The Night I Disappeared #2020

The Night I Disappeared By Julie Reece Deaver The Night I Disappeared HELD HOSTAGE BY AN INNER WORLD Something scary is happening to seventeen year old Jamie Tessman Ever since she and her mother arrived in Chicago she s been plagued by freaky mind slips and vivid dayd
  • Title: The Night I Disappeared
  • Author: Julie Reece Deaver
  • ISBN: 9780743439794
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Night I Disappeared By Julie Reece Deaver
    The Night I Disappeared By Julie Reece Deaver HELD HOSTAGE BY AN INNER WORLD Something scary is happening to seventeen year old Jamie Tessman Ever since she and her mother arrived in Chicago, she s been plagued by freaky mind slips and vivid daydreams about her sort of boyfriend, Webb When Jamie s inner world starts taking her hostage and keeping her imprisoned for longer periods of time, she becomes terrified thatHELD HOSTAGE BY AN INNER WORLD Something scary is happening to seventeen year old Jamie Tessman Ever since she and her mother arrived in Chicago, she s been plagued by freaky mind slips and vivid daydreams about her sort of boyfriend, Webb When Jamie s inner world starts taking her hostage and keeping her imprisoned for longer periods of time, she becomes terrified that she is slowly losing her mind Jamie s mom doesn t seem to notice anything is wrong No one does until Jamie meets Morgan, a new friend who s had her own brush with nuttiness When Jamie disappears into her inner world one night and can t find her way out, Morgan sees to it that Jamie finally gets help Morgan s aunt, a psychiatrist, breaks through Jamie s paralyzing fear and helps her unravel a tangle of long forgotten, horrifying secrets in her past.
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      Julie Reece Deaver Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Night I Disappeared book, this is one of the most wanted Julie Reece Deaver author readers around the world.

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    • In all fairness, it deserves maybe 2 1 5 stars because I never put it down I read it in two hours but it just didn t click me with me I kept reading hoping there would be too it.

    • Even though it seems to have a really weird title our that sometimes it s really detailed and drags the story, this book will break your heart And it s perfect In every way It seems that at the beginning it s boring but it gets so much better as it progresses I recommend this book to people who likes surprises or you want a book that has a great twist.

    • Deaver, Julie Reece 2002 The Night I Disappeared New York Simon and Schuster Publishing Division p.242 Imagine yourself as a 17 year old girl who has no friends and living with your mom who is one of the best lawyers working on a huge case and barely ever gets to spend time with you Living like that can make you keep secrets, with a difficult life like that you can go a little crazy Jamie has The Night I Disappeared shows you that life as a teenage girl is hard, especially with a mom like Jamie [...]

    • This book is about a girl named Jamie that has been friends with this kid named Webb for her whole life The first time they met, he saved her life and he is the one that understands her the most Webb is traveling through Europe, and Jamie has to spend the summer in Chicago with her mother, who is the defense attorney for this girl Jamie misses Webb and the case her mother is working a lot of work and she starts doing weird things Jamie s mom is worried about her, but Jamie says she s fine Someti [...]

    • My friend last year at the end of the year we had locker clean out day and he mysteriously had a ton of books in his locker and he gave them all away, this was one of the books along with an Edgar Allen Poe book that I happened to snag It s been sitting on my bookshelf for about 2 years now and I never took the time out of my day to actually even read the back of the book or anything, I grabbed it because the cover was cool Last week I had nothing to read so decided to read it and seriously got [...]

    • this was a really cool book I couldnt put it down it was really suspenseful my favorite part was when Jamie went back into her daydream and she saw how she killed the kidnapper and she found out what really happened that night This book was about a seventeen year old girl named jamie tessman and how she moved to chicago she missed her friend Webb so much that she started to daydream about him and the daydreams got so real that they actually out her in grave danger.

    • When I started this book, I would have never anticipated the ending I had a pretty good idea what Jamie was trying to hide, but I never felt so surprised at an ending before THE FIRST 50 PAGES It started off good, describing the characters and what she has to deal with especially when her mother is a very important lawyer in a very important caseE MIDDLE This is where I felt it dragged in a bit, but I soon realized each detail became important when it came to Jamie s pastE END Like I said before [...]

