Houses Without Doors #2020

Houses Without Doors By Peter Straub Houses Without Doors This spectacular collection of dark haunting tales by bestselling author Straub exposes the terrors that hide beneath the surface of the ordinary world behind the walls of houses without doors St
  • Title: Houses Without Doors
  • Author: Peter Straub
  • ISBN: 9780451170828
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Houses Without Doors By Peter Straub
    Houses Without Doors By Peter Straub This spectacular collection of 13 dark, haunting tales by bestselling author Straub exposes the terrors that hide beneath the surface of the ordinary world, behind the walls of houses without doors Straub at his spellbinding best Publishers Weekly.
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      Peter Straub was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 2 March, 1943, the first of three sons of a salesman and a nurse The salesman wanted him to become an athlete, the nurse thought he would do well as either a doctor or a Lutheran minister, but all he wanted to do was to learn to read.When kindergarten turned out to be a stupefyingly banal disappointment devoted to cutting animal shapes out of heavy colored paper, he took matters into his own hands and taught himself to read by memorizing his comic books and reciting them over and over to other neighborhood children on the front steps until he could recognize the words Therefore, when he finally got to first grade to find everyone else laboring over the imbecile adventures of Dick, Jane and Spot See Spot run See, see, see he ransacked the library in search of pirates, soldiers, detectives, spies, criminals, and other colorful souls, Soon he had earned a reputation as an ace storyteller, in demand around campfires and in back yards on summer evenings.This career as the John Buchan to the first grade was interrupted by a collision between himself and an automobile which resulted in a classic near death experience, many broken bones, surgical operations, a year out of school, a lengthy tenure in a wheelchair, and certain emotional quirks Once back on his feet, he quickly acquired a severe stutter which plagued him into his twenties and now and then still puts in a nostalgic appearance, usually to the amusement of telephone operators and shop clerks Because he had learned prematurely that the world was dangerous, he was jumpy, restless, hugely garrulous in spite of his stutter, physically uncomfortable and, at least until he began writing horror three decades later, prone to nightmares Books took him out of himself, so he read even than earlier, a youthful habit immeasurably valuable to any writer And his storytelling, for in spite of everything he was still a sociable child with a lot of friends, took a turn toward the dark and the garish, toward the ghoulish and the violent He found his first effect when he discovered that he could make this kind of thing funny.As if scripted, the rest of life followed He went on scholarship to Milwaukee Country Day School and was the darling of his English teachers He discovered Thomas Wolfe and Jack Kerouac, patron saints of wounded and self conscious adolescence, and also, blessedly, jazz music, which spoke of utterance beyond any constraint passion and liberation in the form of speech on the far side of the verbal border The alto saxophone player Paul Desmond, speaking in the voice of a witty and inspired angel, epitomized ideal expressiveness, Our boy still had no idea why inspired speech spoke best when it spoke in code, the simultaneous terror and ecstasy of his ancient trauma, as well as its lifelong so far, anyhow legacy of anger, being so deeply embedded in the self as to be imperceptible, Did he behave badly, now and then Did he wish to shock, annoy, disturb, and provoke Are you kidding Did he also wish to excel, to keep panic and uncertainty at arm s length by good old main force effort Make a guess So here we have a pure but unsteady case of denial happily able to maintain itself through merciless effort Booted along by invisible fears and horrors, this fellow was rewarded by wonderful grades and a vague sense of a mysterious but transcendent wholeness available through expression He went to the University of Wisconsin and, after opening his eyes to the various joys of Henry James, William Carlos Williams, and the Texas blues rocker Steve Miller, a great joyous character who lived across the street, passed through essentially unchanged to emerge in 1965 with an honors degree in English, then an MA at Columbia a year later He thought actual writing was probably beyond him even though actual writing was probably what he was best at down crammed he many and many a book, stirred by

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    • Peter Straub has long since created a name for himself in the horror genre, with Clive Barker praising his work and calling him a great classicist.Houses Without Doors is an excellent collection of short fiction, illustrating his versatility and style.Named after a Emily Dickinson poem Doom is the house without the door the volume contains 6 pieces, and 7 accompanying interludes, which together form a satisfying whole The interludes, seemingly unrelated, take only a page or two, but in this shor [...]

