Soul Trade #2020

Soul Trade By Caitlin Kittredge Soul Trade Soul TradeA Black London NovelCaitlin Kittredge The crow mage Jack Winter returns to crash a secret gathering of ghost hunters soul stealers and other uninvited guests both dead and alive Normally
  • Title: Soul Trade
  • Author: Caitlin Kittredge
  • ISBN: 9780312388256
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • Soul Trade By Caitlin Kittredge
    Soul Trade By Caitlin Kittredge Soul TradeA Black London NovelCaitlin Kittredge The crow mage Jack Winter returns to crash a secret gathering of ghost hunters, soul stealers, and other uninvited guests, both dead and alive Normally, Pete Caldecott stays far away from magical secret societies But ever since her partner and boyfriend Jack Winter stopped a primordial demon from ripping into our world, eSoul TradeA Black London NovelCaitlin Kittredge The crow mage Jack Winter returns to crash a secret gathering of ghost hunters, soul stealers, and other uninvited guests, both dead and alive Normally, Pete Caldecott stays far away from magical secret societies But ever since her partner and boyfriend Jack Winter stopped a primordial demon from ripping into our world, every ghost, demon, and mage in London has been wide awake and hungry And the magical society in question needs their help putting things rightUL TRADEIt all begins with an invitation Five pale figures surround Pete in the cemetery to cordially invite her to a gathering of the Prometheus Club Pete s never heard of them, but Jack has and he s not thrilled about it Especially the part that says, Attend or die The Prometheans wouldn t come to London unless something big s about to go down So Pete and Jack decide to play it safe and make nice with the club even if that means facing down an army of demons in the process But now that they ve joined the group, they re about to discover that membership comes at a cost and has apocalyptic consequences.
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    • Caitlin Kittredge

      Caitlin started writing novels at age 13 Her first was a Star Wars tie in Fortunately, she branched out from there and after a few years trying to be a screenwriter, a comic book writer and the author of copious amounts of fanfiction, she tried to write a novel again Her epic dark fantasy thankfully never saw the light of day but while she was struggling with elves and sorcerers she got the idea of writing a story about a werewolf who fought crime.Two years and many, many drafts later, she pitched Night Life to a bevy of agents and one of them, Rachel Vater, sold the series to St Martin s.Caitlin collects comic books, print books, vintage clothes, and bad habits She loves tea, loud music, the color black especially mixed with the color pink and ghost stories She can drive a stick shift, play the violin and knows English curses than American ones.Caitlin lives in Olympia, WA with two pushy catscmillan bonegods Cait

    108 thoughts on “Soul Trade

    • You know a series has been wild when the book featuring zombie like creatures feels a little subdued The pseudo zombies were creepy, of course and it didn t feel subdued in a bad way It s just a matter of change in tone I liked seeing Pete and Jack on much better terms with each other, being kinder to each other than they ve ever been, acting like a couple who deeply care about each other No, it s not sappy hearts and flowers I don t want to see too much of that, anyway but the explosive anger i [...]

    • I m a genuine fan of the series I think Jack Winter is one of the best urban fantasy sort of heroes out there but this was a fairly thin offering Too short I like when authors are deliberately sparse, but the setting and storyline here are so condensed that it was hard to get invested in any of it the characters seemed to be behaving oddly Jack Winters is built as the Next Big Thing, but in than 2 instances in this story he or less steps behind Pete and wrings his hands and the story twists ar [...]

    • Fifth in the Black London dark urban fantasy series revolving around Pete Caldecott and Jack Winter, the crow mage.My TakeOh, boy Kittredge always keeps me in such suspense, and Soul Trade has continued the traditionk It s not enough to have the Morrigan and Belial after them, Kittredge has to make it even worse, of course, it s all a result of the Nergal escaping, weakening the Black, awakening so much evil in the world, eroding the barriers between.The series fascinates me for two different re [...]

