Ungeschliffener Diamant #2020

Ungeschliffener Diamant By Alice Pung Marieke Heimburger Ungeschliffener Diamant Ungeschliffener Diamant als bestes australisches Deb t ausgezeichnet erz hlt von den Herausforderungen des Erwachsenwerdens in einer globalisierten Welt Als Tochter chinesisch kambodschanische
  • Title: Ungeschliffener Diamant
  • Author: Alice Pung Marieke Heimburger
  • ISBN: 9783942374217
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ungeschliffener Diamant By Alice Pung Marieke Heimburger
    Ungeschliffener Diamant By Alice Pung Marieke Heimburger Ungeschliffener Diamant , 2007 als bestes australisches Deb t ausgezeichnet, erz hlt von den Herausforderungen des Erwachsenwerdens in einer globalisierten Welt Als Tochter chinesisch kambodschanischer Einwanderer w chst Alice mitten in Melbourne zwischen Hausg ttern, Aberglauben und strengen Traditionen auf Doch schon bald kommt ihr die Welt der Eltern exotischer vor a Ungeschliffener Diamant , 2007 als bestes australisches Deb t ausgezeichnet, erz hlt von den Herausforderungen des Erwachsenwerdens in einer globalisierten Welt Als Tochter chinesisch kambodschanischer Einwanderer w chst Alice mitten in Melbourne zwischen Hausg ttern, Aberglauben und strengen Traditionen auf Doch schon bald kommt ihr die Welt der Eltern exotischer vor als die neue Heimat Mal ernst und verzweifelt, dann wieder augenzwinkernd ironisch entfaltet dieses erz hlerische Juwel seinen unwiderstehlichen Charme.
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      Alice Pung Marieke Heimburger

    About “Alice Pung Marieke Heimburger

    • Alice Pung Marieke Heimburger

      Alice was born in Footscray, Victoria, a month after her parents Kuan and Kien arrived in Australia Alice s father, Kuan a survivor of Pol Pot s Khmer Rouge regime named her after Lewis Carroll s character because after surviving the Killing Fields, he thought Australia was a Wonderland Alice is the oldest of four she has a brother, Alexander, and two sisters, Alison and Alina.Alice grew up in Footscray and Braybrook, and changed high schools five times almost once every year These experiences have shaped her as a writer because they taught her how to pay attention to the quiet young adults that others might overlook or miss.Alice Pung s first book, Unpolished Gem, is an Australian bestseller which won the Australian Book Industry Newcomer of the Year Award and was shortlisted in the Victorian and NSW Premiers Literary awards It was published in the UK and USA in separate editions and has been translated into several languages including Italian, German and Indonesian.Alice s next book, Her Father s Daughter, won the Western Australia Premier s Award for Non Fiction and was shortlisted for the Victorian and NSW Premiers Literary awards and the Queensland Literary Awards.Alice also edited the collection Growing Up Asian in Australia and her writing has appeared in the Monthly, the Age, and The Best Australian Stories and The Best Australian Essays.Alice is a qualified lawyer and still works as a legal researcher in the area of minimum wages and pay equity She lives with her husband Nick at Janet Clarke Hall, the University of Melbourne, where she is the Artist in Residence.

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    • I had meant to read this years ago, when it first came out Then I read a review by Choupette and meant to read it after that too But never did Then I was at the local library last week and saw the audio book I read the back of the box and was told that this is not your normal South East Asian comes to Australia story no boats here, just lots of laughs and fun times.There is only one possible explanation the person who wrote the blurb to this audio book never read it This is anything but a laugh [...]

    • Alice Pung is just a terrific writer One of the rare truly talented ones Her mind is a little mad in a poetic way This memoir documents not just events from her life, but also artfully recreates family events she could never witness and, even interestingly artistically, the hilarious alternative reality of her mind The what ifs and if onlys Everyone praises the humour of this book and I wholeheartedly agree, but the real story here is Alice is a poet I d call this poetry memoir I was deeply mov [...]

    • Given that I m not strictly speaking Asian, it s possibly not at all pc of me to say this in this context, but thank FUCKING GOD for an Asian Australian writer There needs to be of them and Lebanese Australian writers, Mauritian Australian writers and Sudanese Australian writers, but they don t touch my life so closely, so I don t care as much I think it s already been established that I m not exactly in touch with the greater contemporary Australian literary scene, but the only other Asian Au [...]

