Denton Little's Deathdate #2020

Denton Little's Deathdate By Lance Rubin Denton Little s Deathdate Denton Little s Deathdate takes place in a world exactly like our own except that everyone knows the day they will die For year old Denton Little that s tomorrow the day of his senior prom Despit
  • Title: Denton Little's Deathdate
  • Author: Lance Rubin
  • ISBN: 9781471124235
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Denton Little's Deathdate By Lance Rubin
    Denton Little's Deathdate By Lance Rubin Denton Little s Deathdate takes place in a world exactly like our own except that everyone knows the day they will die For 17 year old Denton Little, that s tomorrow, the day of his senior prom.Despite his early deathdate, Denton has always wanted to live a normal life, but his final days are filled with dramatic firsts First hangover First sex First love triangle asDenton Little s Deathdate takes place in a world exactly like our own except that everyone knows the day they will die For 17 year old Denton Little, that s tomorrow, the day of his senior prom.Despite his early deathdate, Denton has always wanted to live a normal life, but his final days are filled with dramatic firsts First hangover First sex First love triangle as the first sex seems to have happened not with his adoring girlfriend, but with his best friend s hostile sister Though he s not totally sure See first hangover His anxiety builds when he discovers a strange purple rash making its way up his body Is this what will kill him And then a strange man shows up at his funeral, claiming to have known Denton s long deceased mother, and warning him to beware of suspicious government characters Suddenly Denton s life is filled with mysterious questions and precious little time to find the answers.
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      Hey there, I m Lance Rubin My first book, DENTON LITTLE S DEATHDATE, came out from Knopf in Spring 2015 I m from New Jersey It s a way better state than people give it credit for I went to Brown University, and now I live in Brooklyn with my wife and son They are delightful people Before I became an author, I was primarily an actor Anything I d recognize you from you might ask Probably not, unless you watched the short lived NBC hospital show MERCY, in which I guest starred as a patient with a naked sleepwalking problem By my late 20 s, the acting business was making me sad, so I started to focus on writing Now I m primarily a writer and it makes me incredibly happy Harry Potter is one of my favorite things of all time JK Rowling is a storytelling genius, I m endlessly impressed by what she did there AZKABAN is my favorite, if only because it has one of the most satisfying climaxes ever And involves time travel BACK TO THE FUTURE is my favorite movie When I was younger, I dreamed about being Marty McFly Now I dream about being an amalgam of Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale I don t really dream that But I love the screenplay they wrote I also love Pixar, the New York Knicks, Joss Whedon, and the Before Sunrise Trilogy Some last things I have a podcast with one of my best friends, Ray Munoz Our guests are often people with careers in the arts We talk about creativity and make jokes Always 20 minutes or less Listen on iTunes or here thelanceandrayshow I often battle the demons of procrastination In fact, I shouldn t be writing this bio right now I m supposed to be working on my second book, a companion to the first I will get back to it in two minutes I swear I am not a cat person, but I respect people who are Kind of I am the voice of the Berenstain Bears audiobooks I am very bad at baseball Thanks for reading Reach out and say hello

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    • This book is the pinnacle of gallows humour And do I like it HECK YES I DO I died laughing reading this Har, haaaar, har Okay, what I m allowed to put in lame puns IT IS MY RIGHT Anyway I laughed a lot This book is seriously funny There were some moments I even closed my eyes I was giggling so hard How is it possible for a book to be this darn hilarious But you ve got to read it knowing it s totally insensitive and ridiculous Whatever you do DO NOT go into reading this if talking about death bot [...]

    • Welcome to the world where people get to attend their own funerals because, thanks to AstroThanatoGenetics, they know precisely when they re going to die This is the story of Denton Little, a teenage boy whose deathdate falls on the day of senior prom We meet Denton on the day of his funeral the day before his deathdate, because the funerals are now attended by the soon to be dead people , and together with him, his best friend, Paolo, his girlfriend, Taryn, and Paolo s older sister, Veronica, w [...]

    • Reading Denton Little s Deathdate is such a wild ride A little weird but a lot of fun Anyways, who doesn t like weird I m personally up for anything weird whether its on what I read or even in real life But what s the best about Denton Little s Deathdate is that its the kind of weird that makes you laugh and think Being inside of Denton s head is definitely a blast and even though not everything went smooth sailing, I still enjoyed the whole book and half of the reason is Denton s humorous point [...]

    • Cio , ok Boh La settimana scorsa Il Dominio del Fuoco, ora questo Cos ho appena finito di leggere C O S A Non lo so, non riesco ad esprimermi Quando un libro mi piace cos tanto il delirio fangirlante si impossessa di me e qualsiasi parola sembra inadeguata Diverso, esilarante, unico, scritto divinamente ecco Basta, non so cos altro dire a parte che HO ADORATO QUESTO ROMANZO e l ho divorato in pochissime ore di solito io sono lenta come un bradipo a leggere, ma ci sono libri che ti tengono letter [...]

