Operazione amore #2020

Operazione amore By Lora Leigh Giuliano Claudio Acunzoli Operazione amore Vittima insieme al padre di un misterioso killer Victoria Lillian Harrington agente del controspionaggio inglese viene salvata in extremis dagli uomini della Squadra Operativa d Elite un team di a
  • Title: Operazione amore
  • Author: Lora Leigh Giuliano Claudio Acunzoli
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Operazione amore By Lora Leigh Giuliano Claudio Acunzoli
    Operazione amore By Lora Leigh Giuliano Claudio Acunzoli Vittima insieme al padre di un misterioso killer, Victoria Lillian Harrington, agente del controspionaggio inglese, viene salvata in extremis dagli uomini della Squadra Operativa d Elite, un team di agenti ufficialmente morti che operano sotto falsa identit Victoria assume cos il nome di battaglia di Lilly Belle e inizia a indagare sull assassino del padre insieme a TraVittima insieme al padre di un misterioso killer, Victoria Lillian Harrington, agente del controspionaggio inglese, viene salvata in extremis dagli uomini della Squadra Operativa d Elite, un team di agenti ufficialmente morti che operano sotto falsa identit Victoria assume cos il nome di battaglia di Lilly Belle e inizia a indagare sull assassino del padre insieme a Travis Caine, l uomo che l addestra e di cui diventa l amante Sei anni dopo, lo stesso killer attenta nuovamente alla sua vita, e a seguito delle ferite, Victoria perde la memoria Riuscir Travis a proteggerla, ma soprattutto a farle riscoprire l a che li univa
    • UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ Operazione amore - by Lora Leigh Giuliano Claudio Acunzoli
      Lora Leigh Giuliano Claudio Acunzoli

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    • Lora Leigh Giuliano Claudio Acunzoli

      Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora s family, and her writing life co exist, if not in harmony, in relative peace with each other Surrounded by a menagerie of pets, friends, and a teenage son who keeps her quick wit engaged, Lora s life is filled with joys, aided by her fans whose hearts remind her daily why she writes.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this namecmillan author loraleigh

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    • 3.5 Mommy Dearest Stars Some Spoilers God help me, I missed you, he groaned as his lips tore from hers and moved to her jaw, her neck Missed seeing you, touching you So Black Jack is the 4th book in the Elite Ops series This series started so strong The last book was blah at best and this one was just a hair above blah This book could have been so good, but instead it seemed kinda generic and repetitious You can take the H H names from the other books and swamp em and no one would probably notic [...]

    • 3 stars Romantic Suspense Black Jack More liked Bored Jack Lillian Belle, code name Night Hawk, is an undercover agent for Elite Ops, but when a head wound from a near miss assassination attempt leaves her with amnesia, her past and the dangerous secrets she harbors become a threat Lilly s former trainer, fellow Elite Ops agent, and lover Travis Caine, code name Black Jack, is assigned to keep tabs on her when she s returned to her family and former life and to uncover the conspiracy behind her [...]

    • We got a glimpse of Night Hawk and Black Jack in a short story awhile back, and we knew there was some serious something between them, and finally we find out exactly what it is There s a sexual chemistry that can t be denied, or ignored, and this book sizzles with passion as our hero and heroine burn up the pages.In my opinion, Lora Leigh writes some of the best heroes out there, hands down Whether wholly human or part human part animal, they are hot, demanding, and in charge, and Travis Caine, [...]

    • This is the second LL book in a row that I ve read where the ending left me less than satisfied I liked the book for the most part had its good point and bad points But then the end just went and loused it up It left the story feeling incomplete and that just annoys me So instead of giving this a weak 4 stars, I m giving it a weak 3 stars.Series Note I d recommend reading this series in order.Summary Elite Ops agenst Black Jack Travis Caine and Night Hawk Lilly Belle have been setting sparks off [...]