    • With Jack and Pete stopping the demon Nergal from entering the world every ghost and lesser demon and those touched of magic felt it That s why Pete ended up waiting in a graveyard, with an old force associate, for a lady murdering ghost Mickey Martian, which is what Jack does, except he s not wanting to do anything as of late Pete takes on exorcism cases, even though Jack thinks they re a waste of their time, to put food on the table and take care of Lily s needs Pete realizes something is wron [...]

    • Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 4.0 Review Caitlin Kittredge s Soul Trade puts Pete Caldecott squarely in front of the camera as the lead protagonist instead of Jack Winter Pete normally stays away from cases involving possessions or exorcisms and leaves them to Jack to handle This time out she has no choice due to the fact that Pete and Jack have a baby daughter Lily now to raise and ensure her safety from all things that go bump in the night On top of that, the magical community has labeled Jack an [...]

    • I m lukewarm on this addition to the series It had pros and cons.Pete was the real hero in this book, with Jack taking a pretty far back seat almost to the point of him seeming timid I didn t mind that so much as Kittredge does a good job of writing Pete as a primary that s just enough of a bitch to not give the appearance of having bitch confused with bad ass That s a hard balance to strike and many writers fail at it I would have liked to have seen a bit of Jack s magic chops, but he was stil [...]

    • In Soul Trade, Pete and Jack must travel to Manchester Pete s been marked, if she doesn t attend the gathering of the Prometheus Club she ll die Despite the bad memories and having left there at age 15 planning never to return, Jack returns to his hometown aside Pete Once at the club they are surprised to find it completely devoid of magic, a dead space in the invisible tides of the Black They tell her that by joining with them she will be protected against the end of times Between the Morrigan [...]

    • Honestly the only reason I keep reading this series, is the fact that I m in serious need of some really good, attractive reading material I have never before read this many books in a series and never awarding any of the books than three stars As I said before, I do like that the protagonists aren t clear cut and have many facets, but I wish there was at least one or two persons I could sympathize with or at least find some redeeming qualities in But at this point I couldn t give the foggiest [...]

    • I can t wait for this book I am IN LOVE with this series Jack and Pete are truly unique and their story is amazing, frustrating, intense, dark and beautiful Their love is strong enough to battle hell for literally , and yet so fragile it constantly hangs in the balance I can t wait to see what happens next

    • This was much better than the previous book and this feels like it s leading somewhere epic The characters act like grown ups and like people who aren t total idiots I really enjoyed this book

    • Pete is definitely a force to be reckoned with so than Jack in this story More to come from Jack s story I m sure and a great cliffhanger.

    • Holy fuck this book was awesome It has everything I could want in a novel Mystery, good vs evil, an imperfect romance, loyalty to a fault, some drama, scheming and a double crossing It s all just so good I can t say too much because I don t want to give it all away but my god I just adored this book Basically Jack and Pete get forced into a job by a nasty society called The Prometheans Herefordshire is the epicenter of this adventure and it does not disappoint In the earlier books I wasn t a hug [...]

    • Magical societies are among Pete and Jack s least favourite things, and yet they end up having to deal with one once again After a bunch of shadowy figures approach Pete in a graveyard to extend an invitation to attend a gathering of the Prometheus Club, complete with a lovely little attend or die compulsion spell attached, she and Jack have little choice but to travel to Manchester, the city where Jack grew up and to which he would very much have preferred never to return, and find out what thi [...]

    • The Black, the magical undercurrent that blankets the world, is fracturing a foreboding sign of things to come, but possible apocalypse or not Pete has to feed her baby daughter Lily and Jack the love of her life and bane of her existence so hanging around a graveyard at night to look for a murderous ghost is business as usual That is until dead men in black robes hand her an invitation for a meet with the deadly and very exclusive secret Prometheus club, their message Attend or Die.This is anot [...]

    • First read 2012Re read September 2015The plot Several months have passed since the events of Devil s Business, and now Jack and Pete are parents to baby Lily Pete receives a mysterious summons to a club known as the Prometheus Club and is forced to attend She and Jack are ordered on a mission for the club that links back to Pete s last case for the police force which was the plot for the first book Street Magic At the same time Pete comes into possession of a magical artefact known as a Soul Cag [...]

