Witchy Tales #2020

Witchy Tales By Amanda M. Lee Witchy Tales Look out Hemlock Cove Aunt Tillie is on a rampage What else is new right She s determined to move her wine business to the next level and she needs twenty four hours of peace and quiet to do it The
  • Title: Witchy Tales
  • Author: Amanda M. Lee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Witchy Tales By Amanda M. Lee
    Witchy Tales By Amanda M. Lee Look out Hemlock Cove, Aunt Tillie is on a rampage What else is new, right She s determined to move her wine business to the next level, and she needs twenty four hours of peace and quiet to do it There s only one thing standing in her way Well, make that a whole family of obstacles and one ticked off FBI agent When cousins Bay, Clove and Thistle vow to stop their gLook out Hemlock Cove, Aunt Tillie is on a rampage What else is new, right She s determined to move her wine business to the next level, and she needs twenty four hours of peace and quiet to do it There s only one thing standing in her way Well, make that a whole family of obstacles and one ticked off FBI agent When cousins Bay, Clove and Thistle vow to stop their great aunt s wine endeavor in its tracks, Aunt Tillie is forced to come up with a unique solution In order to keep her great nieces out of her hair, she curses them into a book of fairy tales Of course, because it s Aunt Tillie, these aren t normal fairy tales They re the fairy tales she created with a little inspiration from the classics Now Bay, Clove and Thistle have to work their way through a labyrinth of stories they haven t heard since they were kids and they have to take Landon, Marcus and Sam along for the ride Will Bay get eaten by bears Will Thistle kiss a frog Will Sam climb Clove s hair to rescue her from a tower And, better yet, will Landon turn himself into a prince and slip a glass slipper on Bay s foot Each task becomes harder as the story progresses, and as the tales darken, things start to become dangerous Can the Winchester witches survive Aunt Tillie s twisted mind Or will they be lost in a book forever
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      Amanda M. Lee

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    • Amanda M. Lee

      When I was a kid, I was torn between whether or not I was going to grow up and be the Incredible Hulk or Wonder Woman I flirted with being a Jedi Knight for awhile, but I wasn t up for the intense travel associated with the gig In my teens, I settled on being a writer although I had no idea the effort that would entail.Not only am I a writer now, but I m a writer in several different mediums I m a longtime newspaper reporter, an avid reader and a voracious science fiction fanatic.

    520 thoughts on “Witchy Tales

    • 2.5 starsThe premise was creative, being thrown into a book of fairy tales by a spiteful great aunt But, I thought the character development was shallow and the dialogue was repetitive, same conversations over and over Picked this up as a free book on , not bad for a silly light read.

    • Another great addition to this world I was expecting it to be from Aunt Tillies POV but realized early on it wasn t I ve liked everything by this author the only released books I haven t gotten to yet are the Avery Shaw books , but I think this series has been my favorite I like all the characters, but Aunt Tillie has become my favorite, with Thistle close behind with a red blanket at the ready I can t wait for

    • Very Interesting The author states that her particular brand of humor isn t for everyone Well, it definitely is for me I love enjoy all of her Wicked Witches books I will say that this one was the most unusual of all of them If you ve read the other books in this series enjoyed them, then read this one Now excuse me while I satisfy my craving for bacon.

    • I really enjoyed this book it was fun and quite inventive, with the usual fantastic snarkiness in dialogue I m quite a fan of snark But also, Aunt Tillie s take on the classic fairy tales never ceased to make me giggle Great job I ll probably read this one again sometime.

    • Awesome twist on your everyday fairy talesWhile I love reading, and I stick to fantasy sci fi mainly, I never considered myself a fairy tale kind of girl, but know all of the classics having read them and watching the movie renditions After reading Witchy Tales, I have a new outlook on the classics, especially the ones with princesses Never really cared for them, once I hit my teens, I figured the girls to be wussies who were too lazy to fend for themselves Seeing Bay s and Thistle s side kind o [...]

