Giving an Inch #2020

Giving an Inch By Heidi Belleau Amelia C. Gormley Giving an Inch School is back in session History grad James Sheridan thinks his biggest problem in life is trying to find a suitable outfit for his upcoming Ph D candidacy exam That is until he accidentally texts a
  • Title: Giving an Inch
  • Author: Heidi Belleau Amelia C. Gormley
  • ISBN: 9781626490178
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • Giving an Inch By Heidi Belleau Amelia C. Gormley
    Giving an Inch By Heidi Belleau Amelia C. Gormley School is back in session History grad James Sheridan thinks his biggest problem in life is trying to find a suitable outfit for his upcoming Ph.D candidacy exam That is, until he accidentally texts a changing room selfie meant for his fashionable sister to his ex, the domineering Professor Carson.James and Carson haven t seen each since James fled their power games tw School is back in session History grad James Sheridan thinks his biggest problem in life is trying to find a suitable outfit for his upcoming Ph.D candidacy exam That is, until he accidentally texts a changing room selfie meant for his fashionable sister to his ex, the domineering Professor Carson.James and Carson haven t seen each since James fled their power games two years ago Back in his undergrad days, Carson was his Professor, and not just in the academic sense a man of unusual tastes and extreme sexual demands, James had been happy to sate Carson s savage appetites Too happy, in fact He never could trust himself not to let Carson push too far.Now James is older and wiser, and sharing some seriously flirtatious vibes with a cute menswear rep When Carson replies to James s errant text, ready to pick up where they left off, James can t help being drawn back into Carson s control It s only when Carson suggests involving the salesman that James has to ask himself how far is too far, and whether he s willing to go there with Carson again.
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    • Heidi Belleau Amelia C. Gormley

      Heidi Belleau was born and raised in small town New Brunswick, graduated with a degree in history from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, and now lives outside of Edmonton, Alberta, with her tradesman husband and two kids A proud bisexual woman, her writing reflects everything she loves diverse casts of queer characters, a sense of history and place, equal parts witty and filthy dialogue, the occasional mythological twist, and most of all, love in all its weird and wonderful forms She is the author of the REAR ENTRANCE VIDEO series, and the co author of THE BURNT TOAST BB Her latest novel DEAD RINGER, co authored with Sam Schooler, is out now from Riptide Publishing Her work has been reviewed in PUBLISHER S WEEKLY, LIBRARY JOURNAL, and BOOKLIST.

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    • Heidi Belleau and Amelia Gormley delivered some kinky changing room fun with a droolworthy texting Dom who certainly pushed all my buttons I loved this and can t wait for I am already a huge fan of Heidi Belleau and I was interested to see how the dynamics would work with an author I was unfamiliar with well, I needn t have worried This is the first book in a series and I have to say, it has great potential and I am excited to see where they will take us next, especially if like me you are into [...]

    • Currently FREE on 2 12 14 Whew Is it hot in here or is it just me Heidi Belleau and Amelia C Gormely turned up the heat with this one This book was about mind games, pure and simple It is about the struggle between maintaining control vs the desire to submit to another person, fully and completely I found it to be incredibly erotic I happen to be in the camp that believes that reading dirty talking is hotter than reading actual sex on page In this case, it was dirty text messages but it accompli [...]

    • Written April 3, 20143.7 Stars cheeky, sexy and very funnyI got this one for free at some point Thanks Anne and after an hard an depressing book was it time for something light and easy d I got exactly that.This novella, Giving An Inch is the first part in a series, The Professor s Rule These books are about the young history grad James Sheridan and the very naughty and dominant Professor Carson The stories revolve around their smexy power games far light D s or BDSM Here in this first part is [...]

