Wonders Never Cease #2020

Wonders Never Cease By Tim Downs Wonders Never Cease It s true what they say you know If you talk to God you re religious but if you hear from God you re schizophrenic When a car accident leaves a famous movie star in a coma nurse Kemp McAvoy thinks
  • Title: Wonders Never Cease
  • Author: Tim Downs
  • ISBN: 9781595543097
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wonders Never Cease By Tim Downs
    Wonders Never Cease By Tim Downs It s true what they say, you know If you talk to God, you re religious but if you hear from God, you re schizophrenic When a car accident leaves a famous movie star in a coma, nurse Kemp McAvoy thinks he has found his ticket to the life he s always wanted As a med school dropout who was on his way to becoming an anesthesiologist, Kemp has the knowledge to carry off It s true what they say, you know If you talk to God, you re religious but if you hear from God, you re schizophrenic When a car accident leaves a famous movie star in a coma, nurse Kemp McAvoy thinks he has found his ticket to the life he s always wanted As a med school dropout who was on his way to becoming an anesthesiologist, Kemp has the knowledge to carry off the crazy plan he concocts adjust the star s medication each night and pretend to be a heavenly visitor giving her messages He recruits her agent and a down and out publisher to make sure the messages will become the next spiritual bestseller and make them all rich But his girlfriend s daughter, Leah, keeps telling people that she is seeing angels, and her mother and her teachers are all afraid that something is wrong Before it s all over, they ll all learn a few things about angels, love, and hope.
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      Tim Downs is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Indiana University After graduation in 1976 he created a comic strip, Downstown, which was syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate Calvin Hobbes, Doonesbury, The Far Side from 1980 to 1986 His cartooning has appeared in than a hundred daily newspapers worldwide Tim has written seven mystery suspense novels Shoofly Pie, Chop Shop, PlagueMaker, Head Game, First the Dead, Less than Dead, and Ends of the Earth PlagueMaker was awarded the Christy Award for the best CBA mystery suspense novel of 2006, and Less than Dead was a finalist for the 2009 Christian Book Award in suspense fiction Tim lives in Cary, North Carolina, with his wife Joy They have three grown children.

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    • This is the first novel I ve read by Downs It s praised as a warm hearted story of mistaken identity and unlikely redemption I wouldn t classify this story as warm hearted, and I struggle to find the redemption.The main characters are a lazy narcissist, a co dependent single mom, and a six year old who sees angels Then add the child s teacher and school counselor, both non believers in a Christian school, a self center movie star, her greedy agent, a dishonest book editor, and a loan shark The o [...]

    • This book was a cute, comedic, quick read I really hated the character Kemp and had a hard time finding redeeming qualities about him, but the other characters were lovable Not my favorite book, but definitely a fun one

    • I hated the main character, but then.you re supposed to This was a really cool book I m not going to say too much Spoilers and all Just fun.

    • Outstanding bookThis kept me up late for several nights I found it similar to some of Kristen Heitzmann s books A touch of the supernatural Highly recommended.

    • Original review here onepage.tinamats wondeI invest a lot of emotions when I read a book I am very particular with characters, and strong characters always make a mark in me, even if the plot is typical Most of the books I marked as favorite are books that leave me both sad and satisfied at the end, books that I felt that the characters were not only people inside a book, but people who have become my friends.When I saw Wonders Never Cease up for grabs at Book Sneeze, I grabbed it because I thou [...]

    • This book is amazing I finished it and it is amazing I love how the angel and lead and the teacher is teaching people things in life even though the teacher is supposed to be teaching something but I don t think that Natalie needs to be dating a rude person like Mr Kemp and I don t think that Leah has to be there to hear everything that they talk about and I am sorry Leah that your childhood was like that

    • Olivia Hayden is an aging actress who refuses to be type cast She wants to keep doing her famous roles as a beautiful twenty something But when her agent sets her up for a meeting with a writing looking for an alcoholic, fiftish mom , Olivia sees red She races down the highway in her car at super speeds, and it doesn t end well She finds herself in the trauma ward at UCLA Hospital.Kemp McAvoy believes he deserves , of everything He was kicked out of his residency on his third year, so he had to [...]

