Blue #2020

Blue By B.G. Thomas Blue Blue McCoy has lived on the streets for a long time surviving by his wits and doing what he must and he s not above using his youthful appearance and air of innocence to his advantage It s not an ea
  • Title: Blue
  • Author: B.G. Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781635336306
  • Page: 278
  • Format: ebook
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    Blue By B.G. Thomas Blue McCoy has lived on the streets for a long time, surviving by his wits and doing what he must, and he s not above using his youthful appearance and air of innocence to his advantage It s not an easy life, but he s happy He has everything he really needs the clothes on his back, a house to squat in, a sweet dog Everything except that special someone to love him.SixBlue McCoy has lived on the streets for a long time, surviving by his wits and doing what he must, and he s not above using his youthful appearance and air of innocence to his advantage It s not an easy life, but he s happy He has everything he really needs the clothes on his back, a house to squat in, a sweet dog Everything except that special someone to love him.Six months ago, John Williams s wife left him because she was bored Even your name is boring were her last words to him before she walked out Now he s by himself in a big house, trying to figure out what direction his life should take He s never been so alone.A chance encounter sets John on a new path, a path that becomes clearer when loneliness sends him to a local animal shelter to get a dog and he finds an angel instead An angel named Blue A crisis brings them together, but it is something else that keeps them there Could it be love A love that can forever end two men s deep loneliness and bring them the support and sense of belonging they ve searched for all their lives
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      B.G Thomas lives in Kansas City with his husband for nearly fifteen years and was legally married in 2014 Ehey have a fabulous little dog, Sarah Jane He sees his wonderful daughter just often enough to miss her when she isn t there He has a romantic soul and is extraordinarily lucky to have many friends He loves science fiction fantasy, horror, romance and , has gone to SFF conventions his entire adult life, and been lucky enough to meet many of his favorite writers He is a Star Trek and Joss Whedon fan from way back He has written all his life, it is where he finds his joy In the 90 s, he wrote for gay magazines, but stopped because they wanted him to cut out story and romance, and write only sex Then through a few friends, he discovered the growing market of M M Romance and was thrilled beyond words FINALLY, a way to write the stories he always wanted to write Adventure, romantic comedy, science fiction, and , but with gay characters And he wouldn t have to fade to black People wanted to read the erotic as well Plot and sex HURRAY B.G Thomas very much believes in The Law of Attraction and that thoughts become things A lot of things all started happening at once He heard the words, Leap, and the net will appear, and something re kindled inside He sent out a story and was thrilled when it was almost immediately accepted He believes that we are divine expressions of the Universe, each and everyone It is never too late , he states Pursue your dreams They will come true

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    • 3.5 StarsSome romance novels require a total suspension of disbelief from the beginning in order to enjoy For me, this is one of those stories Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed it But I definitely had to put on my reality blinders.This is a big time insta love, age gap romance with big life changes for both characters I liked Blue, with his optimism regardless of what life had thrown at him He s smart, hardworking, positive and, sometimes, a little whirlwind He comes into John s life at the right ti [...]

    • 3.5 stars, rounded down.I first encountered Blue McCoy in book 2 of the Seasons Of Love series by this author, when he was unwittingly and unwillingly involved in a terrible act committed by Howard, who was Wyatt s husband at the time.I ve been waiting for some time for Blue to tell me his own story and delighted when it was finally available.There may be some slight spoilers below.Unfortunately, this book didn t quite meet my expectations Oh, don t get me wrong Blue is a beautiful soul, kind an [...]

    • 4.5 stars Blue How much do I love you Blue, is a character that has always pops up in my thoughts whenever I think of B.g Thomas Seasons Of Love series.My heart bled for Blue His life was a very rough one that many can relate to Blue s story is an all too familiar one He s poor and struggling to make a living He does what he can to earn money His humble dwelling is an old abandoned home and whenever times got really rough he would occasionally earn his keep sleep w a man in exchange for a warm b [...]

    • This book should be read with caution I didn t know what I expected when I started it, but it definitely wasn t this I liked the idea trope of the story a lot, but I felt like I should be reading this with a tiara on my head and tripping on acid That s the easiest thing I can come up with I believe I ve read one other book by this author, but can t recall it at all I didn t like the breaks in pov It was to constant and I found myself going back to see who said what That was annoying It had alot [...]

    • I enjoyed this story I wanted to read it immediately after I read the blurb from seeing it on my friend s feed John s inner monologue at times was funny and other times had me rolling my eyes I did like his reaction to discovering his homosexuality I also liked that he never made his wife out to be a horrible person.In the beginning I could have done with a little less fawning over Blue and how he looks like an angel and so beautiful The sex was hot and they had a lot the first time they hooked [...]

