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Henchmen By Eric Lahti Henchmen Join a small organization of loveable bad guys a supervillain and her henchmen Eve the seven foot tall bulletproof blonde is their leader Frank and Jean are a couple that can get into any computer o
  • Title: Henchmen
  • Author: Eric Lahti
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Henchmen By Eric Lahti
    Henchmen By Eric Lahti Join a small organization of loveable bad guys a supervillain and her henchmen Eve, the seven foot tall, bulletproof blonde is their leader Frank and Jean are a couple that can get into any computer or building unseen Jacob is a rough around the edges biker type that has a deep and abiding love of guns and explosives And Steven Well, he s really good at manipulatingJoin a small organization of loveable bad guys a supervillain and her henchmen Eve, the seven foot tall, bulletproof blonde is their leader Frank and Jean are a couple that can get into any computer or building unseen Jacob is a rough around the edges biker type that has a deep and abiding love of guns and explosives And Steven Well, he s really good at manipulating people and pretty handy to have around in a fight As supervillainy goes, they re just starting out They don t have much of a secret base They don t have matching uniforms Not a one of them owns a single pair of tights What they do have is an interest in tearing down the country and watching it burn There s just one little problem, though No matter how tough and smart a small group may be, tearing down a country is almost impossible for five people to pull off, so they while away their time pulling small jobs and putting together as much advanced technology as they can A chance encounter at a sushi bar has led them to a young woman with a terrifying secret she doesn t even know she possesses The Yakuza wants to use her to put pressure on a missing father No one s entirely certain exactly what the secret is, but it smells like a weapon and it might be just the sort of thing to help topple a nation They re done pulling small jobs Now they re aiming for the top because why bother robbing jewelry stores when you can topple governments Yakuza gang fights Incursions into high security, top secret government buildings Picking fake fights with losers in bars A psycho ex coworker who has some strange friends And a well dressed older gentleman who haunts dreams It s all in a day s work for Steven one of the world s most dedicated and dangerous HENCHMEN
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      Eric Lahti is the author of Henchmen, his first foray into writing something other documentation Eric is a programmer and database admin living in Albuquerque, New Mexico He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo Eric enjoys the problem solving aspects of programming and seeing the results magically appear when a program runs correctly He s currently working on a collection of short stories and enjoys writing about himself in the third person Eric thinks that s funny.He also runs a blog at Eric Lahti

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    • Okay, not so much superheroes super antiheroes I give this 4.5 stars and only knock it down from 5 stars because of so many editing problems But even though that usually ruins a story for me, this story was good enough to make the editing errors not such a big problem I want of this series BTW, this has blood and guts and death and stuff for those who have a problem with that.

    • What the This is a seriously entertaining if not somewhat hard to classify book That s a good thing for me Henchmen gets straight into the action and it never lets up This tale of villains that you really have to love rather than hate is told from the point of view of the writer s chief protagonist and Henchman, Stephen Eric Lahti has played around with genre here, which can be dangerous but works very well indeed in this case Key to the success of his style is his use of humour and a superb abi [...]

    • Oh wow, Eric Lahti, what have you done to me Ordinary life never felt so dullI feel much like someone who got on a bus thinking they knew the route and the destination and fell off dazed, befuddled and high as a kite many miles later, at what might be the terminus or merely the start of another roller coaster journey to who knows where In between I was taken on a rollicking ride on what felt at times as though I d slipped somehow sideways in between the brightly coloured pages of a comic book Po [...]

    • This book ended up being way different than I was expecting when I started it It was much complex and a little Sci fi than I thought, both of which were good things This is a story about a group of people that have come together to do bad in order to achieve good They don t consider themselves terrorists although, in part, that s what they are They think they are doing it for the good of humanity Congress must die that is their goal They each have their reasons that have brought them to this p [...]

    • There is nothing to dislike about this book Seriously, if books were written like this kids would be reading instead of watching reality television Yes, there is graphic violence at one point someone s head may get twisted around but it s cartoony violence Lahti s writing style, in my opinion, is kind of Quentin Tarantino meets El Leonard Everything on the page is there to entertain the reader.One of the biggest strengths of this piece were the characters Since it was an evil gang, the author [...]

    • Where do I start with this one This is a full on action thriller that throws in elements of Sci Fi, mysterious aliens, the supernatural, and a body count not seen since the days of the great flood The Henchmen are a varied group of guys and gals you really don t want to get on the wrong side of led by a seven foot bullet proof ian blond bombshell, this assortment of characters possess both the will and the skills to literally change the world Anyone expecting a typical macho ex military commando [...]

