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Secret Sauce By Jill Sanders Secret Sauce Trent owns one of the highest profiled restaurants in New York His food and secret recipes are highly sought after His personal life follows his successful career beautiful women hang on his every wo
  • Title: Secret Sauce
  • Author: Jill Sanders
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Secret Sauce By Jill Sanders Trent owns one of the highest profiled restaurants in New York His food and secret recipes are highly sought after His personal life follows his successful career, beautiful women hang on his every word But, when his restaurant receives a bad review from one of the highest profiled food critics, things take a turn for the worse But, when he finally tracks down the foodTrent owns one of the highest profiled restaurants in New York His food and secret recipes are highly sought after His personal life follows his successful career, beautiful women hang on his every word But, when his restaurant receives a bad review from one of the highest profiled food critics, things take a turn for the worse But, when he finally tracks down the food critic, he might just lose then his secrets to her Marina s true identity has been hidden for a while She receives her pay checks in secret and hides in one of the largest cities in the world But, when her secrets are threatened, she d do anything to protect the person she loves the most, even if it means sleeping with the enemy.
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      Jill Sanders is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Sweet Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Western Romance, and Paranormal Romance novels She continues to lure new readers with her sweet and sexy stories Her books are available in every English speaking country, audiobook, and are now being translated to different languages.Born as an identical twin into a large family, she was raised in the Pacific Northwest, later relocating to Colorado for college and a successful IT career before discovering her talent as a writer She now makes her home on the beautiful emerald coast in Florida where she enjoys the beach, hiking, swimming, wine tasting, and of course writing.

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    • Received an ARC Enjoyed the story, as always I really love this series However this book was not as action packed as the others in this series but it does not disappoint How can you not love Tommy, such a fun loving little boy who has been through a lot who manages to find two adults to love him and take him in to teach him love.Trent starts out on revenge and fact finding mission but soon finds love and family.

    • Secret Sauce by Jill Sanders The Secret Series book 6 I was given this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.Another great addition to the Secret Series Mari is so sweet and Trent is the right kind of spicy, making the perfect sweet and spicy couple.Can t wait for .

    • This was a pretty good story About Marina who was taking care of her nephew, Tommy, that her sister abandoned the year before And Trent who owned a restaurant that Marina critiqued for the newspaper she worked for I really bad review and Trent went on a hunt for her to find out if she was being bribed or blackmailed to try to destroy his restaurant She did go back a second time when Trent called the newspaper but the food was just as bad the second time, too.Anyway, they met and neither one told [...]

    • What do you do when you are a food critic and write a review that is not favorable for the restaurant You have to hide behind a fake name That is what Marina has to do When she reviews Manhattan Nights, the highest profiled restaurant in New York City, the food is terrible and she writes the truth When Trent, the owner of Manhattan Nights sees the review, he is floored He can t believe what has happened This story is about than a bad review for a restaurant, it has suspense and intrigue Will Tr [...]

    • Jill does it again This is the 6th book in the Secret Series and it s just as good if not better then the others I LOVED the mystery behind why Marina s true identity had been hidden Trent is the owner and head chef of a restaurant in New York City, when he receives a bad review he is determined to find out why Mari is the food critic that uses an alias so no one know s that she is the one that writes the column view spoiler This book has a lot of action in it, people are stalked, kidnapped, apa [...]

    • I received an ARC of this in exchange for an honest review and I m very pleased to say that I enjoyed this just as much as the previous books, both the Secret Series and the Pride Series.Trent owns a very high profiled restaurant with his food being praised and his recipes sought after After a bad review by a local food critic, he fears that this could close him down He vows to find the critic and make him change his mind.Marina is a local journalist who is looking after her young nephew, Tommy [...]

    • Marina is a feisty well known food critic well as well known as her fake identity One bad review about a high end NY restaurant has her in hot water Said restaurant owner Trent can t understand why he got such a horrible review from this food critic and is bound determined to find out He bumps into her at a coffee shop and such begins their relationship.Amongst the storylines yes there is than one lies a relationship in the making between Trent and Marina I feel the progression was natural I di [...]

    • I love how jill pulls you into the story from the very beginning and keep you hooked till the very end you go through so many, different emotions I know from the very start that it s going to be a great book, she s one of a few authors the I 1click without having to read up on what the story is about

    • What a great ending to the series Sure am hoping for of this series Jill brings suspense in all of these books and a great love story also.

    • Trent is on a mission, find the food critic that that gave a bad review for his restaurant Once he found her, his anger has turned to something different Marina has hidden one of her many columns very well, along with the one thing she would do anything to protect A very good read with a few surprises As usual, the Secret series continues to entertain.

    • Characters and plots carry extremely well from one book into another This series kept me reading voraciously from Book 4 through Book 6 I seriously could not put it down I enjoyed the romance along with the suspense and couldn t put these books down Finished all 3 books in just a couple of days

    • Loved themLoved this series so well writer s one at had an unexpected surprise at the end look forward to books

    • Trent gets a very bad review of his restaurant He tries to track down the guy who did the review What he finds is the reviewer isn t a guy, but a beautiful woman Once he discovers who she is, he sets out to find out if she is on the take or being black mailed to give his restaurant such a bad review He is getting ready to open another site and doesn t want the review to reflect on the new place Marina has to keep her identity secret for several reasons She doesn t want someone coming after her w [...]

    • All the books in this series have been different to each other which I like This one had a good mix with the restaurant, the critic and the mystery behind Marina and Tommy It kept me turning the page and I read it in one sitting.

    • I really enjoyed this installment of the Secret series You get to see the characters from the previous books and learn about Marina and Trent The characters are likable The storyline is interesting and unique I definitely recommend Jill s books.

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