    • I find this memoir interesting than her other one Her Father s Daughter , and I also find it better written If that s even possible This memoir chronicles Alice s life from before she was born, to when she is nineteen It s a culturally heavy book for people like myself who are born asian in a Australia But it s nice to think that she had a lot of family around her to give her the flavour in her life that I never really experienced Yet strangely, even though my family was not as colourful nor as [...]

    • Ceritanya tentang perbedaan budaya, kisah pribadi penulisnya waktu baru pindah dari Kamboja ke Australia, dari kecil hingga dia kuliah Lucu sih, gampangannya orang udik dari desa yang pindah ke kota besar, banyak tingkah konyol Contohnya waktu naik eskalator, mereka naik turun di eskalator pusat perbelanjaan Hightpoint, pria berusia 32 tahun, istrinya yang hamil delapan bulan, adik perempuannya yang berumur 27 tahun, dan nenek nenek Asia yang mengenakan piama wol berwarna ungu Waktu membeli maka [...]

    • Unpolished Gem is the second memoir that I have read, the first one being the Diary of Anne Frank This book is actually part of my English assignment and I am supposed to do an expository essay out of this Being an Asian Memoir, this genre is fairly new to me but it is a very great book Funny, lighthearted and a great reading experience in a whole.I can safely say that this book opens up a window to the life of an Asian girl having to battle through the culture that she grew up into, which is th [...]

    • This book started with a bang, but lost impetus somewhere along the line I loved her descriptions of Chinese immigrant family life Her grandmother praising Father Government for the benefit she receives each fortnight The excess of Australian society even in the late 70s when the authors early childhood occurs when seen by people who have endured war and hardship.The little Green Man was an eternal symbol of government existing to serve and protect And any country that could have a little green [...]

    • Saya sukakan buku ini Mungkin kerana saat ia diperkenalkan, saya memang mencari cari bahan bacaan santai untuk dibaca kerana hanya membawa buku buku ilmiah untuk rujukan kerja.Tambahan pula setelah mula dibaca, ianya sangat relevan dengan persekitaran di mana saya berada ketika itu yang turut melatari kisah yang ditulis Sekurang kurangnya kerana ianya dalam daerah yang sama, di Melbourne Jadi, ada nama nama tempat yang saya maklumi, nama pasaraya yang turut saya kunjungi cawangannya.Kisah tentan [...]

    • Honestly, I was bored at times The ending was jarring too, because it was so random and sudden I could sort of understand why Alice did what she did and I m glad that she was able to honestly evaluate her relationships, but I think the story should have continued a little after that the scene should not be cut out because it s a very key scene, but it needed a follow up.You may think I despised this book but I didn t The author has a great sense of humor and she s able to poke fun at the strictn [...]

    • An incredible project, I am so admiring of this sort of memory work, where Pung makes sense of her childhood and family history with such deft and sensitively rendered narrative tension The environments and experiences were so vivid I forgot I am not really a Chinese migrant.I can t believe Pung hasn t been widely accoladed for her work, hers is a stunning talent.

    • First, a bit of background to my reading of this book I grew up in a part of Sydney where there were many people of Asian descent Those who were my age had often either been born in Australia to parents who were recent immigrants, or had come to Australia as children Many of my friends were of Asian descent, from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds I tended to see the similarities between my friends and me they were, after all, my friends and I often did not understand why they reacted [...]

    • Was f r ein Juwel Ich h tte nicht gedacht, dass mich dieses Buch so fesseln k nnte, denn ich hatte zuvor ein hnliches Buch Auswandern nach Australien und dort als ewiger Ausl nder aufwachsen und leben gelesen, und das war ein bisschen tr bsinnig wenn auch gut Aber in Ungeschliffener Diamant schafft es die Autorin oder vielleicht auch die bersetzerin , eine in ihren Grundstrukturen eigentlich oft traurige Geschichte in W rter und S tze zu verpacken, die einen ans Buch fesseln und nicht mehr losla [...]

    • When I first started reading this book, I thought that there was so much I could relate with growing up Asian and living in Australia But then I found Alice really quite annoying towards the end of this book when she talks about her relationship with the Anglo Aussie guy she starts dating I just want to tell her to get over it, being Asian doesn t mean that it needs to get in the way of living your life It obviously wasn t an issue with that guy and he went out of his way to adjust to the Asian [...]

