Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking #2020

Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking By Mario Batali Molto Gusto Easy Italian Cooking The bestselling author of Italian Grill and Molto Italiano delivers a gorgeous collection of mouthwatering recipes to bring some Italian favorites home Chef Mario Batali s zest for life infuses the ca
  • Title: Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking
  • Author: Mario Batali
  • ISBN: 9780061924323
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking By Mario Batali
    Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking By Mario Batali The bestselling author of Italian Grill and Molto Italiano delivers a gorgeous collection of mouthwatering recipes to bring some Italian favorites home.Chef Mario Batali s zest for life infuses the casual Italian fare that has made his restaurant Otto Enoteca Pizzeria a perennially popular New York City destination Now you can have the flavors of Otto at home, with MoltoThe bestselling author of Italian Grill and Molto Italiano delivers a gorgeous collection of mouthwatering recipes to bring some Italian favorites home.Chef Mario Batali s zest for life infuses the casual Italian fare that has made his restaurant Otto Enoteca Pizzeria a perennially popular New York City destination Now you can have the flavors of Otto at home, with Molto Gusto, a collection of recipes for everyone s favorites, from pizza, pasta, and antipasti to gelati and sorbetti.Mario has written the definitive book on great pizza making for the amateur, the novice, the foodie, and the gourmet cook, teaching how to make really great pizza at home without any fancy equipment Here too are recipes for classic pizza, Otto s special pizzas, and even kids pizzas.Looking for something a little lighter Try the antipasti Based on seasonal vegetables, with a few recipes showcasing seafood and meat, these dishes can make up an entire, healthy meal Also included are many of Mario s favorite simple pasta dishes, and to finish it all off, fantastic recipes for gelati, sorbetti, and copette.Filled with Mario s infectious personality and love of robust flavors, and illustrated with luscious full color photos, Molto Gusto makes it easy to spend a night on the town without leaving home.
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      Mario Batali is known to most people as both the star of the Food Network s Molto Mario and one of the Iron Chefs on Iron Chef America Winner of numerous awards for his restaurants, Mario himself is the recipient of the 2005 James Beard All Clad Outstanding Chef Award, the most prestigious cooking honor there is Mario is also a huge NASCAR fan Like many guys his age, Mario first discovered the thrill of stock car racing watching the ebullient Chris Economaki, in his Martian style headphones, reporting live from the pit area at Daytona Mario has been a active racing fan these last few years, hosting prerace dinners at the track for the drivers His restaurant Otto has become something of an unofficial hangout whenever NASCAR visits New York He also enjoys prowling the infield to check out what die hard racing fans like to cook on their grills, looking to pick up some down home grilling tips His next book, ITALIAN GRILLING, will be available from Ecco HarperCollins in May 2008.

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    • A nice cookbook and a different cookbook from Mario Batali In his words at the outset Page 13 What you will certainly notice quite quickly is that this cookbook is radically different from all the others that I have written in its complete lack of traditional main dishes The book is divided into several sections vegetable antipasti, seafoods and meat antipasti, bruschetta and cheese, insalata salad , pasta, pizza, and gelato and sorbetto No super protein dishes here Photographs are nice and the [...]

    • I should preface this review with an admission I have a crush on Mr Batali I have since I can remember The food, the confidence and the humor, an attractive combo Yes, my husband knows about this crush and endorses it I think secretly he has a man crush on Mario as well.Here s what I have always enjoyed about Mario s shows and cookbooks he really is all about simple, which I think is what is so beautiful about Italian food anyway Yes, French food is a bit fancier and when I m in the right mood I [...]

    • The recipes in this book look fantastic even though I doubt I d ever prepare very many of them The reason I wouldn t prepare too many is that it would take 5 or 6 to make a meal of any substance They re all basically side dishes, vegetable heavy, that you d have with a plate of pasta or a pizza and like most Americans, I don t eat that way.Yes, a Pizza Margherita with a side of Shaved Asparagus with Parmigiano Reggiano and another side of Peas with Mint and another side of Chickpeas with Leeks w [...]

    • Every two months, a group of my friends and I cook up recipes from a different cookbook We then score our own dishes on a scale from 1 5, take photos of our dishes, and review the recipes we made then at the end of the round, I compile all the dishes into a blog entry and average out the scores For March April Cook Club, we cooked up a storm from Mario Batali s Molto Gusto Molto Gusto scored a 3.94 out of 5.0 for us Our favorite dishes were the sunchokes with walnut gremolata, linguine with lemo [...]

    • Easy recipes, but only for certain limited definitions of easy Easy if you live in Italy Easy if you have access to a large Italian market with lots of fiddly custom ingredients Easy if you already know what the myriad of fiddly ingredients already are.Most of the recipes included an ingredient that I would have to research If I have to put the book down and go to the internet to search, then the book has already failed me There is a glossary, but there are no internal cross references to point [...]

    • BJ and I love watching Food Network together at night The only problem is that we get hungry and want to make food at 10 00pm Anyway, when I saw this book by Mario Batali at the library, I thought I d try it out It has beautiful pictures, but for the most part the recipes really didn t appeal to me I like to think of myself as somewhat adventurous, but unfortunately my kids prefer things a little basic I ll take a few recipes, but for the most part this book will go back to the library without [...]

    • Mario Batali is a rock star Iron Chef He wears those orange clogs like he doesn t even care how absolutely hideous they are But I ll forgive him the fashion faux pas given his ability to make Italian cuisine so simple, yet so delicious These recipes are inspired by his restaurant Otto Enoteca Pizzeria in NYC, which I have had the privilege of dining at The recipes in this book are so simple that it s sort of almost not worth making a cookbook out of them But for someone looking to learn new tech [...]

    • I love this cookbook I ve been making tons of the recipes from it, and they are all good so far The great thing is that they aren t your typical Italian recipes, they are simple, fast, and have a taste quite a bit different than your typical American take on Italian.Last night I made preserved tuna along with a delightful eggplant bruschetta I ve also seriously enjoyed the tomato anchovy sauce on penne.

    • This cookbook was touted as one for the home cook who wanted to make easy Italian dishes But the ingredients list for most of the recipes was far out of my league The only section of the cookbook that looked accessible and appetizing was the section on gelati I d look elsewhere for Italian recipes.

    • I m back in my Nana s kitchen again smelling the fragrance only memory can reproduce, Thanks to Mario s recipe s and photos, this journey was accomplished Enjoyable reading Outstanding I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone wishing to duplicate an excellent, authentic Italian dish, try any or all of Mario s recipe s found in this book.

    • If you don t know by now that Mario owns this shit, you clearly must be some kind of cooking douchebag You don t respect Then you and Giada Di Laurentiis can fuck off and go talk about puking after dinner to keep slim or whatever it is she thinks she s talking about Wow, I m feeling snarky as hell today.

    • Although I liked the recipes, I didn t like the layout of the book I like when cookbooks have pictures and the recipe side by side This one had lots of pictures in a row, and then recipes followed.

    • all of the food looked so good i love pasta and all of that but much of what was in this cookbook was things that i would not cook for myself i would however might try it if someone else made if for me

    • This is my favourite Italian cookbook I love Mario, and his recipes are authentic I d give this a 4 5 because some of the recipes are difficult, and require really specific ingredients All of the ones we ve tried are amazing though, so I d highly recommend it

    • I love reading cookbooks like novels I can pick them up, picture the recipe and ingredients, learn new techniques and such I think this was a 1.99 and I go back to it again and again Good for the money.

    • I like the recipes, but jeez, the photos are ginormous I have to step away from the book to actually tell what the photos are of But once I do that, they re very pretty

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