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Gold Coast By Nelson DeMille Gold Coast Welcome to the fabled Gold Coast that stretch on the North Shore of Long Island that once held the greatest concentration of wealth and power in America Here two men are destined for an explosive col
  • Title: Gold Coast
  • Author: Nelson DeMille
  • ISBN: 9780751531213
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gold Coast By Nelson DeMille
    Gold Coast By Nelson DeMille Welcome to the fabled Gold Coast, that stretch on the North Shore of Long Island that once held the greatest concentration of wealth and power in America Here two men are destined for an explosive collision John Sutter, Wall Street lawyer, holding fast to a fading aristocratic legacy and Frank Bellarosa, the Mafia don who seizes his piece of the staid and unprepared GolWelcome to the fabled Gold Coast, that stretch on the North Shore of Long Island that once held the greatest concentration of wealth and power in America Here two men are destined for an explosive collision John Sutter, Wall Street lawyer, holding fast to a fading aristocratic legacy and Frank Bellarosa, the Mafia don who seizes his piece of the staid and unprepared Gold Coast like a latter day barbarian chief and draws Sutter and his regally beautiful wife, Susan, into his violent world Told from Sutter s sardonic and often hilarious point of view, and laced with sexual passion and suspense, The Gold Coast is Nelson DeMille s captivating story of friendship and seduction, love and betrayal.
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      Nelson DeMille

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    • Nelson DeMille

      Nelson Richard DeMille was born in New York City on August 23, 1943 to Huron and Antonia Panzera DeMille, then moved with his parents to Long Island He graduated from Elmont Memorial High School, where he played football and ran track.DeMille spent three years at Hofstra University, then joined the Army where he attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned a Lieutenant in the United States Army 1966 69 He saw action in Vietnam as an infantry platoon leader with the First Cavalry Division and was decorated with the Air Medal, Bronze Star, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.After his discharge, DeMille returned to Hofstra University where he received his bachelor s degree in Political Science and History He has three children, Lauren, Alexander, and James, and he and his wife reside on Long Island.DeMille s first major novel was By the Rivers of Babylon, published in 1978, and is still in print as are all his succeeding novels He is a member of American Mensa, The Authors Guild, and is past president of the Mystery Writers of America He is also a member of International Thriller Writers and was chosen as ThrillerMaster of the Year 2015 He holds three honorary doctorates Doctor of Humane Letters from Hofstra University, Doctor of Literature from Long Island University, and Doctor of Humane Letters from Dowling College.Nelson DeMille is the author of By the Rivers of Babylon, Cathedral, The Talbot Odyssey, Word of Honor, The Charm School, The Gold Coast, The General s Daughter, Spencerville, Plum Island, The Lion s Game, Up Country, Night Fall, Wild Fire, The Gate House, The Lion, The Panther, The Quest, Radiant Angel, and The Cuban Affair He also co authored Mayday with Thomas Block and has contributed short stories to anthologies, and book reviews and articles to magazines and newspapers.

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    • DeMilles best, and one of my all time favorite books if you read nothing else by him, this is the one Its awesome Very clever and sarcastic, well researched, set on the gold coast of long island with some mafia ties I love love love this book and have read it like 6 times.

    • The Godfather meets The Great Gatsby on the Gold Coast This is a quote by the author from the forward in this book I have read many of his books but his was a different read from what I am used to I am mostly familiar with his mystery suspense thriller stories such as Plum Island featuring John Corey the ex NYPD cop now Anti Terrorist agent This is a different story altogether with a different protagonist.John Whitman Sutter is a Wall Street lawyer married to Susan Stanhope Sutter who lives on t [...]

    • This is my all time favorite from Nelson DeMille, one of my favorite writers Although I like his writing for his characters, particularly his little bit of a smartass heroes and strong willed, red headed heroines can t imagine why , his plots tend to be driven by international spy, military or police stuff Not this one Nice Long Island man has life ruined when Mafia don moves in next door Funny, moving and beautifully written I guarantee you will not be able to put it down.