    • What do thisplus thisdivided by thisequal flagged Yap Who s on the other end of the cell phone you ask Bossy and naughty former dom to our cute little twink, James, who he accidentally mis texted and somehow found himself obeying his commands again Naughty shenanigans in a changing room with a sexy sales assistant, what s not to like here All which makes me feel like thisGiving an Inch was surprisingly well written Honestly, it had me at the Star Wars t shirt followed shortly thereafter by the R [...]

    • Read Sept 28, 20134 StarsWhew This turned out to be quite a bit erotic than I was expecting Where did I get it into my head that this was going to be some sweet, innocent thing Did I even check who the authors were smacks head Luckily for me, I liked the surprise, a lot, and man Heidi and Amelia make a seamless writing team Btw, there is sweet and even tender here too, it s just wrapped up in a smoking hot sceneE CHARACTERSJames Sheridan Grad student, sub, and he needs a suit It seems he s in t [...]

    • devious grin Giving an Inch m what a great title History Grad James Sheridan is inept when it comes to fashion He needs an outfit to impress the Ph.D candidacy board and his t shirt and ratty jeans aren t going to cut it So he s lost in translation at a clothing store, getting flirtatious help from a hot shop assistant, tasked with taking selfies and sending to his sister who is much fluent in clothes He accidentally texts his ex of two years, the ever so dominant Professor Carson.And does the [...]

    • WTH There I was, totally caught up in the story, not paying a bit of attention to how many pages were left, salivating for the next chapter, and it just ENDED I repeat, WTH runs off to get the next book ETA I m back, and pouting The next book is a prequel I want to read it, but it s not as urgent as a follow up with James and the professor and Satish I HATE that Get me all excited, and leave me HANGING Ugh It was like taking a bite of an incredibly decadent dessert just to have them pull the pla [...]

    • What is the saying It s not the size that matters, it s what you do with it That can be said for this book as well Short on page numbers but not on steam or simple dominance via text message James Sheridan is shopping for a special outfit, one that will help propel his academic career Solo in this trip as his sister stayed home sick he is approached by a salesman to assist him Awkward James begins to try on clothes assisted by the dark and handsome Satish who he believes is flirting with him His [...]

    • I think dirty talk is hotter in somes cases than the actual hoedown and this book proves me I m right What a selfie leads to HOT HOT HOT D

    • SizzlingWell this changing room fetish usually does nothing for me, but James s interactions with both Satish and Carson were pretty hot BUT, the bit that takes it up and over from just being a deliciously smutty piece is the exchanges between James and Carson and James epiphany as the short story progresses Some hot D s with a sub dealing with mild humiliation issues and fears Favorite quote No matter what you gave Carson, he wanted More, , Right at the end, James had begun to wonder if he wa [...]

    • 3.5 StarsShopping is not my thing, so dressing rooms are not my happiest places on earth But James and Satish s sexy on your knees exploits may help change my mind about that DJames is shopping for interview clothes for his big PhD oral exam and next step in life He picks up pants, vests, and a flirty salesman along the way But an accidental text to his ex Professor and ex lover, Carson, really heats things up Texts, photos, and commands fly back and forth Every click, stroke, and suck fills tha [...]

    • I liked this First of all, this is so hot Sex on a the dressing room with a hot salesman on the orders of your Dom It s hot While the inner monologue of James can be irritating, I think I can understand it Well, he and Carson and done, but he just can t get over their carnal relationship unfortunately I don t hate it, but I don t love it.A nice and hot short

    • There is nothing wrong with the story at all, this just wasn t to my taste I needed some connection between James and his Professor, and the changing room scene isn t my kink.

    • A short, sexy read that fell a little flat for me.James is a hot mess when it comes to fashion He needs something to wear to his upcoming Ph.D candidacy exam, so his sister has agreed to help She s home sick today so Patrick goes shopping and plans to text her pictures of his various choices.In the menswear department, he is assisted by a cute sales guy, Satish After some harmless flirting James heads to the dressing room to try things on and send his sister some pics Whoops He accidentally sent [...]

