Crucible of Fate #2020

Crucible of Fate By Mary Calmes Crucible of Fate In the secret city of Sobek Domin Thorne is making his way as the newly chosen semel aten the leader of the werepanther world He aspires to make sweeping changes he s set goals for himself and the p
  • Title: Crucible of Fate
  • Author: Mary Calmes
  • ISBN: 9781623801823
  • Page: 133
  • Format: ebook
  • Crucible of Fate By Mary Calmes
    Crucible of Fate By Mary Calmes In the secret city of Sobek, Domin Thorne is making his way as the newly chosen semel aten, the leader of the werepanther world He aspires to make sweeping changes he s set goals for himself and the people he chose to bring with him, modeling his reign after that of his friend, Logan Church But Domin may have set too lofty a goal his normal leadership style isn t workinIn the secret city of Sobek, Domin Thorne is making his way as the newly chosen semel aten, the leader of the werepanther world He aspires to make sweeping changes he s set goals for himself and the people he chose to bring with him, modeling his reign after that of his friend, Logan Church But Domin may have set too lofty a goal his normal leadership style isn t working.While juggling a homesick Crane, a moody Mikhail, a bullwhip wielding Taj, servants with murderous intentions, a visiting ex, and a mate on a dangerous goodwill mission, Domin has to figure out his new role alone He also must determine how to deal with a conspiracy, all the while falling hard for a man who, for the first time in Domin s life, reciprocates that love Whether Domin is ready or not, Fate has stepped in to teach him a lesson internal threats are just as dangerous as external ones.
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      Mary Calmes believes in romance, happily ever afters, and the faith it takes for her characters to get there She bleeds coffee, thinks chocolate should be its own food group, and currently lives in Kentucky with a five pound furry ninja that protects her from baby birds, spiders and the neighbor s dogs To stay up to date on her ponderings and pandemonium as well as the adventures of the ninja follow her on Twitter MaryCalmes, connect with her on Facebook, and subscribe to her Mary s Mob newsletter.

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    • Allow me to summarize the plot for you There was an important whiney dude, a couple of horseys, a giant mushroom headed penis, the brief appearance of a slice of key lime pie and then 2 dudes growling MINE at the end In other words But it s Mary Calmes so I liked it anyway Thanks for the BR Otila, Jen JL

    • 3.5 StarsNo where near as exciting to me as Honored Vow, this was still a nice change of pace as we see a different point of view in the form of Domin settling into his new life.This was full of politics, tribal conflicts, and absurd werepanther laws Be reassured that despite danger around every corner, as well as plenty of violent brutality, there was also some nice hot man smex and plenty of love to go around All in all, this really was quite a good spinoff to the crazy, fantastical, Jin and [...]

    • The story of Domin Thorne and Yuri Kosa I love this panther shifter series Such interesting world building and characters in this universe In no way is this a standalone story You have to read the series in order or you will be lost as to what is going on here Domin and Yuri are gorgeous together I love that Domin knows what Yuri is to him and appreciates it and Yuri knows as well even if it takes him a while to realize it Can I say though that Koren really needs a smack I love the Logan and Jin [...]

    • Fun and funny.Nice to catch up with old friends.Honestly not much in the way of plot, but the banter is sometimes hilarious.A fun addition to the Calmes shifter universe.

    • Here I go again folks with the swoon fest over this series, I know my reviews for this series are probably all sounding the same Can t help it my friends, I am in love with this series and i must shout it for everyone to hear I love love love Domin and Yuri OMG OMG OMG And what is surprising for me is i didn t expect to love them this much I went into this book a little heartsick and sad about no Jin and Logan While i was sure they would make the occasion appearance, I started reading this book [...]

    • Classic Mary, with a first person hero and extensive world building, but also a demonstration of expanding skill Domin s voice is growly, irritable, floundering and wise, and while the action and pacing is nonstop because that s what Mary does, the dynamic of Domin and Yuri is very, very different than the Jin Logan dynamic Domin isn t sure everything he does is right, and he does NOT commit to action first and take counsel later He s wise enough to listen to the people around him and to do what [...]

    • I enjoyed them as a background couple, but they did nothing for me as the main focus of this book.

    • Yes, this book has no plot Yes, my eyes still kind of glaze over when they re talking about werepanther society and laws and shit And yes, I think they re just pulling these laws out of their asses as they go along and by they I mean MC.Not as ridiculously entertaining as the first 3 in the series Neither one of the MCs were sufficiently Jory like but each had a sprinkling of certain characteristics It was kind of Calmes lite, but it was fun and funny I enjoyed it.Thanks for the fun BR, Rosa, Je [...]


    • Review posted at The Armchair Reader and is for the whole series up to this point.3.5 starsChange of Heart and it s sequel, Trusted Bond were my first introduction to Mary Calmes work As two CoH TB of my very first reviews ever and in the first week at my gig reviewing at Jessewave, I hadn t quite settled into my own rating system So I wasn t sure if my feelings and ratings would stay the same then, 4.25 stars and 5 stars, respectively , because I didn t have much to compare them with I hadn t e [...]

    • I knew going into this book would be a disaster It s not that it wasn t good, it s just that I simply do not care for Domin Thorne as a Semel aten and I didn t like how changed Yuri Kosa become in this book I didn t even recognize him from the previous books He was like a new person I also, had extremely bad thoughts for this book going in, simply because I hadn t gotten over how things ended in book 3 I was am still mad as fuck I didn t like, at all, how the family got separated All that was bu [...]

