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Marshmallow By Clare Turlay Newberry Marshmallow Oliver is a tabby cat who is always the center of attention Marshmallow is a baby rabbit who moves into Oliver s home At first Oliver does not welcome Marshmallow but the little bunny s charms are im
  • Title: Marshmallow
  • Author: Clare Turlay Newberry
  • ISBN: 9780590471817
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marshmallow By Clare Turlay Newberry
    Marshmallow By Clare Turlay Newberry Oliver is a tabby cat who is always the center of attention.Marshmallow is a baby rabbit who moves into Oliver s home.At first Oliver does not welcome Marshmallow, but the little bunny s charms are impossible to resist This is the true story of how Oliver and Marshmallow become friends.Clare Turlay Newberry s lifelong passions for cats and for drawing come together in thiOliver is a tabby cat who is always the center of attention.Marshmallow is a baby rabbit who moves into Oliver s home.At first Oliver does not welcome Marshmallow, but the little bunny s charms are impossible to resist This is the true story of how Oliver and Marshmallow become friends.Clare Turlay Newberry s lifelong passions for cats and for drawing come together in this elegantly illustrated book, winner of the 1943 Caldecott Honor Her legacy as an author of than fifteen picture books, most of which feature cats, still endures.
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      Clare Turlay Newberry

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    • Clare Turlay Newberry

      Clare Turlay Newberry Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Marshmallow book, this is one of the most wanted Clare Turlay Newberry author readers around the world.

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    • A sweet story that tugged at my heartstrings Newberry has beautifully transcribed both Oliver s and Marshmallow s feelings of trepidation, and then later acceptance, into a short yet heartwarming story of love and affection.

    • Parents, be forewarned that there is a side effect to reading this book Your child will want a bunny So if you re prepared for the mournful pleadings, the protruding lower lip and the puppy dog eyes, by all means, read this book Because it really is superbly cute, both the story and the illustrations.Ages 4 8 easter Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or i [...]

    • This was my favorite book when I was 3 4 years old My mother would take me to the local library once a week and ask me to choose a book Week after week I took home Marshmallow Finally my mother said I needed to choose something else I was sad Nothing was as good as Marshmallow But the next week she let me take it home again So naturally, this was the first book I bought for my own children Marshmallow is the story of a baby bunny introduced into a home that already has a full grown cat Newberry [...]

    • This is one of those rather longer and wordier picture books which seemed common years ago Many of those have worn thin and are no longer interesting to modern children This book though is still darling There are quite a few words per page, so, you may have to break it up into a couple reading sessions if you have a fidgety little one These illustrations are clearly done by someone who just loved a little rabbit like Marshmallow They are charming and capture just what it s like to have a house [...]

    • The illustrations are just lovely And the story is adorable This is the book that has brought us the famous lines, A bunny s a delightful habit No home s complete without a rabbitd Galoshes, boxes, books, and string A bunny nibbles everything.

    • Adorable story about the unlikely friendship between a cat and a rabbit Newberry s drawings are fresh and beautiful.

    • Part of my collection of rabbit themed books when I was in elementary school included Marshmallow I really liked this story when I was younger, so much so that I purchased my own copy as an adult to keep in my collection I previously only ever read the book from my school library There is a lot to like about this children s book and is definitely worthy of the Caldecott Honor it so prominently boasts on its cover.In a household lives a cat named Oliver He has become accustomed to being the only [...]

    • My older daughter picked this up at her library at school for her little sister, and it is such a cute book I don t think I ve ever seen any books by Ms Newberry before because I certainly would have remembered her artwork She was born in Enterprise, Oregon in 1903.Here s how you know her drawings are beautiful I abhor cats, and can barely stand the idea of having a rabbit in the house And this book had the cutest cat named Oliver Oliver s owner, Miss Tilly, brings home a baby rabbit Oliver was [...]

    • I did not grow up with this book, so knew nothing about it until a few days ago This past weekend I was walking by Every Picture Tells a Story on Montana Avenue and the book cover caught my eye because the illustration was so beautiful I asked about the book in the store and the one in the window was the last copy Without even reading the book, I bought it b c the rest of the illustrations were also so beautiful When I got home, I read it and what a great story It s all about how Oliver the cat [...]

    • I chose this story as my early childhood book.This is the tale of Marshmallow the bunny and Oliver the cat whose home he takes over Oliver doesn t like Marshmallow at first, or at least doesn t know what to make of him, but by the end they become best friends This is based on a true story the author illustrator owned Marshmallow and Oliver and this is her story about them.It s a very cute story that children will love The illustrations are quick life sketches of the animals with very little acce [...]

    • A sweet story about interspecies friendship based on a real life pair as Miss Tilly, owner of Oliver the cat and new Marshmallow the bunny, composes poems on her typewriter Birdies twitter, chirp, and tweet Moo cows moo, and lambkins bleat Some creatures bellow, others bray Some hoot, or honk, or yap, or neigh Most creatures make annoying noises, Even little girls and boyses.Newberry s charcoal drawings are sublime.

    • Oh, I loved this Mostly because I ve had cats and bunnies together and seen just how they interact She captures perfectly the feel of both creatures in how she draws and writes about them I could see that she based this off of real life before I even read that she had Such a cute story This is one to share with my girls.

