Chains of Love #2020

Chains of Love By Katrina Strauss Chains of Love As Blue s master Derek has plenty of toys and ingenuity at his disposal but his high priced loft isn t the best environment for raising Blue s BDSM training to the next level If only he had a baseme
  • Title: Chains of Love
  • Author: Katrina Strauss
  • ISBN: 9781596327641
  • Page: 324
  • Format: ebook
  • Chains of Love By Katrina Strauss
    Chains of Love By Katrina Strauss As Blue s master, Derek has plenty of toys and ingenuity at his disposal, but his high priced loft isn t the best environment for raising Blue s BDSM training to the next level If only he had a basement and the proper hardware Blue has other worries Still conflicted between his love for Derek and his feelings for Cameron, he s due to face a killer in court and the aAs Blue s master, Derek has plenty of toys and ingenuity at his disposal, but his high priced loft isn t the best environment for raising Blue s BDSM training to the next level If only he had a basement and the proper hardware Blue has other worries Still conflicted between his love for Derek and his feelings for Cameron, he s due to face a killer in court and the accompanying publicity storm once the press connects the star witness to his powerful father Seeking a break from the real world, he expresses his darker fantasies to his master Blue should be careful what he wishes for Blue lands himself in the clutches of the Balkan mob, and Derek must negotiate his freedom The highly dangerous, very sexy Sasha offers the couple playtime in his private dungeon during Blue s stay The catch In exchange for Blue s release, Sasha gets to supervise Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, strong BDSM theme and content, including spanking and rope play, violence, voyeurism
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    • What is WRONG with Blue Seriously, he gets into trouble than any other character I ve read in a while How he gets into trouble the way he does is beyond me He must be giving off some very heavy slave pheromones God I loved the D s in this story Between Sasha and Derek, I was in a haze of slutty submission Damn Blue I would like to be the one being dominated between the two How does Blue find these sexy dominant men Where are all these sexy dominant men Cuz they certainly are NOT where I can see [...]

    • In this third installment of the Blue Ruin Series, we are treated to a series of erotic encounters that highlight the nuances of Derek and Blue s relationship The BDSM aspects of their relationship are explored in great detail We even get a few insights into Derek s sexual history and his introduction to the lifestyle We continue to enjoy Blue s refreshing antics in and out of the bedroom Not the least of which is a selfless act of friendship that lands him in the hands of the Balkan mob Make t [...]

    • Blue Ruin series was born like a yaoi romance which blended in a BDSM relationship At its third book, the yaoi component is only hinted and the BDSM relationship is in full swing Blue and Derek still live together and they had overcome the little escapade of Blue with Cameron true, Blue sometime still thinks to his old sweetheart, but I believe that Blue is too much for someone like Cameron, probably he is too much also for Derek.This is probably the main aspect of the novel Derek should be the [...]

    • I can just feel my tears of frustration bleed through my spoiler tag view spoiler 3.5Oh my fucking God Blue is a slut That s it I am so pissed at Blue This whole ruse with Sasha was apparently meant to awaken Derek or some shit, so he would stop holding back on Blue and give Blue what he needs.Blue Blue Blue.Goddamn it Blue He even said himself that he would ve let Sasha fuck him, this being despite the fact that in the contract that Derek set up with Sasha, there was a clause saying that there [...]

    • This book for me was lacking.I like a book with alpha male alot but some how I was a tad disappointed with Derek the Master in this book.I know in BDSM sharing and caring is common but not for me.What ever or how ever how can you share some one you loveyou may not allow the other to fu k but rest is okay.Nope doesn t work for me I don t like Blue s character much it seems he like every other guy and that s a total minus point for me okay I can understand he is young and all but sadly that is not [...]

    • Just as I was about to give up reading any Katrina Strauss thinking she was only capable of writing kids stuff, along comes one of the most detailed and complex bondage scenes I ve ever read in this 3rd installment of Blue Ruin Best of all, it s a 3 way of my favorite kind, two Tops and a bottom It was well worth plowing through the first 2 books in the series to finally get to this one, which paid off in ways than one Here we get the low down on the MC s backgrounds making them three dimensi [...]

    • Another book I m not going to rate only because I read it out of order and was kinda confused which was entirely my fault about all the Cameron stuff going on Besides that though I m just not a fan of these series because I don t like that Blue and Derek have to go outside their relationship in order to get their rock off Just not my thing Plus I m not a fan of the writing style Phrases like he assumed the mounting position just sound so weird There was a huge mix of childish and adult ways to [...]