    • This series is vaguely Anita Blakey detective gets drug into a secrete underworld sans excessive, explicit sex scenes with vampires, werewolves, etc I had a hard time buying into, and investing in the characters of Pete and Jack though From book one i felt we were thrown into a story that is already half over and told to like them and settle for what little back storywe are given.I was constantly confused why a successful and intelligent detective would throw her life away for a junky who is a t [...]

    • I really liked the first couple of books in this series The world was different and Pete and Jack were both interesting anti heroes While I still enjoy the world, mostly and Pete and Jack, I just am not as into this series as I used to be I often feel like I m slogging through parts of the book I feel the desire to skip ahead, but I don t I just keep plugging away until I get to an ending that is usually worth it Soul Trade was decent in the beginning and end and sloooooooow through the middle I [...]

    • spoiler alert 5th book of a saga I adored till now this book was good for something still the atmosphere was amazing, still the story telling was great, still old and new characters were so well fleshed and still I took only one day to read all book but my favorite character, Jack Winter has drastically changed in worse from being one of the most powerful mage on Earth, Hell and beyond, he became a puppy following Pete everywhere with no initiative whatsoever this was quite disappointing but I s [...]

    • The language in this series is very harsh and rough around the edges, often making it a headache to follow Even describing character actions, not just their actual spoken words Interesting throwing Jack s father in the mix, and the possibility of getting away from the Morrigan for good towards the end Not much else in the way of progress A lot of Pete using her powers and a lot of them getting played for fools ending up in even worse situations than they were in to begin with I ve seriously th [...]

    • It s good What else right Jack took a step back and Pete took the lead in this book and saved the world.Peaceful does not seem to exist in Jack s and Pete s life.When an invitation from a secret magic society showed up, it s a attend or die situation.Jack and Pete went to Manchester to investigate a missing person much to their reluctance and chanced upon something weird.Weird magic, weird town, weird people and appearance of Jack s dad.Oh, and zombies and Belial.Can t wait for the next book

    • There is a consistent theme in these stories of some organized evil, be it crazy Jesus freaks who hate magic users, old gods trying to lay waste to the world or organized megalomaniac mages Jack and Pete seem to be their targets for coercion To make them use their considerable powers for their evil ends So far the two heroes have foiled all plans to Take Over The World but the end of days still seems to be creepy closer.Dark adventures with a bit of cheeky banter.

    • Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Seriously this series gets better with each book.Jack and Pete head to Manchester to meet a secret society by invitation of come or die Nice to trust you too Grudgingly they go and manage to land themselves in trouble than they could ever imagine and with their track record that s saying something.Another must read fantastic book from the fabulous Black London series.

    • I think I would appreciate the idea behind the story better if I had read some of the author s other books that take place in the same world As it was, nothing was explained in a way that I liked, and there was a lot that needed explaining Towards the end I was hoping Dumbledore would show up and have a talk where everything becomes clear.

    • I absolutely love this series Soul Trade is fast paced page turner with things dark and twisted just like in the previous Black London novels A great addition to the series and I can t wait to see what the demon Belial has in store for Jack and Pete in the next novel.

    • Caitlin Kittredge has another page turner with Soul Trade Follow Pete Caldecott and her fiance Jack as they continue the battle against the Morrigan and the Promethean Society to preserve life as they know it If you like urban fantasy, then Caitlin Kittredge belongs on your book stand.

    • Not one of the better stories in the series Jack comes across as an ineffectual wuss, Pete as overly ballsy and brash, and there are so many secondary characters its hard to keep track of who s who or even care if they get killed off.

    • Black London series is heating up Not in the terms of sex, but in trouble Pete Caldecott has always been an equal partner to Jack Winter, with him saving the day in the end This book Pete is the strong capable save the day heroine we ve seen all along she could be.

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