    • Marshmallow by Claire Turlay Newberry is a children s picture book about two household pets trying to coexist in one home Oliver, the cat, is trying to adjust to Miss Tilly, his owner, bringing home a new pet Marshmallow is a baby white rabbit that misses his mother and is trying to understand life in an apartment Miss Tilly separates Oliver and Marshmallow to ensure that Oliver does not hurt the young bunny, but one day, they find each other Oliver learned to love his new house mate and ends up [...]

    • Another one of the sweetest children s books I have read Picked this up due to the bunny cover and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the story is based on true events A woman brings home a baby bunny to her apartment and her cat is not amused At first curious and a little frightened of the rabbit, the cat soon considers pouncing on the baby Marshmallow After owner separates them, Marshmallow is free to explore the apartment, getting into mischief with his chewing but being generally ador [...]

    • I loved the book about Marshmallow and Oliver Mostly because they are my all time favorite animals Oliver reminds me of my cat sumo whose always kind of been king of the house he s sassy and fun Marshmallow on the other hand reminds me of Hopper who I had as a baby She was by my side through a lot of hard stuff I remember lying in the grass telling her everything I love when animals take in other animals as there own It s just such a brave and loving thing To not see them as anything but yours I [...]

    • Oliver the cat was a pampered cat that knew nothing about the world other than eating, napping and being the center of Miss Tilly s world, until Marshmallow a bunny came home with Miss Tilly Oliver had to learn about friendship and sharing when he had to share his space with Marshmallow Marshmallow is a quality children s book because illustrations are related to the purpose of the piece The reader can have a significant transaction with the story piece of literature.The educational concepts Mar [...]

    • We currently have a baby bunny living next door We look for bunny everyday munching away in the gardens or grass We worry when bunny decides to hop across the busy road We enjoyed this book about another baby bunny I m pretty sure neither our cat nor our dog would be so kind if our neighborhood bunny found it s way inside.

    • 1943 Caldecott Honor Book Well, this just become one of my favorite children s books This is just the cutest story, and I love the name Marshmallow for a rabbit I m not a fan of charcoal drawings, but they re just so well done I love that this is a true story too Materials used unlistedTypeface used unlisted

    • The illustrations in this book are simple but beautiful, I love the cat and bunny My favorite part of the book is the poem in praise of rabbits towards the middle There is quite a bit of rhyme and a few instances of repetition This could be used in a poetry unit or as a corresponding picture book for an animal unit I did really enjoy the very end when rabbit and cat are snuggling.

    • Marshmallow 1999 by Clare Turlay Summary Oliver is a bachelor cat that has never spent time with other animals before, so when his owner, Miss Tilly, brings home a baby rabbit, Oliver doesn t know what to do At first he is scared and avoids Marshmallow, the bunny, who is very lonely and misses his mother After a while, Oliver becomes bolder and acts as though he might pounce on Marshmallow, which leads Miss Tilly to lock them in separate rooms when she is out running errands One of these times, [...]

    • This adorable story features Oliver the cat and Marshmallow the bunny living under the same roof Oliver is an bachelor cat who lazes around as he is being spoiled by his owner, Miss Tilly As he was enjoying his lovely day alone, Miss Tilly surprises Oliver by bringing a baby rabbit named Marshmallow Oliver was skeptical and displeased that another pet is with him and does not get as much attention as before Oliver did not know how to interact with Marshmallow, as he never been in contact with ot [...]

    • Book Review 2Marshmallow by Clare Turlay NewberryMrs Tilly lives in a New York apartment with her beloved cat named Oliver Oliver lives a very spoiled life Outside of his luxurious life Oliver knows very little He does not mind at all One day Oliver is given a shock when Mrs Tilly brings home a new friend The new friend is a baby bunny named Marshmallow Oliver is less then thrilled to no longer be the spoiled only child Will Marshmallow and Oliver ever be friends This cute true story shares a th [...]

    • Marshmallow is the story of a bunny who is adopted by a new owner and befriends the cat who lives there At first the cat, named Oliver, wants to eat Marshmallow, but eventually he changes his mind and adopts Marshmallow as his own In the beginning of the story, Marshmallow is just a scared bunny who wants to go home to his mother, but when Oliver decides he actually likes Marshmallow, the pair become friends and he no longer wishes for his mother I thought that the story was a very cute story of [...]

    • The cat thinks he s a quiet rabbit Except he s a loud cat The cat doesn t like the rabbit The rabbit destroys things The cat and the rabbit are never allowed in the same room because they might fight The rabbit might be Tyler Durden My initial reaction when reading this book was that it was about a cat who thought he was a rabbit But then there appeared to be both a cat and a rabbit Even after that first hiccup, the story wasn t very interesting.The story seemed like it was missing pages, but I [...]

    • Marshmallow, by Clare Turlay Newberry, a Caldecott Honor Book, features the story of Marshmallow the bunny and Oliver the cat Oliver isn t sure what to think about Marshmallow when Miss Tilly brings him home Eventually, Marshmallow cuddles up to Oliver thinking that Oliver is his mother Oliver raises Marshmallow as his own The book would be appropriate for older children between seven and ten that could read the book independently The book features a lot of text and would not be appropriate for [...]

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