The Twistrose Key #2020

The Twistrose Key By Tone Almhjell Ian Schoenherr The Twistrose Key A captivating adventure story for fans of The Chronicles of Narnia and The Golden Compass Something is wrong in the house Lin s family rented The clocks tick too slowly Frost covers the flowerbed eve
  • Title: The Twistrose Key
  • Author: Tone Almhjell Ian Schoenherr
  • ISBN: 9780142423455
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Twistrose Key By Tone Almhjell Ian Schoenherr
    The Twistrose Key By Tone Almhjell Ian Schoenherr A captivating adventure story for fans of The Chronicles of Narnia and The Golden Compass Something is wrong in the house Lin s family rented The clocks tick too slowly Frost covers the flowerbed, even in a rain storm And when a secret key marked Twistrose arrives for her, Lin finds in a crack in the cellar and unlocks a gate to the world of Sylver This frozen realmA captivating adventure story for fans of The Chronicles of Narnia and The Golden Compass Something is wrong in the house Lin s family rented The clocks tick too slowly Frost covers the flowerbed, even in a rain storm And when a secret key marked Twistrose arrives for her, Lin finds in a crack in the cellar and unlocks a gate to the world of Sylver This frozen realm is the home of every dead animal who ever loved a child Lin is overjoyed to be reunited with Rufus, the pet she buried under the rosebush But together they must find the missing Winter Prince in order to save Sylver from destruction and they re not the only ones hunting for the Prince Exhilarating suspense and unforgettable characters await the readers of this magical adventure, destined to become a classic Beguiling New York Times This debut novel will captivate readers Fantasy that evokes the classics of yore and stands proudly among them Kirkus Reviews, starred review
    • [EPUB] ✓ The Twistrose Key | BY ☆ Tone Almhjell Ian Schoenherr
      Tone Almhjell Ian Schoenherr

    About “Tone Almhjell Ian Schoenherr

    • Tone Almhjell Ian Schoenherr

      Tone Almhjell grew up in Kristiansund and Tr ndelag Today she lives in Oslo with her husband and children She has a master s degree in English literature from the University of Oslo, and wrote thesis on Lord of the Rings by Tolkien She also has a Master of Science Fiction from the University of Liverpool.

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    • What a wonderful magical book I felt like I was 10 years old again and entering a unique and amazing world

    • Lin Rosenquist reminds me of Dorothy who gets transported to Oz, except Lin ends in the enchanted city of Sylveros, home to Petlings, animals who were once the favorite pet of a child Dorothy s pet was the dog, Toto, whereas Lin s pet is a vole, Rufus, who is now the size of a human and can talk like one The magic of Sylveros is fed by the wild joy that children feel when the first snowfall happens Now imagine a Norwegian Dorothy She s in a blue and white wool sweater with mittens, hat and metal [...]

    • This book is as clear, sparkling, and magically crisp as a walk outside on a midwinter s night It s a quest tale, but so lovingly rendered and comprehensively constructed that I found myself wanting to wander around in the imagined world after the completely satisfying ending I can t wait for Tone Almhjell s next journey back to Sylveros, if one is planned Highly recommended for readers age 9 adult, human, wildling, and petling alike Read it now, while it s cold outside.

    • 4.5 Este libro, como bien dice Laini Taylor, es magia pura Es tan bello y tan fant stico que me sorprende que sea autonconclusivo Me encanta Un punto y dos y tres y cuatro para la se orita Almhjell

    • Bardo, animalitos bonitos y una raza de gente que maneja el hielo que me gustar a conocer Medio como que Platelia me enamor.

    • Everyone has been raving about this book and now I understand why A lovely story, wonderful fairytale, well written What to ask

    • Cover Blurb Yes or No Oh my gosh, yes It s gorgeous With the gold and the midnight blue and the little woodcut animal illustrations While the synopsis caught my attention, this was, in all honesty, a faith buy totally based on the cover art.Characters Lin is adventurous, curious, intelligent, and therefore the ideal protagonist for a Middle Grade story I would have questioned her absolute readiness to jump headlong into an adventure without preparation or question, but she s a kid Somewhat to my [...]

