Up Above and Down Below #2020

Up Above and Down Below By Paloma Valdivia Susan Ouriou Up Above and Down Below There are differetn kinds of people in the world Some live up above and some live down below But what if they all turn themselves upside down En el mundo existen dos tipos de habitantes los de arriba
  • Title: Up Above and Down Below
  • Author: Paloma Valdivia Susan Ouriou
  • ISBN: 9781926973395
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Up Above and Down Below By Paloma Valdivia Susan Ouriou
    Up Above and Down Below By Paloma Valdivia Susan Ouriou There are differetn kinds of people in the world Some live up above and some live down below But what if they all turn themselves upside down En el mundo existen dos tipos de habitantes los de arriba y los de abajo Los de arriba viven igual que los de abajo Y los de abajo viven igual que los de arriba, pero al rev s.
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      Paloma Valdivia Susan Ouriou

    About “Paloma Valdivia Susan Ouriou

    • Paloma Valdivia Susan Ouriou

      Dise adora de la Universidad Cat lica Egresada 2001 con distinci n m xima Posgraduada en ilustraci n 2006, EINA, Barcelona, Espa a Ganadora premio internacional de ilustraci n BIB PLAQUE 2001, XVIII Bienal de ilustraci n de Eslovaquia.Vivi y trabaj en Barcelona, colaborando con medios gr ficos chilenos e internacionales de gran difusi n Espa a, M xico, Singapur, Francia.Entre sus proyectos realizados destacan La serie Kiwala conoce el mar seleccionado para el malet n literario 2008 y nominado a Altazor y la colecci n de cuentos infantiles Cuento contigo CEP Copec Es miembro fundador del Colectivo de ilustradores Siete Rayas.Cabe destacar tambi n que ha comenzado a escribir e ilustrar sus propios libros para ni os El primero de ellos, Los de arriba y los de abajo ha sido publicado por Kalandraka, Espa a 2009 y Es as pr ximo a publicar por el Fondo de Cultura Eon mica, M xico 2010.

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    • Story about how we re different and the same as the people on the other side underneath us of the world Might be confusing for little ones, but good for preschool Exploration of the illustrations will add to the effectiveness of the reading.

    • My five year old is interested in travel, globes, and other countries, so I thought this book might intrigue him He definitely was interested in the illustrations, and we found a lot to talk about in the quirky, highly stylized, almost surrealist drawings The actual concept of up above and down below went over his head a bit, but I think if we read it and talk about it a couple times he will mostly understand what the book is getting at.

    • a simple toddler and up book where each two page spread features a line and action happening above and below words are simple but the concept was a little high for some toddlers.

    • Up Above and Down Below the equator Interesting idea, but I think it s a little advanced for my storytime audience This book would be a great supplement when classes talk about the world and it s equator.Reviewed from a library copy.

    • A brilliant concept for a picture book, especially appreciable for those of us who live in the southern hemisphere I imagine it was inspired by the author illustrator s experience of living in Santiago de Chile.I love quirky illustrations, but some of these were slightly on the disturbing side a two headed lady in a bikini a man with a red top hat, red boots and nothing else but a maple leaf a woman with frilly swimwear lingerie , etc.The translation from the original Spanish also seems a little [...]

    • There are two kinds of people in the world those who live up above, and those who live down below They may think they are different, but they aren t so very different This relatively simple concept is explored in words and pictures, with each page divided in half to distinguish the up from the down I expect children will turn the book around to examine the pictures closely to see which ones are mirror images and which ones have differences The stylized people and muted range of colors tans, reds [...]

    • My five year old son picked this book out from the library last week I did figure out that the book was about the Northern vs the Southern Hemisphere, and the illustrations are charming, if kind of really weird, but the text doesn t really make a whole lot of sense I don t think anyone really thinks that the people who live in the Southern Hemisphere are at all different, much less so completely different that they might be a separate species, from the Northern Hemisphere Apart from that unsettl [...]

    • I thought this was going to stay abstract On top, they think he ones on the bottom are different, but then it does sweep into the real world When spring makes its entrance in one place, fall pushes its way into the other , plus I should have noted the matching North side up and South side up map of the world endpapers If I don t think too hard about trying to figure out the ending are they really visiting each other Or just imagining it I do much better Wish I were fluent in Spanish could read t [...]

    • There are people who live up and people who live down They think they are different but really they are the same When something happens up the opposite happens down This is a great introduction to geography and opposites I really enjoyed the whimsically illustrations I am sure kids will get a kick out of turning the pages to see what exactly is different up and down.

    • This definitely feels different from most American picture books The illustrations are quirky and the story, while fairly mundane, could make for an interesting introduction to the northern and southern hemispheres.

    • This was a cute book, There is a horizontal line drawn across the middle of all the pages People and animals are pictured standing on the line the ones on top right side up and the ones underneath upside down The endpapers show a map of the world.

    • Weird, really really weird You wouldn t think that a book with less than 200 words could confuse two librarians, but it can I read it twice and I still don t really get it It was well weird.

    • whimsical messy pictures Can teach about being familiar with personal differences or even how the globe is opposite Fun maps on endpaper Author from Santiago de Chile, book translated into 9 languages.

    • A concept book from the southern hemisphere explores all sides of the question of up versus down Chile

    • The author goes for a Seuss ian feel as she explores the way we think about people on the other side of the world, and how they feel about us In reality, we are much alike than different.

    • A book about sameness and difference couched in a narrative concerning different hemispheres Cute, simple drawings with people right side up and upside down make this book worth reading.

    • Quirky look at life from one side of the world to the other Sharp eyed readers will notice some bare naked body parts, one figure might have short little arms, or are they little boobies

    • In the spirit of Dr Seuss The Sneetches, this lovely picture book very simply shows how we are all the same no matter where we live in the world It s all a matter of perspective.

    • Basically a whimsical, silly explanation of the differences between the north south hemispheres Cool concept for introducing it to kids The Art was a bit too abstract and squarish for me.

    • This book is a great book about different people all around the world We are all the same, but different in little, good ways Such a good book about diversity and equality.

    • Essentially examining difference between hemispheres but people are essentially the same no matter where we live BUT may confuse you get readers.

    • I certainly appreciate the message that people are alike than different, but I m not sure this is the book that will help kids understand that It may be just a little TOO out there.

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