    • My Review of Wonders Never Cease by Tim DownsTim Downs writes a light hearted, at times laugh out loud story with Wonders Never Cease When Kemp McAvoy, a despicable n er do well comes up with a get rich quick scheme to impersonate an angel to a has been actress, Olivia Hayden, the author weaves a tightly knit plot together that has a fairly predictable ending Threaded into the story is a tender portrayal of a single Mom, Natalie, trying to raise her six year old daughter, Leah without any help f [...]

    • When famed actress Olivia Hayden ends up in intensive care after a car accident, her nurse, Kemp McAvoy, seizes the opportunity to exploit the comatose star for his own personal gain But while he s playing angel to the infirm celebrity, his girlfriend s daughter, Leah Pelton, claims she truly does see divine spirits As the novel intensifies, the manipulation of one manufactured mystery becomes mired in criminal missteps meanwhile, the other, possibly hallucinatory one, proves difficult to refut [...]

    • Is there any such animal as a non mystery Christian cozy beach read If there is then WONDERS NEVER CEASE by Tim Downs would fit nicely into this category Rather than give you a chronological account of this story, let me instead try to convey the general flavor of the book At the heart of the story is a precocious six year old girl named Leah who insists she sees angels, much to the chagrin of the adults in her life In addition we have the aging movie star, her agent, an opportunistic publisher, [...]

    • This had pontential of becoming like an episode of Touched By An Angel In other words cheesy, and extremely so But Wonders Never Cease doesn t fall into that category EVER It s a lighthearted read, but has a lot of depth where it counts unlike the messages the Angel Kemp is giving to Liv Hayden.The author, Tim Downs, is well known for his Suspense books and even won a Christy for one But this isn t a Supense or Thriller, honestly i don t know what to call it The best way i can think of describin [...]

    • The recipe for a fun read Take an ethically challenged rich kid, a divorced single mom, a loan shark, a pulp publisher, a washed up actress along with her oily agent, and throw in an angel for good measure mix with 2 parts quirkiness, 3 parts action and a dash of drama Seriously,Downs has a gift for turning out non traditional stories involving exceptionally flawed people in major roles What I mean by non traditional is his books aren t the traditional serious minded thriller variety, that put y [...]

    • I requested this book because it reminded me a little of Jodi Picoult s Keeping Faith, but the two are really different.Natalie s daugher Leah keeps seeing angels and, of course, nobody believes her But Natalie s boyfriend Kemp gets an idea what if he engineers it so that movie star Olivia Hayden who is in a medically induced coma thinks SHE sees an angel and writes a book about it He gets a publisher and her agent in on it, and he figures he ll stand to make a ton of money.Except it turns out t [...]

    • Coming from an avid fan of the Bug Man, Wonders Never Cease is completely unlike anything else Downs has written A very fast, enjoyable read I finished it in two days The scenario is believable and interesting, and is a good reminder that not only are angels and supernatural powers very much at work in our world today, but a reminder to be careful of anything that no matter how good it seems contradicts God s Word even slightly Kemp annoyed me to no end I never ended up liking him, and from an a [...]

    • When I read the summary of Wonders Never Cease on Book Sneeze, I was intrigued I couldn t put this book down Each chapter flowed into the next, and every part was interesting except when the criminal masterminds were talking about moneyI am not a money person.This book would not have been as great if it wasn t for the constant humor and sarcasm Many times I had to stop reading because I was laughing so hard Wonders Never Cease tackles a tough subject are angels real and puts it in a modern conte [...]

    • 2.5 stars.I only started this because I was trying to cull my too large, probably won t ever get to section of my tbr shelf of books I successfully put a few books in the donate to goodwill or library box after testing the first few pages chapters With this one I got to chapter three and was still interested and kind of entertained It s a very light quick read, two hours later I had finished it Hard to explain why really, there are few like able characters, in fact they are pretty much all eithe [...]

    • In Wonders Never Cease, nurse and egotist Kemp McAvoy believes he s found a perfect way to make a million dollars without having to work for the money When a famous, if over the hill, movie star is injured in an automobile accident, Kemp is assigned to her care in ICU His money making scheme involves the movie star s agent and the publisher of a runaway bestseller called Lattes with God His idea seems foolproof, but then surprises arise Wonders Never Cease is written with Downs trademark humor, [...]