    • 1.75 dnf 36% edit The first time I made excuses for why I didn t like this Now I m changing that The humor got old real quick The action scenes bored me I didn t connect with the characters They were standing around making jokes or just punching people I realized I really like action scenes that don t involve the main characters just straight up using guns or punching because I get bored of that quick I like navigating the location instead of straight physical attacks I mean I really like it whe [...]

    • Here s to evil I loved this story It s a real page turner, and I m not just casually throwing that phrase out there I think this was the fastest I ve ever read a single novel It took me about five days to finish the entire thing, and that s with three kids and a wife requesting my attention.The main character was really something He provided a nice balance between serious discussion, and glib sarcasm He was an excellent noir hero, even though he was one of the titular henchmen The motley cast of [...]

    • Thriller story meets meshes and mashed with FantasyGripped by the action promising book cover, I missed the story s classifications fantasy, occult.Which is a good thing, or I d have missed a first for me a rousing thriller like action story meshed into elements of fantasy, or maybe it s space creatures, or maybe occult beings smiles And though many questions are answered, like most good books, and good TV series today, there s plenty left unsaid for another episode Immediately apparent in the e [...]

    • My review of Eric Lahti s HenchmenI thoroughly enjoyed this story I found it to be a fresh and different story idea that kept me captivated from beginning to end The story involved a fine collection of characters who maintained the action of the story, while enough backstory was added to give the reader a deeper connection to them I liked how the author explained how this band of misfits got together and why they were involved in a cause that might at first seem somewhat unlikely, but became be [...]

    • I found the blurb to The Henchmen fast paced and it made me wonder what the story would be like It was very fast paced and enjoyable,just like the blurb The book is what I would call a real page turner So much action and tongue in cheek, sarcastic comments that had me laughing aloud Eric Lahti wrote The Henchmen in the first person, it was done in such a way I could imagine the author sitting in front of me telling his story The book had a warmth about it that invites the reader in and interests [...]

    • An unusual and compelling story, smoothly told If you enjoy action packed books with intriguing characters I highly recommend Henchmen.Lahti writes with confidence and great panache So much so, I confess I did double check this is a debut novel Original story with diverse characters, atmospheric with a clear sense of setting and the pace is maintained throughout I especially enjoyed the deft touches of humour, at just the right time, to lighten the tension of the tightly drawn plot Very impresse [...]

    • A fast paced, funny and action packed story of bad guys doing bad things for the right reasons.Enjoyed it all the way through, but was a bit conflicted with the ending.Nevertheless I am hopeful there will be another in this series, and will be awaiting it eagerly.

    • Review Well, if you have read the synopsis, you will stay around for the review First things first, who says that synopses have to be short The above is long but tells you all you need to know, but like most crime thrillers, you have to read the book to discover the rest.Henchmen by Eric Lahti centres its attention around Steven, a gun for hire, though how he actually gets hired is a stroke of genius fiction As I was reading the story it reminded me all that was best about America, but also the [...]

    • Buckle up and let the Henchmen take you for a ride You might not understand all the fantastic characters Eric lahti introduces us to, or even agree with them but trust me getting on this thrill ride will certainly beat reading the paper I m a kitten loving European, that doesn t get America s fascination with guns and it s paranoia about their own government, but it certainly makes for good, high octane entertainment.What sets this book apart is its cast of strong and original characters The gro [...]

    • I came into this book without any real knowledge or expectations orwellhing I just saw that it was a story told from the perspective of an evil super villain s henchman and I was sold.And I m really truly happy I was Henchman is quite the amazing take on the supervillain back story well as an amusing look into how they manage to get so many people to work beside them This story follows Steve or Steven I forget because his role as nameless henchman seemed much important to the tale and we get to [...]

    • I was hooked on this story by the time I reached the third paragraph It was at that point I realised that the narrator was part of the team, but importantly, his charisma oozed out between the lines I sensed honesty and dark humour attached to his view of pretty much every situation even when things were not looking good In fact, it was pronounced when things were not looking good.The title of my review is actually a disservice to the author, but it was the closest I could get to two recognisa [...]

    • A book that mixes genres such as sci fi, supernatural and super hero is a book that may find itself very difficult to read It must be quite hard as an author maintaining the out of world alien feel as a continually fantastical element without straying off into the ludicrous Thankfully the author in this case has maintained that balance with a certain aplomb and managed to throw in a little Matrix and James Bond style panache just for added measure If you imagine Sin City by Frank Miller but with [...]