    • Nelson DeMille takes a different approach with The Gold Coast, I m used to the John Corey series, an ex NYPD Cop and an Anti Terrorist operative, not with this one, with The Gold Coast, the criminal underworld.The Gold Coast introduces us to John Sutter, a long time Wall Street lawyer, who lives in the Gold Coast, Long Island, New York, with his beautiful wife Susan Sutter s world is turned upside down when he meets his next door neighbor, Mafia Don Frank Bellarosa, the head of one of New York s [...]

    • John and Susan Sutter have a bad case of the RWPP Rich White People Problems John s a Wall Street tax attorney and Susan is a hedge fund silver spoon stuck up her ass woman They live in the Gold Coast, a stretch of land on Long Island where the rich ride horses, sit around the country club, highly gossip and judge others It s all very Great Gatsby, until Frank The Bishop Bellarosa moves in next door Bellarosa is the Mafia don of the New York family John, who has been suffering from RWPP and was [...]

    • John Sutter is a lawyer living off of his wife s family fortune on the Gold Coast of Long Island These people and their friends are snobs John is a pompous ass who is going through a mid life crisis He needs an adventure, a challenge And lucky for him, this challenge moves in right next door in the form of the boss of the NY mafia The two become aquaintances, friends, business partners, lawyer client, rivals The relationship between these two men, as well as their wives is sleazy, but predictabl [...]

    • So disappointing Maybe a book so hyped is bound to fall flat But John Sutter is without doubt one of the most annoying characters of any book I ve read His humor got easily tiresome I couldn t stand one capisce or mamma mia I m Italian, my family comes from Brooklyn, and not even with 50 of us in one room during the holidays do I hear that many capisce and never mamma mia One day Sutter is a Gold Coast snob I m from Long Island and his type and his wife s type really exist and the next he s wak [...]

    • I love all of Nelson Demille s books, but this one is my favorite and, I think, my favorite book by any author His writing is laugh out loud hilarious and the main character has a dry sense of humor.This book is a cross b w The Great Gatsby and The Godfather.

    • When a mob boss moves to the Gold Coast, the wealthiest part of the East Coast, the elite and grandfathered in residents, are in an uproar, but at the same time very curious To the residents dismay a not so affluent couple of the neighborhood lets their boredom get the best of them, and they become embroiled in a world they know nothing about, and are not at all prepared to handle A great read that takes you on a ride through the tangled lives of the very rich with original characters and wonder [...]

    • One of my favorites More of a straight novel than a thriller, but this, along with all of DeMille s books since then, is a model of how to incorporate humor and attitude into your storytelling without diminishing the suspense.

    • The Great Gatsby meets The Godfather John Sutter,a wise ass Wall Street attorney from the North Shore of Long Island The Gold Coast has a Mafia Don move next door A very interesting and enjoyable story that all Nelson deMille fans will enjoy.

    • I m not sure I ve ever read a novel that gave me quite as much pleasure as this one Hilarious, suspenseful, and unexpectedly moving, it comes packaged as pulp fiction, and yet without pretensions acquires real weight and power An absolute delight.

    • I haven t liked a book with Mafia characters this much since The Godfather I actually like this better since I think it has a lot contrast and context The Godfather is all Mafia all the time, but this had a rip roaring story line of blue bloods and what happens when a Mafia don moves into a neighborhood of old money Nobody is exactly likable but John Sutter, the blue blooded lawyer, who is the main protagonist, has a certain style aka smart mouth quick wit that I appreciated I also really enjoy [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book and like another reviewer said it is a cross between The Great Gatsby and The Godfather The story of a mafia don who moves next door to a lawyer and against all odds get on.There is plenty of humour throughout the book and even though it is over 600 pages I found it such an easy read full of suspense, emotion and plenty of sarcasm.I never expected to like this book so much and now plan to read of Nelson DeMille s work.

    • mehIt was just okay It needed some major editing A whole lot of that book could have been cut out so that it didn t have to reach 400 pages It was mildly entertaining, but if I didn t have this problem with returning books before I have read them I would have dropped this one long ago.I did enjoy the way in which it was written, which was like the author was speaking with you in a conversation.a solid meh.