    • This is one of those stories that is going to stick with me for a while Even though it s fiction Just the idea that seeing angels can lead people to believe what they do there was once a time when I thought we were wrong not to believe in angels At least with a christian upbringing that is what we are led to believe So why not believe a child, so pure in heart, can see them I think the idea is, well, heavenly.The writer knew how to get the story out, and make you think about what was in it.The o [...]

    • It took me a few chapters to be sure I wanted to finish this book, but once I got hooked, it was a great ride Inspirational, touching, surprising, and with an ending that Hollywood would adore, I highly recommend WONDERS NEVER CEASE Downs almost hides his very capable hands as the plot seems to wend its way into places we don t like but you ll come out grinning from this one, which I stayed up nearly all night to finish That, in itself, is a rave Bonus There s no reason you can t give this to AN [...]

    • I had been wanting to read this book because I really enjoyed Tim Down s bug man mystery series but didn t know if I would like this one as well so I had put off buying it But when I found it for a dollar at Half Price Books it was the perfect opportunity to try it out This book has an unusual cast of characters, a six year old girl, a narcissistic male nurse, a loan shark, an actress in a coma, and an angel, just to name a few This weird combination of characters actually work together to make [...]

    • Perfect for lightweight, lighthearted reading on days you don t want to wrack your brain or mess around with emotions With an easy pace and breezy writing style, it makes an amusing story, but with that being said, Wonders Never Cease does come across as undercooked, having no real meat to sink in As the main character s fool proof plan to get rich slowly becomes undone by his own foolish doing, I can t help but to feel that the plot both the scheme and of the novel unraveled too conveniently Ov [...]

    • Unfortunately we ll never know Though Mr Downs began with a great concept and a natural platform for exploration, he just never seemed to let go and really delve into faith and spirituality That s not to say I didn t like the book Wonders Never Cease is a fun, well written read with likable characters and an amusing plot Was it challenging No Gripping Slightly Entertaining Definitely Wonders Never Cease will make a fun addition to our church library and has made me curious about Mr Downs other w [...]

    • I can honestly say that I don t think I ve ever disliked a character as much as I disliked Kemp Holy cow I wanted to cut him with a dull spoon Jeez He s so full of himself and cocky and horrible and stupid I could go on One thing I didn t like about the novel was the beginning and end Leah telling the story and ending with the epilogue didn t make too much sense to me She was the one telling the main story, so I feel like it didn t really flow However, my insides got all fuzzy when Emmentt gave [...]

    • Wonders Never Cease is a wonderful story It was light hearted, but also serious It was about how God is involved in so many ways we don t know about or understand, and perhaps only the pure, innocent ones like Leah ever could It was about faith and the willingness to believe, two things most people forgot about a long time ago I especially liked the ending, where it turns out Emmet was the angel helping Leah all along I would definitely read this book again, and I recommend it to everyone it s a [...]

    • In the beginning I was a little worried, because I really, really wanted to love this book isn t the cover awesome But the beginning just felt a little silly and uninteresting.But oh did it get better.It ended up being surprisingly difficult to put down, and I could not stop grinning as I read the last few chapters In fact, I m still grinning now One of the best Christian fiction books I ve ever read, and it definitely has the best angels.

    • Interesting story with believable characters A little girl sees an angel and instantly treated as troubled In the meantime, an opportunist concocts a plan to fabricate an angel, so that he can cash in on the public s gullibility I enjoyed this story, although I prefer Tim Downs forensic entimologist stories better This story explores our understanding of human nature versus divine messengers we prefer to hear what we want to hear rather than listen for the Truth.


    • ICU nurse Kemp impersonates an angel while caring for an actress Then he works with two other scoundrels, the actress s agent and a publisher, to spin a bestseller self help book It s been a long time since I disliked a character as much as I disliked Kemp McAvoy great job, Mr Downs

    • Definitely not characteristic of Tim Downs writing I was quite disappointed in this book The characters were not developed well, the story seemed thrown together If you want to read something good by Tim Downs, go with any Bugman novel or Plague Maker.

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