    • Non sono proprio 4 stelle, non piene, insomma Mi piaciuto, ho apprezzato e mi ha preso molto Non so perch , per , in analisi finale, mi sembra che manchi qualcosa Al momento difficile dire se sia per la traduzione o per il fatto che c molto in sospeso, ma ho avuto questa impressione In ogni caso, l idea ottima ed anche il ritmo incalzante si adatta alla trama Un romanzo basato su due giorni che lasciano col fiato sospeso.

    • You know, there are just not enough funny books about death High school senior Denton Little knows he ll die tomorrow the data people can narrow that down for almost everyone to a 24 hr period But will he die before prom, or after What should he spend his last few hours on What about all those things he never got around to saying, or doing And why is everyone suddenly acting so much weirder than normal What begins as a fairly straightforward what if premise morphs structure and develops layers u [...]

    • This book is a hard one to rate There were aspects of it that I thought were really awesome Really cool and original and well executed There were also bits that I thought weren t so great and just didn t work The writing style was brilliant The book skipped along in a really fun way and the author had a nice lighthearted touch, which is quite something considering the book is about Denton s impending death There was a lot of dialogue I don t know anything about the author, but maybe he s a scree [...]

    • This book was okay, just surprisingly meh for a story advertised so much as a comedy The mystery element didn t carry me enough through an ultimately boring final day of this kids supposed life, the language was written in such a casual tone it just felt juvenile way too much slang and use of the word like and it took me forever to read it because I was so underwhelmed Disappointing, because the premise seemed so interesting I also wish it answered of my questions I worked out what was going on [...]

    • Datemi il secondo, ORA Mi dispiace aver pensato questo libro noiosissimo all inizio ma cos Non ci trovavo nulla di interessante Ma continuando la lettura l ho trovato sempre pi coinvolgente e l ho finito in meno di 2 ore, e credetemi io sono lentissima di solito divertente e arrivi ad un certo punto della lettura che vuoi sapere sempre di pi e cos arrivi all ultima pagina e pensi E ora Quindi io ora dico E ORA

    • Review I know I am not the only one who ALWAYS says Denton s Little Deathdate Right Anyways .The whole story follows Denton Little on his deathdate Because in this world everyone knows when they will die, that person attends their own funeral and then you wait to die I will say this book kind of went in a different direction than what I thought, especially towards the end but I liked it.This was really a fun and funny book I super appreciated the humor in this one I mean it is about death but st [...]

    • 4.5 stelline RECENSIONE COMPLETA SUL BLOG camminando tra le paginesVi siete mai chiesti come sarebbe vivere conoscendo la data esatta della propria morte Tranquilli ragazzi, non sto cercando di intavolare una conversazione macabra e morbosa sulla morte, ma vi faccio questa domanda perch nel mondo di Denton Little la data di morte certa e conosciuta fin dalla nascita.Tutti sanno quando passeranno a miglior vita grazie ai passi da gigante compiuti dalla scienza che tramite un sapiente intreccio di [...]

    • ennesimobookblog 2Nel mondo di Denton Little, sin dal momento della tua nascita, ti viene comunicata la data della tua morte una data certa, impossibile scappare, anche se la causa della morte assolutamente sconosciuta Denton un Prematuro, destinato a morire ancora minorenne, nel giorno del ballo scolastico Non sa in che modo, ma da tempo si sta preparando alla sua Morte.Da quando sono nato, tutti sanno che domani morir Quasi tutti, a questo mondo, conoscono la propria data di morte, grazie all [...]

    • I like this book so much There are interesting and unusual characters and plot.I will explain Imagine a world in which everything is exactly the same as in our world, except for one thing People know the exact day of their death It is called Deathdate The protagonist know that he must die in Prom day it sucks, doesn t it But he did not want to die.And he makes a very lousy things like the one that he cheated on his girlfriend I love this book because it is really written for teenagers, because i [...]

    • second read quanto mi sono mancati i personaggi Rileggeri questo libro all infinito, ma prima aspetto che mi arrivi il secondo Sono davvero curiosa first read 4.5 davvero bello, diverso dai libri Che leggo di solito, divertente, originale e davvero, leggetelo

    • For reviews, gifs, Cover Snark and , visit A Reader of Fictions.Credit for this find goes to Lenore Author of The Memory of After and Chasing Before I d requested Denton Little s Deathdate months back because Random House doesn t put all that much up on NetGalley, and it sounded like it might maybe be interesting By the time I was getting close to reading it, though, I just wasn t really feeling it, so I was going to skip it Then Lenore encouraged me to read it, telling me how wonderful it was [...]

    • You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs Denton Little s Deathdate is a really funny, and strangely sweet read I can honestly say that I have never read anything quite like it It is not the most believable book ever, but you just have to embrace the concept and go with it If you can do that, you will have a blast on Denton s last 24 hours alive adventure Denton Little s Deathdate takes place in a world in the future that is very much like the world we know today Technology and [...]