    • Black Jack es el cuarto libro de la serie Elite Ops de Lora Leigh y tiene como protagonistas a Lilly y Travis.La historia tiene un ritmo lento, me costo bastante avanzar, sobre todo porque el inicio se me hizo muy aburrido, no es el tipo de historia que te engancha desde el primer capitulo.No tenia ni idea de que esperar de el libro de Travis, especialmente porque era un personaje que apenas habia tenido escenas en los libros anteriores y sinceramnete su historia no me interesaba demasiado, me c [...]

    • I m stuck between rating this book a 3 star or 4 stars so I ll give it 4 stars because the ending was well done.I had some problems with this book It seemed Lora Leigh discribed too many things over and over again Also I wished the book would have had action As always Lora Leigh turns the heat up between the HH Would I say you should run out and buy this book No, I would not but I d say if your a LL fan as I am, give it a try.

    • Wow this is the first Lora Leigh book I couldn t work up the enthusiasm to finish The hero and heroine were boring and lacking in chemistry my usual go to to hold up a same old, same old plot she s trotted out too many times before and vice versa for that matter.Sorry to say,DNF.

    • This is the fourth installment in the Elite Ops series Black Jack and Night Hawk were both introduced in Leigh s short story Night Hawk, which was released as a free download only Honestly, I don t think that any of the previous books are necessary to get this story, but this series is best read in order to really understand all the characters and the ongoing story.Lady Victoria Lillian Harrington just returned from the dead after 6 years She has returned to her family, but as a very different w [...]

    • A reluctant 4 stars or maybe 3 1 2 stars Much staight forward than the confusing Heat Seeker and much better editing People keep trying to kill the heroine Lilly is an amnesiatic Elite Ops agent who after being shot in the head, can t remember the previous 6 years She returns to her life as the daughter of the aristocractic British family she left after the first time she was nearly killed Travis is the agent who trained Lilly and has been her lover There is much ominous talk among the various [...]

    • This is another of LL s racy novels Though this did have a good story, the cliche phrases she used for description are getting old I have read a few of her books, and I feel that she is in a rut I like the characters that she creates, but she needs new material for describing things Lilly Belle is a Elite Ops agent that joined the teams six years before, when she was targeted for Murder, along with her Father Her Father didn t survive, but after a long recovery period and plastic surgery, she le [...]

    • I just finished this one and it was so bad I am speechless All of these books are just starting to be a convoluted version of the one that came before Cookie cutter stories that get and muddled as they go on I do have to say that this one had some better editing than we have seen in awhile Characters never before mentioned did not make any surprise appearances at the end.When we got near the big reveal it was all explained out like some monologue from a scooby doo episode You had the bad guy [...]

    • I liked this story Lillian Belle ran away from her powerful influential family and joined the Elite Ops and is code named Night Hawk She s nearly killed and suffers amnesia and although she s been missing for years sent home to her family Her mother is happy to have her back, but Lillian feels like she doesn t fit in with the aristrocracy and slowly her memory starts to return in bits and pieces.She knows there is danger, but she doesn t know who to trust.Travis Caine code name Black Jack is ass [...]

    • For the first time, I didn t truly enjoy one of LL s Ops books I felt the book had too many repetitions of phrases kinda like Ms L thought we may not notice the explanation unless she said it twice in a row, once per each chapter , the characters were weak and Lilly was unbelievable in her amnesia She was given plenty of information to allow her to understand what was happening to her but she didn t ever get it There was nothing wrong with Travis, but nothing spectacular either I think this book [...]

    • Basically, I like Lora Leigh books well enough because there are different aspects such as the adventure and suspense The team and the brotherhood or sisterhood as it were between the members of the teams are also good The sexual tensions between the hero and the heroine are well enough although I do wonder about the author and some of her ideas about sexual gratification The sex scenes are graphic than romantic and I personally feel romance would be helpful.I have read several of this author [...]