    • Book BlueAuthor B.G ThomasStar rating No of Pages 240Cover Perfect POV 3rd person, dual POVWould I read it again YES Genre LGBT, Contemporary, May December I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR MY READING PLEASURE Reviewed for Divine MagazineAs usual, B.G Thomas knocked it out the park.This was a sweet May December romance that dealt with all of the lingering issues of the characters and their story in perfect transparency It s not a GFY It s not the perfectly tied with a bow story that some readers were ex [...]

    • First off I want to say this cover is spot on I can see this young man as Blue I love a cover that gives me an image of a character Blue is a charming character He lives in an abandoned house doing what he can for money He tries to find small jobs, but sometimes he has to sleep with a man for a warm place to sleep or a meal He doesn t look at himself as a prostitute or homeless He never charges money for sex only taking what is offered, and he lives in the abandoned home One day he finds a stray [...]

    • This was hard for me to rate I did finish the book and was interested in what happened But while the writing was good meaning it kept me engaged, made me care about the characters and was polished the writing style felt odd to me Blue is a damaged young man living on the streets who really just wants a place to belong He finds that with John, an older man The themes are serious yet the voice and tone of the story gave it a fairy tale feel I would expect a realistic even gritty tone, when instea [...]

    • I enjoyed this one I took issue with a few of the elements presented in the book but nothing to turn me away 4 stars and I might do up a proper review

    • A Joyfully Jay review 2.5 starsAwkward That pretty much sums up how I feel about Blue I wanted to like it a great deal than I did, but found myself struggling with the book from the start Part of the issue is Blue himself He is impossible not to like as a character Optimistic, bubbling with life, and utterly charming, he seems like a breathe of fresh air And I loved that aspect of him But he is also just a bit childlike, which made his relationship with John feel somewhat uneven It s not someth [...]

    • Full review at optimummblog.wordpress 203.5 STARSReading the blurb, I was excited about this book because it sounded really interesting and definitely showed a lot of promise, but for me, it just didn t hit the mark or fulfill the potential I thought it could ve had Although the plot and characters were quite sweet, I felt that they needed depth, because even at 240 pages long, the story just felt as though it was lacking in some way I wouldn t say that I disliked it, it just wasn t one of my f [...]

    • This is a sweet, lovely story about a character I d been hoping would have his own book Blue, who we have seen in several of the author s previous books, most notably in the Seasons of Love series Blue had always seemed sort of young and sad to me, but also too promiscuous for my taste In this book we see the reasons for Blue s behavior, and we get to know a young man who has had some hard knocks but who has such a positive outlook that I liked him immediately Through the first part of the story [...]

    • Blue by B G Thomas is a sweet male male contemporary romance Blue McCoy has what he thinks he needs, clothes, his dog and a house to sleep in John Williams is under no such illusions of contentment After his wife leaves him, he is forced to face his loneliness A chance encounter at the animal shelter draws him to Blue McCoy and his labradoodle, Chewie.As I ve said before, I love books that feature rescue dogs The way characters and humans act with animals says a lot about them John makes many sa [...]

    • Ok When looking at this books reviews there was a 1 out there that denigrated the storyline BUT Everything that that person knocked I love in a book So it became a must buy for me AND I loved it It s a May December romance, Its gentle, transparent and although it s best to suspend reality a little, A beautifully told tale.

    • Blue made me anything but I enjoy reading almost anything If the characters are gay, all the so The characters of John and Blue are well defined I felt the emotions the felt If you want to read a short gay romance that lightens your heart, this story is just what you need.

    • Blue s StorySo happy to have Blue s story at last His optimism and spirit in this time of cynicism is like a fresh breeze Also sweet John was a great character.

    • Very good Finally a book that has a good ending of love happiness ArtistWho really knows about gay love happiness Good book

    • 4.5 stars I loved this story Our hero Blue had some horrible things happen to him in previous stories, I love that he finally gets his HEA.

    • I ve always been a sucker for stories of waifs and strays and for coming out stories in general so I was pretty sure from this book s blurb that I d like it I wasn t wrong John Williams, a recently separated man, is lonely living his big empty house now that his son has moved out and his wife left him even taking the family dog When John goes to get a new pet, he meets Blue McCoy, a young man whose hippie parents raised him to be almost puppy like in his optimism and impressibility but Blue has [...]

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