    • Morgan and her aunt have cameos in the book from Deaver s Say Goodnight, Gracie , which deals with Jamie, the only child of a hardworking lawyer mother After moving to Boston, Jamie begins blacking out and thinking she was with her friend, Webb The blackouts become a dangerous problem, leading her to therapy with Morgan s aunt.Slowly, the truth about the night she met Webb unfolds, giving up a secret she s kept locked inside since she was nine.The psychology details are very true to life and you [...]

    • In This book there s a girl named Jamie Tessman and her mom is a big time lawyer Her mother never has time for her until the summer break Jamie experienced a couple of daydreams which cause her to completely black out She was involved in a few accidents because of the black outs and a close friend,Morgan,suggests she get help Her internal problems seemed to only get worse but with the help of Morgan s aunt she is able to identify her problem and get better I liked how Morgan s aunt, the psycholo [...]

    • Plot spoiler Kinda I read this book 12 years ago when I was 12 years old and it has stuck with me over time It was the first book I ever read that felt legitimately thrilling and full of suspense It helped shape the way I feel suspense novels should be written, with unexpected endings or surprise twists and turns throughout Even in my adult life I sometimes examine my memories, or lack thereof, and wonder if my survival instincts are forcing something traumatic to the back of my mind I don t thi [...]

    • I read this book probably about 12 years ago and it s always stuck with me I finally read it again and loved it just as I did then It has everything you could ever want in a book Drama, intensity, sadness and in the end it s wrapped up perfectly It makes you lose your breath and hope everything works out in the end It shows that talking to someone doesn t make you crazy, it allows you to get help for what you need There is nothing wrong with getting help and working to heal yourself from a past [...]

    • I really liked this book It kept me on the edge of my seat I had no idea about Webb I love the way it ended.

    • I read this book in 6th grade for a book club and really enjoyed it I really liked the suspense that it gave and how many details were in the book I also really liked all of the different elements that Julie Reece Deaver combined made the book, all of the different things that were put in the book big and small really made the book come together I like this book a lot

    • The Night I Disappeared, was about a girl named Jamie who has had a traumatic incident happen to her as a kid, and as a way to cope she came up with an imaginary friend named Webb Webb was her friend from 9 years old to 16, until her reality came to a sudden halt When she, and her mom went to Chicago for a big trial her mom was working on she starts to have such vivid daydreams she cant tell whats true and whats not When she meets a Psychiatrist, they go through her memories trying to see why th [...]

    • Read reviews at rainbowreviews.wix readingAfter a rocky end to her junior year, Jamie also finds out she ll be moving for the summer anyways to Chicago with her mom while she tries a big case This only gets worse when she finds out that Webb, her crush, will be without technology and living off the grid as he goes backpacking through Europe When Jamie meets her new friend Morgan, will Jamie s shaken reality destroy her Or will she embrace her new reality You may like this book if you like the f [...]

    • The book, The Night I Disappeared by Julie Reece Deaver, is a great book and I would definitely recommend it Its about a girl, named Jamie who has this friend named Webb She says that Webb has always been there for her, and that he s her only friend The weird thing is, is that no one else knows who Webb is, besides Jamie Jamie s mom, is a lawyer She defends people who s been accused of doing a crime Over the summer, when Jamie was out of school, her mother has to go to Chicago to defend a person [...]

    • When Jamie goes to California with her lawyer mother for an important trial, leaving her best friend Webb behind, Jamie finds herself having vivid daydreams about Webb At first she thinks that it s just because she misses him Even though she s made an awesome new friend in California, she feels so lost without Webb.But when the daydreams start making her blackout, Jamie can t deny that something is happening to her than missing Webb it s almost like she s been using Webb to protect herself from [...]

    • The Night I Disappeard by Julie Reece Deaver is an interesting book at first it seeemed boring and annoying how julie always was acting like in a weird supperticious way.I would really not care the only reason i was reading this book was becasue i had to do a project for my english class and I kind didnt wanna read it but after i read one chapter i was really in it i couldnt believe it i was actually reading a book this book was about julie She believed that she had a friend that was always with [...]

    • This was one of my favorite books while in junior high high school It s a psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page.Jaime has never fit in at her boarding school The only one who seems to understand her is her boyfriend, Webb, whom she meets up with as often as possible after school But when her mother, who s a lawyer, has to travel to Chicago for a high profile case, Jaime is dragged along, leaving Webb behind for the first time since she was a child.On [...]