    • This is good series I ve enjoyed every onee first one best of all.Boy, Blue is a danger mangnet isn t he I liked Sasha, with there had been a little of Sasha.This series picks right back up, no matter how long you go between books, you can fall right back into the story.

    • In Blue Ruin 3 Chains of Love the boys are back having survived yet another harrowing experience this time at the hands of the alleged Maple Street Killer As Blue waits to testify at his would be killer s trial, there is much going on in his life He continues to deal with his conflicting feelings in respect of Derek and Cameron, and while there is no doubt that he loves Derek his feelings for Cameron linger Blue is also looking at the prospects of cosmetology school with his friend Jodi These th [...]

    • Okay, so this one made me love Blue a little , since the last book had me questioning his loyalty to Derek This one made sense of all of that I really began to understand that what Blue was looking for with Cameron was closure, while in this book, he gets a little snuggly with Sasha, looking for someone who will push his boundaries, the way Derek isn t willing to.That totally makes sense to me.I love that we get both sides of the story that we see how conflicted Blue is and Derek s struggles I k [...]

    • I love this series and this book is the hottest of the 4 installments so far As always, Blue is adorable Derek is hot, but newly introduced mob boss ultra dom Sasha is SMOKIN I LOVED that there was attraction between him and Derek as well as Blue I d like to see Sasha back in a sequel OMG That scene where Sasha stood behind Derek as he f d Blue and what Sasha did to Derek with his tie to spur him on, WHEW Then the way Derek leaned back into Sasha after and how Sasha brushed the damp hair from hi [...]

    • Imp such a tiny little word, and yet very fitting for the mischievous Blue In what seems to have become typical fashion, Blue managed to get himself into trouble again As expected, Derek comes to the rescue but not before Blue has them wrapped up in a wholly different threesome arrangement than the prior book one in which the mobster who s holding Blue gives Derek lessons in being dominant Unlike the last book and Blue s relationship with Cameron, I actually wouldn t have minded of Blue, Derek [...]

    • I keep getting and wrapped up in this series I m disappointed to realize I have to wait for the next book to be published Comes out November 24th Well, at least it s written g To be honest, the plot is getting to be a bit convenient I mean finding a group of mobsters that are mostly gay, lead by a dom, and all with a heart of gold is a bit unlikely But, hey, this is fantasy.What I really love about this series is the characters All the little quirks that make them unique individuals And the se [...]

    • In this installment, Blue manages to get himself kidnapped by the Russian Mob the leader in intent on keeping for himslef, but instead works out a deal with Derek.I don t know This is the 3rd book While Blue Derek started off promising, it seems that Blue despite his supposed desire to stay with Derek, can t keep it in his pants Every time a guy comes on to him, he seems instantly willing to submit to him, with only a passing moment of guilt for cheating on Derek This is fine because he s young, [...]

    • Very sexy read about the continuing story of Derek and Blue I enjoyed that in this series we got Derek coming into his own as a dom for his imp, Blue The scenes with Sasha were sizzling and I enjoyed his respect toward Derek in trying to help him learn how to properly handle Blue and to see Blue s brattiness for what it was about what he needed from Derek We also saw Blue learn to start to learn to control himself better and allow Derek to trust him and with the seriousness of their relationsh [...]

    • Well, that was a crazy ride Definitely BDSM in this one than the previous two But it was mostly this sort of meandering tale that morphed into a psychotic soap opera If you take it for what it is, it was quite enjoyable My only complaint is that the first 80 90 pages lacked focus I really had no idea what this story was about until it was almost over But there was plenty of hot sex and plenty of laugh out loud moments.

    • So far I like the first one the best but all of them are completely entertaining Blue sure knows how to get himself almost killed in every book with poor Derrick rescuing him every time They seem to love eachother but both want to have sex with other people so that makes it a little uncomfortable, at least for me I will read 4 though Gotta see how Blue almost dies in the next one

    • I like Blue A lot So forgive my total bias when it comes to this series Even though I at times wanted to stuff his best friend out the door and get down to it with Blue and Derek This is such a charming, sexy and cool series that never fails to push all the right buttons Plus, those covers omnomnomarrow.wordpress 2009 08

    • Damn, this series just keeps going in ways I don t expectbut always enjoy for different reasons This one focused heavily on the bdsm relationship between Derek and Blue Sasha and his men were great side characters All in all, a damn sexy as hell read.

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