    • 4.5 stars rounded up to 5.Reading this book made me feel some sort of connection between me and Alice Pung After all, she has sent me a message before, 4 months ago You thought I was joking.So yes, I have talked to her But even than that, she lived in the same area as me she lived in Footscray while I live in Sunshine North, which are both of Melbourne s western suburbs and about a 20 minute drive away from each other , and in FACT, she went to the same school as me Well, actually, I m not even [...]

    • When I finished reading this book last night I was left with an odd feeling because it contains no author information whatsoever I don t understand why we only get this author s life thus far, what made her write this book, as compelling as the narrative is, I missed her motivation Maybe I need to take a closer look at it The author s story about a family who flees Cambodia and settles in Australia is another story about a young person caught between cultures Even though she grows up in Australi [...]

    • Interesting book It talks about Cambodia under Pol Pot s regime and the horror of it It talks about migrants lives and the hardships they go through It talks about beautiful Melbourne to be precise, diverse Footscray It talks about many things What I like the most is how the author explains her life with her Asian parents and relatives it surely is different from Western parents and relatives But why I love this book the most is, because it reminds me of my second hometown Melbourne it feels so [...]

    • I enjoyed this because it gave me a brief insight into what it is like for people to resettle their lives in a foreign country, I also enjoyed it because Alice and her family lived in Melbourne I m not sure why but the most memorable part for me was the evening meal that was not quiet what it seemed.

    • I usually don t give ratings to memoirs it makes me feel like I m rating the person rather than the book but I loved the honesty and the beautiful writing in Unpolished Gem Some incredibly poignant moments.

    • A lovely book Pung writes with a lovely voice teenage love angst at the end is a bit painful but then that s accurate, isn t it Also nice to read about Footscray Can t help thinking what enormously different childhoods we had.

    • English novel Bit bleh in some areas but the asian ness was incredibly accurate Touches on mental health issues and migrants in society It was a memoir so the plot wasn t as enjoyable as a normal fiction novel where anything can happen.

    • I love the way Alice Pung writes her descriptions are fresh and interesting I found this a moving and thought provoking memoir.

    • This was a reading assignment for Sociology in my first year of uni, and I wasn t particularly keen on it but it turned out to be less painful than I d anticipated Pung is a great writer able to balance honesty and comedy, and so tell a tale that leaves you feeling for her but not crushed by pity and overwhelming sadness Humour has a way of endearing the recipient, so a story that reflects honestly and makes the jokes for you is a refreshing read This is an insightful story that will allow you t [...]

    • I feel like this book will follow me around for a long time Pung s descriptions and observations are so vivid and convincing I feel like I really got to step into her life and live it for a while, and it was a gift Making me love her family nearly as much as she did.I loved in the final chapter the description of her mother layered up in a cacophony of clothes topped off with a footy beanie and her father in his simple flannel PJ s and leather jacket, busy sharing a mango that scene is simply am [...]

    • Alice Pungs quirky sense of humour really brings this story of immigration and Australia to life If you re looking for a different story of immigration, this book will be perfect for you.

    • InhaltDie Geschichte des M dchens Alice begann schon vor ihrer Geburt als sie im Bauch ihrer Mutter aus einem Fl chtlingslager in Vietnam nach Australien kam Alices chinesischst mmige Gro mutter Huyen muss viele Male die Familiengeschichten erz hlen, ehe Alice versteht, warum Mutter und Gro mutter nach Jahren in Australien noch immer nur Teochew, den Dialekt der chinesischen Provinz Guangdong, sprechen Die Oma kam aus China nach Kambodscha arbeitete, wurde die zweite Frau eines erheblich lteren [...]

    • In her debut memoir, Unpolished Gem, Alice Pung narrates the story of her family s settling in Australia They arrive from Cambodia with nothing except the expectation of a new baby in a month s time When the child is born, her father names her Alice because he thought Australia to be a wonderland This is really the story of Alice, her mother, her grandmother and their assimilation into a culture so very different from their own Alice s mother and grandmother are still clinging to a lot of their [...]

    • Pung s family escaped the killing fields of Cambodia, walking from Vietnam to a refugee camp in Thailand Pung was born in 1981, one month after her family i.e her father, mother, and her father s mother and sister arrived in Melbourne, Australia Being only twenty seven years old, Pung s memoir is only of her first eighteen years.In the memoir of her early childhood, Pung recounts her family s life before Australia These stories captured Pung s childhood imagination, as evident in her retelling S [...]

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