    • Jamie Tessman, a 17 year old girl faces hardships once she s moved to Chicago Flashing from and to memories and reality, Jamie finds herself dazed and confused Unable to recall what really happened, she remains in that condition One day, she meets a girl named Morgan, who quickly becomes her best mate No one seemed to notice what was happening to Jamie, not even her mom until Morgan spent time with Jamie Noticing her condition, she rapidly recommends Jamie to her aunt, a physician Jamie, realiz [...]

    • Having to move from sunny California to dreary Chicago, to be closer to her mom s job as a high profile lawyer was not Jamie Tessman s idea of a summer dream vacation As her mom spends all hours on her media covered murder case, trying to prove a teen s innocence, Jamie is left to wander and daydream about her best friend, sort of boyfriend who left to go on a Europe backpacking adventure But when reality and fantasy start to blend together and Jamie starts to get lost in her own mind She s afra [...]

    • I admit, I m of a scifi paranormal type of girl I couldn t tell if this was one of said books when I seen it at one of my frequently visited stores, but it s story dialog definitely caught my interest so I figured why not This book is about Jamie whom daydreams a different reality to cope with her current life she s experiencing I give the author props It s hard to realize where exactly these realities are different, but I am a bit sour with the mother whom is a workaholic and I felt that Webb [...]

    • I remember reading this book a while back and loving it So I decided to reread it a year or two ago It was still really interesting The plot is about a girl living with her mom who was a high profile attorney She doesn t fit in at school, but she doesn t care because her best friend doesn t go to her school, a boy named Webb Over the summer her mom moves them temporarily to Chicago so she can defend a high profile client, Jaimie doesn t want to go, but finally does When there she starts having s [...]

    • Jamie s mother is a lawyer working on a highly publicized case that will force them to travel across country for the summer Jamie s best friend Webb will be backpacking across Europe for the summer and it s the first time that they ll be apart since they met when Jamie was nine Once she gets to Chicago, Jamie starts having problems staying in the real world, she starts seeing Webb everywhere, and she starts to worry that there may be something truly wrong with her mind I read this book when I wa [...]

    • Jamie Tessman is a girl who is slowly losing contact with reality Her childhood friend, Webb, is taking up and of her time and her grades are falling in school She has to move for a while to Chicago where her mother, who is a lawyer, is involved in a major case for the defense.Jamie begins to spend and time zoning out, eventually resulting in one trip to the emergency room when she crashes a bike she is riding, and another trip when no one seems to be able to bring her out of wherever she is [...]

    • The Night I Disappeared, by Julie Reece Deaver, is about a girl named Jamie who has just moved to Chicago She finds herself daydreaming about her boyfriend, Webb, and is taken back to memories of him She continues to slip into daydreams of him, and they seem to be getting longer and longer Jamie s friend Morgan notices that something is weird, and has to help her fix what s wrong Jamie finds out through these memories that she has a disturbing, scary past I loved this book It was a quick read, a [...]

    • One year when I was doing inventory this book showed up on the missing items list, which I thought was kind of amusing Recently it reappeared and so I felt I had an obligation to read it The idea of a girl creating an imaginary friend when she is nine years old to help her deal with a traumatic event was an interesting one When the story unfolds Jamie is seventeen and reality is catching up with her Though, the concept was interesting, it was a little too neat Jamie accidentally meets a girl who [...]

    • I read this book as an independent reading book for my english class and had a blast doing it I fouced on daydreams and got the class involved by asking them some questions about their daydreams I collected the papers at the end and i am now enjoying reading over the answers I couldn t put this book down it was fun to read and grabbed my attention from the beginning Daydreaming is something i do constantly so i freaked me out a little when Jamie s daydreaming turned into a problem She would come [...]

    • I really liked this book It got me hooked from the very beginning I liked how the book was divided into parts Near part 3, I thought that Webb might be an imaginary friend, and it turned out he was I did not see the kidnapping killing coming at all That one put me into shock It was such a surprise I also liked how Webb s characteristics were of her dad Her mom started paying attention to her near the end of the book which was nice One thing I did wonder about was Morgan She mentioned that she wa [...]

    • Jamie is a 17 year old girl who doesn t have many friends Her mother is a famous lawyer so she doesn t have much time for her Jamie has one special friend, or so she thinks, named Webb When Jamie moves to Chicago with her mom for her mom s job she starts having a lot of day dreams about Webb They turn into than day dreams and she gets into trouble and is put into a psychiatric ward She has to spill out her past to the doctors so they can try to help her, but this is a very difficult thing for h [...]

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