    • If there s any description for me to summed up this book, it d be over the top The characterization, the drama, the conflicts, arguments, etc everything is just too much Hence, over the top The series for me, has been lackluster since Heat Seeker It just lost its appeal and the suspense that I had fallen in love with in Wild Card And the ending, for me, was lazy I just hope that Nik s story, which I hope will be the next one since he s my favorite agent, will be a much better improvement Otherwi [...]

    • It s been a while since i ve read an Elite Ops book but part of the reason i had been holding off on continuing on was because there were a lot of not so great reviews and ratings for this book Well i m happy to say i didn t quite feel as negative about it as others have Was it the best in the bunch tely NOTbut the storyline was entertaining enough and i did really like Travis and Lily and for me was an improvement over the last one, Heat Seeker, which i felt was much slower and drawn out Wild C [...]

    • I debated between 3 and 4 stars for this book, but ultimately went with the 3 due to some issues that I had with the book This series is great fun and for the most part this book was I liked Lilly and Travis together but one thing that was hard to follow was all the politics with the different units I really loved how even though her mind was gone Lilly recognized Travis and how her skills didn t leave her, just slowly started to trickle back into her mind Usually I am able to guess the bad guy, [...]

    • Really, 3.5 stars Which is such a disappointment because I was really looking forward to this book While I wouldn t say it was bad, it definitely fell a little short for me I also thought the ending was a little abrupt For some reason, I found myself disconnected from the characters as I was reading it I never really felt pulled like I usually do with Lora Leigh s books And I ve loved all the other Elite Ops stories Hopefully the next addition to this series will take me back to that happy place [...]

    • I loved this book, very intense reading and no boring moment Lily was trained by Travis when she first joined Elite Ops They saved each other during many missions during these six years Although they were attracted to each other, their career and past made them resist the chemistry between them After one night together, Lily was shot so she lost her memory of the six year in Elite Ops Elite Ops let Lily returned to her family and old life Travis was ordered not only to protect her from afar but [...]

    • While I loved reading about Travis Black Jack Lilly Night Hawk I felt cheated with this book The story was very slow to start and you really didn t get much action throughout the book until the very end Once things finally started picking up it felt rushed and, with the absence of an Epilogue, unfinished I want to know how Travis Lilly overcame her identity being revealed still remaining part of the Elite Ops division, if that was even the case 2.75 stars at best for this one

    • I m still not sure what I think of Lilly and Travis s story On the one hand, I like that they are both characters who have survived death, and on the other hand, I really hated that Lilly lost so much of what made her Night Hawk The bits and pieces she remembers were what I liked most, but I would have liked to see her cynical self find happiness with Travis Lilly might be one of my least favorite Leigh heroines But the villainat might be one of my favorites.

    • Expl cito Me esperaba algo mejor Durante la primera mitad del libro sientes como que te falta un poco de informaci n para saber si realmente es bueno para ella recordar su pasado o no fue confuso Al menos la relaci n de Travis y ella fue bien, que independientemente que no lo recordara, al menos sus sentimientos si lo hicieran Ese fue un paso fundamental en su af n de recordar Sent como que se trat m s en los problemas que ten a Lilly con su mam , que en los intentos de asesinato No me gust que [...]

    • The next series after Tempting Seals The stories follow the same formula Alpha male protecting tough sexy female but Lora Leigh manages to make each story and each dangerous situation unique yet they build off the last one and continue to be just and intriguing and exciting, additionally, the sex scenes are HOT

    • Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsCon questa nuova uscita siamo arrivati al quarto capitolo della serie lite Ops di una delle scrittrici erotiche e del romantic suspense pi famose d America, ormai conosciutissima anche qui da noi.Per chi invece non conoscesse questa serie, far un breve riepilogo.L intera serie basata sulle operazioni di un team di agenti segreti salvati da morte certa che vengono reclutati per entrare a far parte di un team di agenti sotto copertura che agiscono nell ass [...]

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