    • Get the tissues ready folks If animals hold a soft spot in your heart, like they do mine, you will definitely need them from the middle grade fantasy book, The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell The book is very very similar to the land of Naria, but I loved the premise behind it.Lin Rosenquist is an eleven year old girl who just moved from her beloved Summerhill to Old Towne, where she has no friends and her favorite pet, Rufus, has died When Lin is sent a key in a mysterious parcel, she follows it [...]

    • With blood on her thorns she must creep through the wall.When the last hope is lost, a Twistrose is called There are books with young characters that are awkward, stilted, and suffocatedd then, there s The Twistrose Key From page one, the prose is beautiful and lilting an almost lullaby whispered across the mind of the reader The story opens with Lindelin Rosenquist, alone next to a rosebush, missing her friend Rufus As the novel progresses, Lin is granted entry to a world that children who ve l [...]

    • I had a hard time getting through this book Premise sounded promising a girl travels to the magical realm where every dead pet that was loved by a child goes It s up to her to save the prince and save their world But I honestly couldn t follow the story I felt lost half the time, the twists and turns were so convoluted, and every other word is some term made up by the author, I often felt like I was reading a foreign language Also, the writing style just didn t click with me Not a bad story it s [...]

    • I read this for my girls of nine and eleven, and am quite convinced that this is the best way to read it The breathtaking suspense is better appreciated with listeners of that age, and there is less room for critical thoughts of how much comes from Narnia, how much from the Brothers Lionheart etc And I found myself very much moved by the themes of friendship and separation by death or by growing up, again so than I would have been on my own It s not perfect, but writing a book with talking anim [...]

    • Es un cuento infantil precioso, bellamente narrado y con un distintivo estilo de novela negra en su trama de fantas a Curiosa mezcla, verdad Claro homenaje a las Cr nicas de Narnia con su reino en otra dimensi n al otro lado de un portal y su criatura parlanchina que viste una pintoresca bufanda La felicidad de los ni os produce energ a en el mundo m s all de los portales, un reino para mascotas donde Lin acaba encontrando a un amigo al que perdi Una de las cosas que m s me ha gustado es la boni [...]

    • La llave es la ltima apuesta de la editorial Oc ano Gran Traves a Es una novela de fantas a juvenil tanto para ni xs como para j venes que cuenta una historia repleta de magia y, sobre todo, amor por los animales y las mascotas Es una novela que me ha gustado much simo y que est cargada de valores.Si hay algo que me maravilla de Oc ano Gran Traves a es que es una editorial que publica libros que merecen ser le dos por la cantidad de valores que transmiten La llave es una de esas novelas con valo [...]

    • Este peque ito no baj jam s de las 5 estrellas en mi puntuador mental.Es uno de los libros m s hermosos que tuve la suerte de leer Y es de esos que invitan a ser disfrutados en familia, con grandes narraciones y puestas en escena, aunque sea dentro de una simple habitaci n.Vi su portada en ingl s hace mucho tiempo en Pinterest y al leer su sinopsis en , no pude evitar enamorarme de la idea de Platelia un lugar m gico al cual van a parar todos aquellos animales que alguna vez fueron amados por un [...]

    • The Twistrose Key has been described as a cross between The Chronicles of Narnia and The Golden Compass, and it is every bit as lovely as those two books Almhiell creates a wonderful world in Sylver, one that should really be read in the Winter time with a cup of your favorite hot beverage and your pet snuggling up next to you Lucky for me, we had some additional snow over the weekend, so I certainly could identify with the setting And the beautiful prose, Lin had lived for eleven years where th [...]

    • La llave es un libro de fantas a en el que una ni a encontrar la puerta que la transportar a un mundo nuevo.El Valle de Plata, y m s concretamente Platelia, es ese sitio al que no todos pueden acceder, pero que muchos, especialmente los que hemos tenido mascotas, desear amos que realmente existiera.Un mundo en el que todas las mascotas conviven juntas perros, gatos, conejos, caballos, incluso zorros, actuando como aut nticos humanos Hablan, se visten con ropa e incluso tienen una estatura propia [...]

