The Mists of Time #2020

The Mists of Time By Delia J. Colvin The Mists of Time The most powerful and emotional of the series The best one yet Another beautiful addition to the oracle series The saga continues It began with a love powerful than death Alex Morgan s love for his so
  • Title: The Mists of Time
  • Author: Delia J. Colvin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Mists of Time By Delia J. Colvin
    The Mists of Time By Delia J. Colvin The most powerful and emotional of the series The best one yet Another beautiful addition to the oracle series The saga continues It began with a love powerful than death Alex Morgan s love for his soul mate, Valeria was both legend and tragic But finally, after 3000 years, they are living the life of their dreams in modern day Manhattan Until a decisiv The most powerful and emotional of the series The best one yet Another beautiful addition to the oracle series The saga continues It began with a love powerful than death Alex Morgan s love for his soul mate, Valeria was both legend and tragic But finally, after 3000 years, they are living the life of their dreams in modern day Manhattan Until a decisive flash of lightning opens a Kairos, a window in time, and changes their destiny forever In search of answers to their missing friends, Paolo Carrara leads them into the Underworld And with one fateful step, Alex disappears into the past, igniting hidden passions, betrayals, and a possible end to the people that Valeria loves most including Alex In order to save her husband and friends, Valeria follows Alex to ancient Greece, as the life they once knew vanishes into the mists of time The Oracles does for Greek mythology what Outlander does for the Scottish Highlands THE ORACLES A love enduring than lifean deathan destiny.
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      Delia J. Colvin

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    • Delia J. Colvin

      We have a new star to add to the firmament of romance fantasy writers Ms Colvin takes her place in the first tier and it s well deserved Al Hatman, AuthorDelia J Colvin is the Award winning and International Bestselling author of The Sibylline Trilogy The Sibylline Oracle Voted 1 Best Release of June 2012 The Symbolon Voted 2 Best Release of November 2012 The Last Oracle Voted Best Release of September 2013 Her newest novel, The Haunted Heart of Rory O Dannon was selected best book of 2015 by Beck Valley Books reviewers.While developing her skill as an author, Delia worked in a variety of occupations from marketing to entrepreneur, Air Traffic Controller and Russian Interpreter But her passion is in writing and helping people Delia has donated both time and money to literacy programs around the countryRSONAL NOTE From the Author As much as I enjoy writing, I love hearing from readers even It would mean the world to me if you would take a moment to send me an email and say hi I personally answer all of my emails.Email me at DeliaJColvin gmailOr for information on me go to my site DeliaColvinWhat readers are saying Superb book I have a new favorite author The Symbolon is my favorite book of all time I found myself completely hooked from page one For information on Delia check out DeliaColvinOr email DeliaJColvin gmail

    333 thoughts on “The Mists of Time

    • I first was introduced to this author from a site called BookBub I purchased the first book in the trilogy hoping for a new author to follow I fell in love with this book, and from that point on I was hooked I quickly purchased and read the other two books in the series and again no disappointment here The entire series is fantastic This book, The Mists of Time , which is book 4 in the series is by far my favorite I couldn t put this book down It was passionate and moving I cried numerous times [...]

    • Love s are lost, hearts are broken and hope is fleeting But through it all strength remains The character of each person is tested and in the end, love will guide each person to their rightful path The story starts off some time after the discovery of Nicky From there you are swept through new, exciting experiences and nerve wracking obstacles the Oracles must navigate Many of the players in the previous stories will show again to take part in shaping the thought provoking story of immortals and [...]

    • Oh my GOODNESS I had not read the first 3 books in this series but now I absolutely must The story is so well written From the detailed descriptions of their surroundings on each turn of their adventure, I truly felt like I was along for the ride And what a ride it was The romance was tastefully done, and the deep seated love Alex and Valeria share is purely magnificent I haven t read a story this remarkable since Elizabeth Hunter s The Elemental Mysteries thank you Delia Colvin for bringing thi [...]

    • I read this while I was stuck on the couch and sick It definitely took me away from my cootie stricken household This book is highly addictive I haven t read the first three but I will be as soon as the holiday rush slows a bit, then I ll most likely re read this one This is a fantastic story and it keeps you hooked right up until the end I m one of those people that gets sad at the end of the book and tries desperately to slow down so it won t be over, all while REALLY wanting to see how it tur [...]