    • While Amanda M Lee does a great job at keeping you on the edge of your seat with all of her stories, I must say that after reading the first Wicked Witches of the Midwest Fantasy, as of right now I prefer the Mysteries I love the characters of the Wicked Witches of the Midwest, so I will continue to read the Fantasies and all the other Wicked Witches of the Midwest books Hopefully I will enjoy the subsequent Fantasies than the first one That said, what I appreciated the most about this book is [...]

    • Not the bestI trudged through this all the way to the end because I am a completist when it comes to books Unfortunately I did not enjoy the majority of this The concept of everyone learning the lessons from the different fairy tales was interesting but the fact that she took everyone s most annoying traits and amplified them resulted in a very trying read that I almost did not make it through I love the setting and the concept of these books but the characters really need to experience some per [...]

    • First of all, I love all of Amanda s books This one was awesome and hilarious but it did get a bit repetitive I loved the idea but when it got to the beanstalk turn, I was ready to be done I m also so tired of Aunt Tillie s character and I don t understand how she is so well loved Granted she does have some good points, most of the time I just wish she d go away.

    • One of the better ones This is a good read Wasn t an all nighter like some of the others, but a fine two nighter This one shows Aunt Tillie s genius off nicely Can t get enough of the old girl

    • BrilliantI can t get enough of these books, the characters are funny,clever,witty,strong it has everything, if your looking to Escape then these r what u need to read, would love to c these as films

    • I just love fairy tales.The Winchester family fairy tales are the best Throughout the book, Aunt Tillie teaches lessons to her niece s that I found both profound and enlightening I highly recommend spending a couple of hours with this one.

    • Fun, sooo funny, crazy fun read Laugh out loud, off my chair, on the floor laughing This series is a family of totally dysfunctional witches with a wicked sense of humor, sarcastic wit and trouble tattooed on their foreheads Wickedly fun read and my personal favorite in this series so far.

    • Hilarious The gang get stuck in a fairy tale book by Aunt Tillie But there s a very big difference to the tales All of their personality traits get enhanced in the book Will they ever get out Read on to find out

    • Fun short story I liked how she incorporated all of the characters from previous books and I liked the character development The fairy tales characters were as charming and funny as the main characters.

    • EntertainingAnd entertaining spin and offshoot of the regular series You never want to make great aunt Tillie mad or you just may find yourself forced into a weird world of literature.

    • Great Short Story While the book stands quite ably on its own merits, the add much depth when read during or after the series

    • Love this author and all of her books make light reading and help me to unwind Well written, humerous and enjoyable read.

    • GoodI give all Wicked Witches books 5 stars, they are that good Most are very funny This one was a good story but not as funny as some of others I enjoyed it though

    • Funny and sweet Loved it I thought the storyline was cute, creative and funny I did wish Aunt Fills got a bit of comeupance but overall, I loved it.

    • The Best One YetI think this is my favorite one so far The whole fairytale aspect gave it a complicated and creative side unlike the other books in this series.

    • Unique Definitely a story with a good twist All the adventures are than that and I think most of us would love a chance to visit this place in the book.

    • Fun and interesting book.This book was a very fun and interesting read It kept me entertained all the way through the book I would recommend reading.

    • Love it It was a little slow going at the beginning for me, but once they were together and doing what they do best arguing, whining, sniping, fighting, and of course the sarcasm,banter and whittiness that comes out when the Winchester women are all together Seriously love this series and these shorts are awesome Love the take on fairy tales coming from the warped mined of aunt tillie

    • Tales of WoeThis was a short story used to enrich the characters in the Midwest Series and to give the reader a chance to know them better Written as a sort of warped fairy tale written by the almighty Aunt Tilly, the entire family as well as future family to be , i.e boyfriends, get magically get sent into a skewed version of Tillys Faith tale book that she had written for the three cousins when they were small Only by remembering some of the special tidbits of wisdom their aunt had insisted on [...]

    • Marvelous Tilly or Demented Tilli.I ve binge read this series and landed in this book If you haven t read Amanda Lee s Wicked Witches of the Midwest series STOP and do so now You just won t get all the nuances of this book with out it The humor of the situation may go over your head The author apologizes in every book for said humor STOP IT You ve created a world and published it Let it live, so to speak First this is a real trip into the mind of Aunt Tillie As the title suggests I can t decided [...]

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