    • This book started off with beautiful writing, and ended with beautiful writing There were some places in the middle that I found a little confusing and slow, but there were a lot of ideas and clues to plant in this story and it was absolutely worth reading through.It took a while for the story world to really build, but when it finally felt fully formed, I found it pretty wonderful, and it made me hope for a sequel so I can return to the story world I loved the concept of the Twistrose a human c [...]

    • First of all, the production quality of the hardcover is phenomenal This is a GORGEOUS book, and no pictures of it do it justice It would be so great for a child who has recently lost a pet, or simply for a child who loves pets dearly.I wish I liked this better than I did The style didn t quite work for me I can t put my finger on why, but as I d be reading, the sentences didn t quite fit inside my head they d slide around and I d have to read a paragraph twice to understand it That wouldn t be [...]

    • Es interesante encontrar a un autor que escribe con las premisas de la ficci n comercial anglosajona pero con las bases literarias y de estilo de la literatura europea Esta novela es un edificio de paredes s lidas e intrincados laberintos Bajo un planteamiento aparentemente t pico una chica que cruza la puerta a otro mundo desconocido , somos conducidos por una trama de personajes complejos curiosamente, mascotas , escenas de acci n y misterio, y un mundo de una naturaleza hermosa pero cruda y g [...]

    • This has lovely potential for a book, but the storytelling just doesn t quite hit the mark With tinges of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, the author places her child character in an alternate world of talking animals and magic with a mission to complete However, the world building seems to have become too much for the narrative to manage, making the story stall at points and hard to follow at others There are some lovely ideas here, but I just could not get fully absorbed in the book.

    • This was an exceptionally sweet, fun, and engaging middle grade novel It focuses on Sylveros which is rendered in beautiful maps , where pets that had a strong bond with a child go after death, to live a second life Lin is summoned to Sylveros to solve a mystery and help save the very world of the Petlings, and she is reunited with her recently departed pet, Rufus It s fun, mysterious, sweet, interesting, and quite an enjoyable story.

    • Record is que al principio pens que ser a una novela llena de magia No me equivocaba Con tintes que recuerdan a La historia interminable, Narnia y algunas otras historias que tambi n resplandecen por la magia que guardan en su interior, La Llave me ha trasportado a un mundo tan tierno que ojal existiese de verdad, lleno de aventura y misterio junto a Lin, quien nos guiar a la preciosa ambientaci n y escenarios que Tone Almhjell ha creado.

    • Pages Read 25In my experience, middle grade tends to work really well for me or not so much at all Looks like this will be the latter The opening chapters are disjointed and confusing The narrative will go into a flashback and then return to the present without warning If I hear that this one s good, I might add it back to my to read list and get a library copy, hoping for some edits.

    • Ya desde las primeras p ginas, con sus dos preciosos mapas, me conquist Est narrado de una manera hermosa Y tiene mucha magia en l No s lo en la historia, sino en el libro mismo Irremediablemente recuerda a Las Cr nicas de Narnia, pero tambi n nos regala esperanza a todos los que alguna vez hemos amado a una mascota.

    • una historia con mucha magia Que gustar a peque os y grandes por todo el mundo de fantas a que nos muestra la autora Donde no hay falta de detalles y parece que est s viviendo la aventura junto a sus protagonistas tan particulares como son una ni a y su mascota, un topillo.M s sobre mi opini n en la rese a del blogalmalectora 20

    • Rese a en mi blog La cueva de Danny.4.5 Me encant , muy f cil de leer, lleno de magia y con unos personajes que ame completamente.

    • Closer to 3.5 stars I think this is a great read for kids, with lots to keep them entertained As an adult I d rate it as just ok.

    • This skews a bit younger than I was expecting, but it DOES say middle grade right there in the summary, haha, so it s my own fault.

    • One night One crazy adventure 5 stars I enjoyed it and I m sure any 8 12 year old would love this book Definitely going to read it to my daughters soon.

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