    • I didn t realize that this book was part of a series until I finished it and there was no closure That should have been referred to on the cover on in the publisher info I received with the book However, knowing it was part of a series may have kept me from reading it I need a good stand alone book right now The humor in the book was fun the majority of that being between Denton and his best friend Paolo They have snarky, off the wall conversations that would likely only make sense to them or th [...]

    • divabooknerd 2015 05 lDenton Little s Deathdate is a hilarious story of dying, living and what you do with the in between Denton isn t popular, nor is he a ladies man He s intelligent, conforming and a teen that parents would be proud of But in a society where at birth your date of death is determined, Denton realises that he s never truly lived his life He s never had a hangover, he s never felt a wild abandonment and he s certainly never had sex But when Denton wakes up after a night of drunke [...]

    • Seeing as I just finished reading Denton Little s Deathdate , I can only hope that I stop laughing long enough to write a coherent review.The plot is one of the most unusual I have read in a young adult novel, especially one meant to be funny while dealing with a guaranteed date of death It throws in a lot of curveballs as well, and it keeps you on your toes There isn t really an easy way to describe it, or fit it into one genre, and it s very possible that it managed to create its own category. [...]

    • If you ve been considering reading this, and can handle the kind of mature content that is relevant to older teen boys, I strongly recommend you forget everything you read in the blurb, anything you read me say, and pick up this funny, thought provoking, SF mystery adventure I couldn t put it down last night and so missed several hours sleep, but it was worth it Otoh, I m not sure I ll worry about the sequel, as I kinda like the way it ended.

    • This was really funny, but also a bit all over the place And that ending just isn t fair to end a book like that

    • Trovo che il tema di questo libro sia molto interessante e non nego che qualche volta ci ho pensato come ci comporteremmo se fossimo a conoscenza della nostra data di morte Vorremmo avere una vita normale o ci daremmo alla pazza adrenalina in sfide mortali sapendo che fino ad un determinato giorno non potremo lasciare questo mondo La risposta a cui non avevo pensato me l ha in parte fornita il libro DIPENDE Dipende perch se sappiamo che moriremo a 60 o a 70 anni probabilmente faremmo una vita no [...]

    • So che non lo sembra, ma questo non un libro sulle malattie sessualmente trasmissibili3.5Mi ritrovo un po incerta questa volta.Non so bene se questo romanzo mi sia piaciuto o meno perch a fine lettura non mi sono sentita emotivamente coinvolta al 100%Insomma, come giudizio diamo una via di mezzo, giusto per fare gli eterni indecisi.Dopotutto non so nemmeno se questo libro stato concepito come una maniera carina per spaventare gli adolescenti ormonati di oggi con le malattie sessualmente trasmiss [...]

    • I m going to be honest, I never really considered reading this until I saw it at the library And then I thought, Wait this is about death, right You see, I loved the Machine of Death A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die anthology, where the manner of your death is spit out by a machine But in this book, it s the time of death that you have to prepare for So obviously after I found this out, I was going to pick this up ASAP.Denton is due to die when he s 17 years old, o [...]

    • What a unique idea The world is like ours, but with one difference every person has a blood test at birth that tells them the exact date of their eventual death Now, to accept this idea and this book, you have to ignore the fact that the test can apparently predict through blood if you re going to die in a car crash, an overdose, in a fire not just cancers and old age Hmmm Just let it go.The story picks up with 17 year old Denton His deathdate is tomorrow And while this book is hilarious at time [...]

    • DENTON LITTLE S DEATHDATE is one of those stories that switches genre partway through It starts out as a black comedy about a teenage boy who knows he s going to die tomorrow and struggling with how he wants to go out and what he wants to do in the limited time before he dies Then, it shifts into a paranoid conspiracy thriller Admittedly, this shift is seeded early in DENTON LITTLE S DEATHDATE I found the world debut author Lance Rubin created fascinating He only makes one big change to the worl [...]

    • Cosa faremmo se un esame del sangue potesse rivelare a ognuno di noi la data della nostra morte Se per legge il governo su tutti i nostri documenti registrasse le nostre generalit insieme a tale data Come vivremmo la nostra vita Come trascorreremmo il nostro ultimo giorno Forse come il nostro Denton Little presenzieremmo al nostro Funerale, una festa di addio con tutti i parenti e gli amici, e poi ci accingeremmo a trascorrere la Seduta le ultime ventiquattro ore di vita insieme ai nostri cari.F [...]

    • I received an e arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.What can I say about this book without spoiling it Not much, so this review will be brief I loved the concept It would be so bizarre to know which day would be my last Going to my funeral, sitting around, knowing I should be dying any second that sure is an experience I m glad I won t have I liked how the book brought to light reactions to death The pity, the tears, the worry, the awkward jokes Denton was a really good character t [...]

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