    • Another great book from my favorite author This book continues the series as if it was always planned I loved reuniting with these wonderful characters and can t wait to see what s in store for them next.

    • The Best One yet The story continues for Alex, Val and Genni, along with Paolo and Alex s sister Antonia I could not put down the book Talk about a page turner, it s full of twist and turns at every chapter It has suspense, mystery, and romance steamy love scenes Just when you thought you had everything figured out the book will keep you guessing all the way to the end Without giving much away, I don t know how I feel about what happens to Alex in the book You will laugh, cry, and def be angry t [...]

    • The Sibylline Trilogy will play havoc with your emotions Now, with the new addition of The Mists of Time to this saga, We see Alex and Valeria s existence take on even treacherous turns One misstep in time by Alex can lead to happy reunions, but can also have dire consequences on the life that they fought so hard to have He wants his loved ones from the past to exist with his current and future life Will this be possible Will he and Val remember their passionate and never ending love Of course, [...]

    • Delia Colvin has done it once again This was an AMAZING read The way Delia writes brings the characters to life You can imagine the scenes and see the characters, the book is brought to life while you read The story that is told has many twists and turns and you don t want to stop reading because, as in a movie, if you get up you may miss something

    • I love this series and this fourth book is a great addition Alex and Val are two of my favorite romantic characters The obstacles that they face just to be together,always has my stomach in knots Delia once again did a great job of creating such an interesting and emotional story.

    • Loyal friendships and dastardly enemies.Delia Colvin weaves powerful emotions throughout her stories and this book is no differentI picked this book up and was over half way through before I knew itBRAVOa new best reads for 2014.

    • I want This was a great addition to the series and leaves me wanting of the stories for all the characters, old and new This book did not disappoint

    • After reading this whole series, I have to say that I am in love Delia is amazing and her series is absolutely captivating The characters are ones that are great to keep up with and that you will fall in love with as they go through their journeys This will be a series that I WILL re read over and over again just because I loved the characters so much There are new experiences for you to go through in the fourth book and obstacles to overcome.After reading through this book, Delia had me all ove [...]

    • I finished this book in 3 days even while cooking decorating for the holidaysdidn t want to put it down I love this whole series this book was the perfect edition to the series Delia creates such wonderful characters that you truly feel you know Many writers characters feel 2 dimensional you are always aware they are only characters in a book, but Delia s character feel like real people who you grow to love Before reading reading this series I usually avoided books with any romance in the main t [...]

    • This review is from The Mists of Time The Oracles Book 4 Kindle Edition Couldn t put it downfantasticI just finished reading and I cannot say anything short of amazing I can honestly say I did not see all the twists and turns that Delia had in store for me on this, yet again, spectacular adventure I have loved all of these books and was not disappointed Books are wonderful creations of art that transport us to other worlds, times and to the most wilds of our imagination The Mists of Time does al [...]

    • The Mists of Time is the 4th book in the Oracles series but it also stands alone It s a fantasy but it s also full of passion, sacrifice, love lost and love found.I like Delia J Colvin s writing style The story flows well and it s fast paced for the most part The descriptions are well written but not lengthy, just the way I like them It was difficult to put this book down and I found myself crying several times tears of sorrow and tears of joy.All of the characters face trials, some worse than o [...]

    • My favorite of the series I don t want to give any spoilers so I ll just say the twist and turns this book takes are so unexpected There is heartbreak, joy, loss and love found all at the same time I m a big fan of time travel so I was thrilled when I knew there would be some Nicky Antonia is a great character as is Orion But the in this book Val really emerged as a strong woman She has to dig deeper then any woman should to find the strength and courage for the journey this book takes her on Wh [...]

    • This is definitely a book that you want to take the time to savior as you read.I was one of the geeky kids who loved to read anything to do with mythology when I was growing up and still have a fascination with it now as an adult So, I was really glad to get to read Mists of Time, where Delia Colvin mixes mythology with adventure, heartbreak and of course a great love story We get to continue the story of Valeria Alex and get to watch Antonia Paolo fall in love which of course involves twist tur [...]

    • Delia s books just keep getting better and better After reading the first three books of The Oracle series I have anxiously awaited her next installment and I was NOT DISAPPOINTED I ve loved reading the love story of Alex and Val and the twists and turns in this book were, at times, heartbreaking While I rarely cry while reading a written story The Mists of Time left tears running down my cheeksA MUST READ Do yourself a favor, start at the beginning of The Oracles series and read right through t [...]