    • I am so happy to FINALLY be done with this book It was SO boring and tedious I picked it out at the library because I was looking for a good horror novel and I was under the Impression that Peter Straub wrote horror This wasn t horror Houses Without Doors wasrange, boring, and creepy, but not creepy in the sense of old haunted houses and creaking floorboards, but creepy In the sense of old nasty pedophiles and murderous children It put a really bad taste in my mouth I wanted to find something go [...]

    • A short story collection that I first read about fifteen years ago and which has stood up well to re reading Despite my memory of it being rather different from the actual book Four very strong novellas interspersed with shorter pieces that play with technique and form Peter Straub is an ambitious writer with an uncanny ability to take an almost normal character in an almost normal situation a person we can empathise with, a person we think might be only a little bit off kilter and lead us down [...]

    • Haciendo g nero de una forma muy personal e intimista G nero Relatos.Lo que nos cuenta Seis relatos del autor alguno parece una novela corta separados por interludios que parecen microrrelatos abiertos, que se acercan a concepciones muy personales del horror que no del terror Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite librosdeolethros

    • When I pick up a Peter Straub novel, I always think it looks too long When I read A Dark Matter, his 2010 Stoker prizewinner, I thought it needed pruning by at least 100 pages But I ve always liked the Straub stories I ve read in anthologies, and this collection shows that the long short story and novella may be his best format.His title adapts a line from Emily Dickenson, Doom is the house without the door A few of his characters inflict doom on others, but most find that they cannot escape th [...]

    • This short story collection by Peter Straub deals with themes of child corruption, secrets and those events rooted in the past that forever remain with us It takes the door off peoples houses and shows the reader what really goes on inside 4 brick walls.Both Blue Rose and The Juniper Tree are uncomfortable stories to read Blue Rose looks at the dysfunctional family, in family bullying and the exercise of power of an older brother over a younger brother, a particularly lengthy scene between these [...]

    • Read this several years ago, but didn t remember enough about it to add it to the read folder, so I read it again I d probably read a telephone book if Straub wrote it his prose is so lubricated and slick it goes down easy, even though it often has a bitter taste A lot of his novels fall off the grid in terms of story for me they can be either too complex or too boring, but I always end up sticking them out because his writing is just so good That s the case with Houses Without Doors, too Straub [...]

    • This is a book of similarly themed short stories, half of which are short shorts only a few pages long The characters are people whose lives are untenable They come from abusive upbringings and are now feeling trapped in their lives.Straub is an excellent writer and creates vivid, if odd, characters However, most of these stories didn t work for me The short shorts were for the most part vague ramblings, not cohesive stories Of the longer pieces, Blue Rose was the best It s about an 11 year old [...]

    • Que orgullo leer unos relatos tan atrevidos y sumamente bien escritos.Peter no se achicha ni se casa con nadie Nos cuenta como un chico aprende a hipnotizar y todo esos conocimientos y frustraci n los emplea para proyectarlos en su hermano peque o con un final que podemos imaginar Tambi n en primera persona nos habla de la superaci n de un ni o acosado sexualmente, para llegar a ser alguien en un futuro Tenemos una historia t pica de fantasmas, en la que un hombre con ansias, viaje a un pueblo p [...]

    • Peter Straub elevates horror dark fiction to an art form Delectable prose, stories with a literary and artistic bentis stuff is not to be missed.

    • What a delightful surprise I have a couple of shelves of pass a long books great for the vegetating and they fall mostly into two categories romance and horror So this weekend I was looking for a little light reading and I picked out House Without Doors Straub co author The Talisman with Stephen King my favorite King book save The Gunslinger but I ve never read anything else by Straub I see now that s been a mistake House Without Doors is a collection of short stories and flash fiction Not all t [...]