    • This was a nice, sexy read, with great depth given to all characters over 45 pages I appreciate a short story that delivers so much A seamless co write here between Heidi Belleau and Amelia C Gormley There was much to like, but also much to think about by the end of reading Pretty hot writing using the sale of menswear, a helpful salesman, an initial misplaced text, and the confines of a change room to develop some hot BDSM fare that left you looking for about all primary characters including t [...]

    • can t decide if that was creepy and sexy.or just sexy.or how creepyEKso clearly I need to read the rest of the series.

    • 3.5 stars for now A lot was set up but it was really so short I am looking forward to actually meeting the Professor in the next book It seems like James has too many issues to be involved in a relationship with him, but the serial has real potential.

    • 2 stars Meh Kind of hot, but at the same time not I am confused by the order of this series, though This is 1 and takes place two years after the next in the series 2 confused This was free, don t know if I ll be reading 2 Waring sharing

    • I probably should have paid attention to what this was about instead of thinking, quick freebie for a Sunday afternoon I really don t like this kind of thing.

    • This was short but oh, so hot All the action takes place in a department store change room as James ventures out for some clothes shopping A mis dial sees him messaging a photo to Carson, someone he had cut himself off from two years before, because He couldn t trust himself not to jump off a cliff at Carson s say so, maybe even jump off a cliff without Carson s say so, but just because that was what James thought Carson wanted We only meet Carson on the phone as he directs James actions, James [...]

    • Full review here prismbookalliance p 2872Giving an Inch is a fun little romp and a great start for the planned series It isn t meant to take itself too seriously, so if that is what you are after, this is not the book for you It was, however, the perfect follow up to the much intense Flesh Cartel 6 for which I always recommend having something happy and fun lined up to read afterwards.James is a man caught between the past and the present But can the past and the present collide Well only time [...]

    • 3.5 Stars Sue me, but I kinda loved that this story was essentially about a threesome even if the one guy didn t know it was and the other was only a series of text messages Also, I love me some student teacher kink and a good power imbalance though, perversely, I also appreciated James fighting back to establish some new ground rules between him and Dr Carson , so this tasty little morsel was right up my alley slides Book 2 off her teetering TBR shelf

    • BR with Mishyjo I liked it and it was pretty fast paced and kept me interested Not sure how I really feel about Carson just yet But I liked that James created ground rules than he had previously, and that Carson accepted them Looking forward to the second one.

    • 4 StarsA Live Your Life, Buy The Book ReviewIt is very difficult to say much in a review of such a short book, that hasn t either been said in the blurb already or leaves absolutely nothing new for the reader to discover themselves but what I can say is that I liked the story A lot It was very, very sexy Phone sex always is and when it is done with photos in the change room of a store it moves it up a whole nother level James met Carson at a time in his life when he desperately needed to be cont [...]

    • More than just a frisky controlled encounter in a men s fitting room, this is also a glimpse into James psyche as he tries to clarify in his own mind what he s looking for in a relationship, and negotiate some different boundaries It s a slow build up to one pretty hot blowjob, and Satish is a perfect foil to the anxious James.Carson is portrayed in a sympathetic light he appears to not be pushing or demanding, but I have my doubts about this professor, Am interested to read on These are short a [...]

    • Hmmmm, what is that saying Give em an inch and they ll take a mile Yeahhh, that about sums up the Professor and the pupil thank heavens were are talking college here A texting mishap sparks back up their relationship and this time around we have new player Twas naughty.Twas hot.Twas just the beginning.I m not completely sold yet, but I see the potential 3.5 inch by inch stars

    • James ended his relationship with Carson, a former professor of his, because he didn t trust himself to set boundaries as to what lengths he would go to please the man Although he recognizes that Carson helped him not only in getting his life under control but with his academic discipline as well, James is still afraid of how far he can be pushed These struggles come back to him once he acknowledges Carson s response to his text and engages in a text conversation with Carson.Oh my, never I have [...]

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