    • There is no I in TEAM Well technically not, but in this fast paced narrative which is written in the first person perspective, he is very much part of the team Most authors write in the first person perspective in order to portray private thoughts going through the minds of their protagonist Eric Lahti seems to have used this perspective to help you appreciate the camaraderie of being in this special gang of misfits The camaraderie is built on action and humour which is dished out throughout In [...]

    • What a story wow I had no idea what to expect but I m so glad I read this book I feel like I ve been part of a group of super villains for the duration of this story I would never have thought I d be rooting for the bad guys and condoning mass murder and destruction but this is written with such wry humour it made even the most atrocious acts seem perfectly reasonable It is fast paced, edge of seat gripping, bizarrely mysterious, laugh out loud funny and yet thought provoking all at once I m qui [...]

    • I thought I was reading one type of book, but then twists brought me some surprising gifts In the first chapter, the author s humor begins and by chapter 14 I laughed out loud at some of the lines In the first paragraph of that chapter, it discusses a cemetery and to paraphrase, the residents here don t talk much without ouija boards or psychic mediums Also, there is an excerpt where guns are compared to muscle cars as a car enthusiast I loved it These are not plot points, just small details in [...]

    • Eric Lathi s love of comic books shines through in this dark, gruesome, humorous cocktail of mayhem and supernatural slaughter, and well, after all you can t have slaughter without laughter right It is written enjoyably in an uncommon style, with Stephen, our Henchman as narrator, who is very much just a part of the sum as a whole, and it is told very much from his point of view With the text in places somewhat reminiscent of Frank Miller s Sin City, I could quite easily create the celluloid in [...]

    • Did I like Henchmen Well, considering one of the main characters is a seven foot tall demigod named Eve that is super strong and immune to bullets, do you really need to ask that question Well, who is she How did she get her powers Who CARES These are questions you may or may not ask yourself while reading Henchmen But probably not, because you ll be having to good a time to ask silly questions like that You re read about teams of heroes, seen movies about them, now follow a team of bad guys as [...]

    • Please tell me I can meet these Henchmen and be their friend Such a great read The story takes you on such a ride through the thoughts and happenings of a Henchman named Steven, and you cannot help but love his wit and grit I went into this book completely blind, not even having read the blurb as to what it was about, and I have to say I was completely roped in from the very first page I loved every second of it The characters were so loveable, yet completely terrifying with their unique abiliti [...]

    • The Henchmen by Eric Lahti is a hugely enjoyable read Lahti provides a cast of memorable and entertaining characters that could carry a series without the need for a plot In the book they form an unlikely team of henchmen that provide excellent action, some fantasy supernatural elements and a very good, although somewhat evil plot concerning the US Congress The book is instantly likeable with its dark humour and the best bad guys you could possibly read about I hate to use the phrase in reviews, [...]

    • Well what a different book from the rest, but in a good way of course Character s Frank Jean, Jacob, and Steven, also Eve who is bold and dangerous and from the description somehow not human they are bunched together and we meet them straight from the start A strange meal in a restaurant takes a violent turn, and eating sushi off a naked woman sounds interesting i must say A violent but great brawl follows, this scene hooked me in like a flash it worked really well The group take the naked woman [...]

    • A very impressive debut novel.WOW, Eric Great imagination, great story Good and evil, monsters and mayhem a very impressive debut novel I love the language it s direct, pithy and the first person narrative includes the reader, talks to you not at you, so you feel you re part of the group, not an onlooker The settings and events have a raw, honest edginess, and are well observed with a realism that takes you to the heart of the action Eric has a wonderful way with words and metaphors All I did wa [...]

    • Badassery, guns, violence, and awesomeness I couldn t help but fall in love with Steven s sarcastic humour, Eve s mysteriousness, and Jessica s gumption I m still not convinced the group of henchmen are the villains they claim to be it was shown numerous times throughout the book that they all had a heart Except maybe Eve, but she s a whole other kettle of fish something I hope to be explored in the sequel which I ll definitely be reading The MC breaks the fourth wall on numerous occasions, whi [...]

    • As an author myself I value one thing above all others, characters I can like Eric Lahti has masterfully built a merry band of misfits that anyone can instantly like, although their aims are not exactly pure of heart This is the first book in the series and I find it to be the less serious of the books The characters are definitely believable and fun and they are scattered against a vivid world that is easy to appreciate At one point I found myself wanting to go visit the gang s hide out.I loved [...]

    • This book is a bit outside of the genres I typically read, but reading some of the reviews caught my attention and I decided to give it a try I m glad I stretched my horizons a bit because this was a very entertaining story The main characters are anti heroes instead of your typical good guys, and the guys who you might think should be the good guys end up surprising you often than not There are a lot of twists and turns, some of which really caught me by surprise and some that have me intrigue [...]

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