystery The plot, while doesn t do anything new, is intriguing and hard to put down I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

    • BRAVO Kelli Jae Baeli, Armchair Detective had me captivated from beginning to end I really hope you plan on doing a sequel to this book as I d love to read about Jobeth O Brien and Phoebe McMasters.The graphic descriptions of these characters made me sit on the edge of my seat, hardly containing myself, wanting to know what is going to happen next.I found myself laughing, crying and holding my breath with Jobeth and Phoebe I felt like I was there with these ladies experiencing all that they saw [...]

    • Amateur unlicensed Private Detective, Jobeth O Brien, is living on the breadline, she s not even keeping her head above water Her night time job delivering newspapers doesn t even begin to pay the bills She s hiding a secret which prevents her from getting her private investigators license The one thing she has to her name that she loves, is her 1962 Falcon.Jobeth meets rich socialite, Phoebe McMasters while she s delivering her newspapers Jobeth is smitten Unfortunately, Phoebe is married and s [...]

    • This is one helluva of a romp, including a great love story and cool detective tale Two gals initially from completely opposite ends of the economic spectrum grow and merge to be a fantastic team and astoundingly fine lovers Accentuating and complementing this story is the author s colossally humorous slant on almost everything at some point in time I laughed out loud a lot, while being enthralled Inarguably a winner and gloriously entertaining Jobeth O Brien is one super delightful gay lesbian [...]

    • I read the first of Baeli s AKA Investigations series almost two years ago, which was before I did much at all in the way of reviewing I m currently a bit over halfway through Book 3, which naturally brought to mind Book 1, and I realized I needed to correct that omission Why Cos of my memories of how much I enjoyed it, and how impressed I was with Kelli s , Jae s , Ms Baeli s writing style I remember at the time thinking it was sort of Plum meets Chandler it s funnier than Plum, though, and if [...]

    • Told in the first person with an engaging style and lots of action, this series has the potential to have a wide following if of Baeli s plot lines were believable As it is, there are way too many major coincidences, some so outrageous that it turns off the reader There are a number of sex scenes, which are pretty vivid and well done I like it when the title of a book does work like Penny Mickelbury s Keeping Secrets, which has several layers of meaning However, the title Armchair Detective is [...]

    • This genre novel is a lot of fun It doesn t try to be anything except what it is, an erotic lesbian detective story, and it does that really well The hero is a smart, sassy woman who loves to please women She gets a lot of sex, and we readers get fairly graphic descriptions She s not shallow, though She s a well defended butch who isn t too comfortable with being on the receiving end till she meets the right woman That s the romantic erotic side of the story The detective part is suspenseful and [...]

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