    • Houses without Doors is a short story collection by Peter Straub that sneaks up on you gradually Straub works his dark magic in a very subtle manner, terrifying you before you have a chance to defend yourself Each of these stories is a horror story, but they are not the horrors of the supernatural There are no monsters or ghosts or witchcraft or wizardry in these stories The stories Straub writes deal with the horrors everyone faces guilt, loneliness, depression, hatred, anger, fear He buries th [...]

    • This book, like every book by Peter Straub, is different It s a collection of short stories and sometimes just interludes that sometimes chill you, and sometimes confuse you To me, it wasn t a great book by any means I say this because in every story there was something about it that didn t sit right with me Either the characters were poorly developed, the story itself was poorly thought out, or it was so outlandish that by the time it was over I was left thinking What the hell just happened The [...]

    • Psychological horror well executed and convincing than any other I ve read to be fair, my experience with the genre is limited 5 stars to Blue rose, and the unique, fascinating and disturbing vision of the other stories The two longer pieces that make out the majority of the book could ve probably used some editing, however, I m torn because at the same time, the slow build really helped create an immersive reading experience.

    • I just could not finish all of this book The first few stories were good but the last few were awful I love horror and just plain weird books but this one just was too far I wanted to read Peter Straub because of his work on Stephen King books but he does not have the ability to draw in the reader like King does I read most of the book up to the last story which I am reading and will finish because I HATE to leave a book unfinished However, I am having to make myself finish.

    • This is a wonderful, psychological and intelligent collection of short stories This collection contains my favorite story of Straub s Mrs God I enjoy this story so much, I have an additional copy on my book shelf It and all the novellas in this collection are great explorations of how far jealousy, hatred, fear, guilt can take us And none of us are above those emotional influences.

    • Wow, I rarely hate books the way I hated this one Short stories novellas I hated the characters and the stories That said I don t think the author is a bad writer The stories I didn t read all of them made me feel disturbed about the dregs of society, which might be what the author was going for Reminded me a bit of Stephen King in style, but not nearly as captivating.

    • Almost done with this book I am really not sure I would read another Peter Straub book I might try one I did not like the endings to most of the stories in this one.I like authors that leave some things to the imagination, but there was just no resolution at all in many of these I also like strange stories, but some things were just too out of the blue even for me.

    • This collection of Straub s stories is really not a horror collection, although there is some true life horror here It s really just a set of incredible stories, several of which seem to have a heavy autobiographical element Straub is a fine writer, as good as any literary giant out there This book is the proof.

    • I don t know why, none of the stories in this book really grabbed me Good enough to finish, not good enough to probably ever read again.

    • Not up to his best, by a long shot Most of these were pointless and went nowhere Disappointing overall, though much of the writing itself was good.

    • Lake Michigan is on the west side of the state Michigan is also in the Eastern Time Zone easy enough things to look up Disjointed seemingly without purpose.

    • Este libro es una rara compilaci n que contiene historias sorprendentes y narraciones sin sentido Hubo tres o cuatro historias que disfrut leer, y que parec an ser la obra de un autor con mucho conocimiento de la psicolog a humana, y que adem s parec a tener una gran capacidad para crear escenas llenas de suspenso y emociones fuertes Sin embargo, varias historias me decepcionaron En un principio parec an buenas, pero al final resultaron ser un enga o La cantidad de detalles que conten an promet [...]

    • Fantastic collection of creepy unsettling and surprising fiction I really enjoyed this book Even if the stories did make it hard to sleep some nights I highly recommend it to anyone who s interested in psychological horror and suspense

    • Carefully detailed, psychological horror with delightful descriptions of settings, and the inner workings of the mind Beautifully crafted stories, well developed characters, and intriguing plots, make this a great collection.

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