    • So much better than Honored Vow which was just way too violent for me, but well, I liked it actually, quite a lot well, once I was able to just stop hearing blah blah blah with all the terms and names so much to study before reading, lol Good thing there is a Glossary Some stuff was just so different it at times felt odd, off, I dunno Yuri He turned into a marshmallow in this one The challenges Thank God no one was murdering innocent people like in the last one but these were like field day in e [...]

    • Loved and loathed this book Loved because Domin finally go to be loved for who he is and that the station or title he holds Loved because his mate finally got his man and all that involved Loathed because of what I am naming The Mary Calmes Separation Stipulation , or now TMCSS for short But loved for all that this was For all that Domin has gone through and become For all that he realizes he is and how strong he is with those he trusts and loves beside him But loathed for one certain fucking pa [...]

    • 4.5 StarsThere s not much to say here, except that I really enjoyed this installment I m sure it has a lot to do with the refreshing change in main character narrative I m a huge fan of Domin, and as such, I was chomping at the bit to get to this particular story Obviously, it was well worth my early week marathon reading, because I smashed this baby out in a matter of hours.

    • Let s see this one was mainly informative and highly laughable and that s being honest I m sorry , my lord, it had to be done I Know the semel jer and his reah are like your family, but really, between the baby and the volume of their fights and their He cleared his throat other activities, they disrupted everyone here quite effectively Your entire household needed them out This follows the story of Domin as the new Semel aten of the werepanther world, right after the ending of the trials told i [...]

    • And still this one s not Jin Logan sDomin and Koren close but no cigarKoren screwed it up again This time it s Domin and Yuri and for as much as I have come to love Jin and Logana story of Domin and Yuri is just what the doctor ordered.I really loved this one it was nice to get a story that gave a different perspective to the werepanther world and the aftermath of events that occurred in the previous book Honored Vow and yet still included a bit of Jin and Logan as well Sean Crisden was once ag [...]

    • REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.5 StarsSo Mary Calmes did that thing that sometimes terrifies me as a reader She took a brilliant series and wrote a book that didn t revolve around the characters that we have grown to love, the two people we think of as that series This is Domin and Yuri s story and whilst it is similar it is different The same laws, the same problems but two very different panthers At the end of Honored Vow it became clear a plan had been hatched between Logan and Domin which [...]

    • Sometimes there s just nothing better than some comfort food and revisiting an old favourite It s been nearly 2 years since I read the first 3 books in this series and Crucible of Fate was a wonderful reunion with the characters in these stories I find the writing in these books just flows like a gentle steam there s just a calming peaceful flow to everything It s comfort food and the need for the familiar whatever it is Mary Calmes puts it onto the page and my mind and my heart soak it up and I [...]

    • I am kind of at a loss as to what to say about this one.It s not that I didn t like it, it s just that I didn t LOVE it And a lot of that has to do with me being a dance with the one that brought you kind of girl I really have a strong aversion to having the main pairing switched on me after getting multiple books into a series I ll ride with you if it s done at the beginning like book 1 is about couple A, book 2 about couple B and so on but don t give me three, four, five books of one couple, g [...]

    • Books 1 2 Change of Heart Trusted Bond of the series were romance and less about the intricacies of the werepanther society Book 3 Honored Vow was a bit of an immersion into the society but there was still enough romance to satisfy my HEA addiction This book Book 4 is a total immersion into the werepanther society If like me you were not paying attention to the society details in the first three books, then like me, you will be very lost in this book The author builds an amazingly intricate an [...]

    • I could not put this story down When it came time to leave for work I packed the Nook up so I could bring it along.Before I say anything about the book I will confess I love Logan and Jin They re one of my favorite couples I had wondered how Domin and Yuri would face up against the competition.I didn t need to worry Domin Thorne definitely can hold his own He s every bit as likeable as Logan, even though his way of ruling is different.This was a great book and if you enjoyed any of the rest of t [...]

    • This was not a book for me I am even disappointed than after the third book All pet peeves are in my comments well, half of them for sure.At least I don t feel like a complete idiot, being lost and confused too many people, too many titles, too many interrupted thoughts and sentences looks like other readers feel the same , .

    • I couldn t put it down, which is par for the course with Mary s books I loved getting Domin s pov, even though it was a bit weird at first since I m so used to Jin Fantastic addition to the series though and I can t wait to see what happens next.

    • This book should not be read as a standalone This review has many spoilers from the previous books in the series.It s always interesting to see a former villain become a hero In Change of Heart, Domin was not the good guy He actively tried to kill Logan Church, the MC of the story However, after he was demoted and given a new position, he started to show his inner strength and became a valued member of Logan s tribe As anyone who has read Honored Vow knows, he took on the position of the werepan [...]

    • I was going to give this a 4 star but I just loved the characters so much I couldn t The book follows Domin Domin has taken Yuri as his Sekhem and become the semel aten He has been overwhelmed by his new duties Poor Domin is so unsure of himself and his place It s wonderful to watch him deal with his new place and duties and most of all with Yuri and his relationship We actually don t see a lot of them together but we do see their relationship grow We get to see most of the characters from the o [...]

    • I realize that there were some who complained the lore etc wasn t really fleshed out with the previous books in the seriesBut I enjoyed them regardless of that.With the fourth and final book in the Change of Heart series I felt like the story took a backseat to the history, etc And it was like I was sitting through a history lesson I really didn t want or need.But then Jin showed up And it was all good for me from that point on.

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