    • An amazing book, just as II always expect and receive every time Delia puts a book in my hands Every single page lights up the imagination with such vivid characters and words that you can t help but keep turning pages I have fallen in love with these characters and Delia s beautiful way of telling a story It s no wonder I get nothing done the say her new story hits the shelf Not only a must read but definitely a must reread I seriously finished in a day and am begging for

    • I will try to do this with as little spoilers as I can I so love the Oracle series The Mists of Time is a must read I love the way the author mixes mythology, adventure and never ending love In this book, we get to see characters that we rooted for fall in love Also make sure you have the Kleenex box with you as you will need it Just as you think you know what s going to happen, the story changes.

    • What would you do to save your family Would you travel to the underworld Or through a portal to a dangerous past If you are a lover of fantasy books with a bit of romance, like I am, you will love these books This book is definitely a page turner and I have a hard time putting it down My only regret is not finding them sooner.I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

    • I can not even tell you how excited I was to get to review this book I ve read the entire series so far, and loved all of the books I was afraid I wasn t going to be able to do this one because I was so overloaded this time of year but I just couldn t pass it up This is not just a love story between Alex and Valeria It interweaves Greek Mythology and even some British myths, like Avalon Some things are just mentioned in passing in this book, but I m pretty sure they will be expanded upon in the [...]

    • Delia Colvin has a magical gift of weaving suspense, romance, and greek mythology lessons into a fluidic sensory provoking prose and I m so elated that she did not end The Oracles Series with book 3 To say that The Mists of Time is emotionally gripping would be an understatement I experienced everything from clutching my imaginary pearls to wiping tears away from my eyes to being sick to my stomach from repulsion to having a goofy grin plastered on my face as the fascinating story unfolded All m [...]

    • I was so excited to hear that Delia was releasing a 4th book in The Oracles series, that I reread the first 3 books I enjoyed them just as much, if not , the 2nd time around I recommend that you read them before reading The Mists of Time There were a couple of spots in this book where I felt that Delia could have elaborated because the story didn t flow easily for me and I had to go back a page or two to make sure I didn t miss anything With that said, I really enjoyed The Mists of Time I love [...]

    • Alex and Val are surprised to discover that Val s friend Nicky is actually Alex s sister Antonia, whom Alex thought to be dead But when Antonia goes back through a portal, Alex goes after her starting a chain reaction of events that will reshape Alex and Val s relationship forever.This became a very dark story of their endless love I feel like I have lived each of their sorrows as they happened As Alex got weaker, it seems that Val would get stronger My heart kept going out to them with each tri [...]

    • I absolutely loved this book I have to admit that I loved studying and reading anything that had to do with Greek Mythology when I was growing up and it s something that I still enjoy So this book made me feel right at home with all the magic and passion that Greek Mythology has in the form of the wonderful and courageous characters in this book This is a great book to read on it s own, however I highly recommend reading the entire series This particular book had me addicted to it from the first [...]

    • Delia has outdone herself with this book It s so good you can put it down With a new adventure for the Oracles there are surprises in every corner and unexpected twists This book does not deserve to be added to anyone TBR pile It needs to be read the second you buy it, then again and again Delia has a way to write that you feel every emotion alongside the characters and it s so easy to put yourself in the book running through tunnels and labyrinths trying to keep up I m on the edge of my seat an [...]

    • I just finished reading this book and i want to read it AGAIN The story lines criss crosses through time and makes you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster So many questions and hints that lay the path for a wonderful story I can t wait to see what else the author has in store because a story line like this is too good to end here Bravo for Delia Colvin She has managed to give yet a different adventure for The Oracles that stays true to their origin and yet is completely new Never a [...]

    • This book has a little of it all including love, suspense, sacrifice, adventure, mythology,enduring friendships,and definitely an A for entertainment value I love how reading an excellent book can take you to another place and time, and allow you to become completely engrossed in the story being told.Delia does just that I have been looking forward to this one, and am so glad it is finally here This series would be a great one to gift this holiday season An excellent read 0

    • Delia Colvin has done it again I enjoyed this book so much that I found it hard to put down She creates a world where the characters come to life and you can t help but fall in love with them I love how her books take you on a journey, whether it is from NY, to Italy, Greece or to the Underworld, it s a page turning I can t stop reading ride I look forward to the next book in the series

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