    • I both read and did audio few years later of this book It was many years ago don t know if it will stand the time testBUT I know I so thoroughly enjoyed both versions There was a lot of funny ,sarcastic humor in it and a great story I LOVED IT

    • A very good story about the clash between a 40 year old lawyer on the North SHore of Long Island, his heiress wife and their dealings with a mobster I found the story a little unbelievable The Main character John Sutter mouth some really trenchant commentary about the North Shore, but I just did not really buy into the idea that even though he is inherently unhappy with his parents, and his wife s parents and sometimes with his wife and his safe life that he would just get so involved with the m [...]

    • I always enjoy a good thriller, especially when I am on holiday, and in the past have rated a number of Nelson De Mille s books highly Inexplicably, this one is a total turkey The plot is poor, the dialogue cringing, the humour feeble, and, most importantly, it totally lacks thrill Avoid at all costs.

    • Wow What a good book It s like the Great Gatsby meets the Italian maffia One of those rare enjoyable books where you put it down a little smarter and you laugh along the way I recommended it those who appreciate sarcasm and enjoy a jaded perspective every now and then Read it now

    • Nelson DeMille forwards this book with praises like it will change your life, the best book of all times and how readers have begged for the movie and I realized as I read the book the narrator John Sutter is doing the same through out the book to keep the readers from putting it down Example the cynical sarcastic Sutter states I didn t know that later that day I d be facing felony charges or Maybe what happened later wouldn t have happened if not for this eventc This novel is lauded as the grea [...]

    • Way too long, didn t get to the point, redundant, seemed dated didn t stand the test of time John could be very witty but grew tiresome Susan Really She was absurd John s mid life crisis might explain getting involved with a mobster but the path he took in the face of tax evasion charges was out of character and didn t seem a plausible choice Lot of elements in the story that you spend a lot of time reading about and they never get tied back into the story, just left hanging there as threads Rar [...]

    • This was soooo not my kind of book I was able to really rush through the 500 pages because I couldn t care less about these shallow blue bloods and their sexual fantasy scenarios or convos with their mafioso neighbor I had heard from a lot of people that this was such a fabulous book, but I didn t get it This rich guy in a flat life basically has a mid life crisis and gets involved with the Mafia don who lives next door and I never really cared one bit what happened to any of them Yea It s over [...]

    • I can t believe I gave up on a Nelson DeMille novel I read over 100 pages and just couldn t get into it Nothing was happening Maybe I can give it another try later

    • I kept comparing this in my head to Sidney Sheldon s Rage of Angels both books are a few decades old, both involve lawyer main characters and Mafia related secondary characters I loved Rage of Angels, and really wanted to love this too But I never quite got the marriage between John Sutter and his wife We re constantly reminded that they love each other, but most of the time he doesn t seem to like her very much Not that he dislikes her either he seems to feel curiously insouciant toward the bea [...]

    • this was a terrific surprise I picked this up just to kill some time until my Nefertiti book came in at the library, and figured I d put it down then and continue later but I could not put this book down the story was ify in the beginning but some thing kept holding me to it as I got further in, I had to know what was going to happen next Can t really give away too much of the plot, but it is very Great Gatzby ish as Demille also says in his forward Characters were interesting and a lil weird I [...]

    • You will laugh, you will cry Having read all of Nelson Deville s books on Audible, this newly added book to Audible was a no brainer purchase This book was originally published in about 1991 as far as I can tell Separate from the book is an introduction by the author, he believes that that this book will weather the test of time better than any of his other works No doubt this will be true The genre of the book is a TRAGITY i.e Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet Be prepared that the book is very dif [...]

    • A pompous jerk such as John Sutter has not graced many books John has all the pluses of life wealthy wife, prestigious job, community status but that is not enough John and his wife, having expended all their sexual fantasies, turn to the head of the Mafia, Frank Bellarosa, for excitement Nelson DeMille plants exotic sexual scenes throughout the novel that could have been omitted The passion between Frank and Susan, explains Susan, is a meeting of the minds and not the bodies Such extremes in [...]

    • This book left me with mixed emotions It s a great book, very well written, the modern Gatsby in many ways But it s a bitter picture of american society, of american dream, of american family, of middle age crisis and of relationships between men and women Nonetheless you can t put it down, you have to see the ending, you have to see how deep is the bottom of the well It s bitter, but it s also fun as every Demille s novels and has that grotesque side that helps you to keep the distance from tha [...]

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