Cruel Poetry #2020

Cruel Poetry By Vicki Hendricks Cruel Poetry I loved this book It s a private ticket into a secret world of desire and sex and the raw edge between them I read it with the fever of the addicted Michael Connelly I never miss a book by Vicki Hendr
  • Title: Cruel Poetry
  • Author: Vicki Hendricks
  • ISBN: 9781852429270
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cruel Poetry By Vicki Hendricks
    Cruel Poetry By Vicki Hendricks I loved this book It s a private ticket into a secret world of desire and sex and the raw edge between them I read it with the fever of the addicted Michael Connelly I never miss a book by Vicki Hendricks No one on the current scene is writing super charged, erotic, real noir novels like these George P PelecanosRenata is young, beautiful, and has sex for mone I loved this book It s a private ticket into a secret world of desire and sex and the raw edge between them I read it with the fever of the addicted Michael Connelly I never miss a book by Vicki Hendricks No one on the current scene is writing super charged, erotic, real noir novels like these George P PelecanosRenata is young, beautiful, and has sex for money and kicks Few are immune to her intoxicating allure even her pet Burmese python, Pepe, seems captive to her charm Richard is one of her clients, a poetry professor with a wife and two sons, whose erotic fascination with Rennie is threatening his home and job.Meanwhile, Julie, a shy wannabe novelist, spies on Rennie from her room next door in between bouts of frustrated writing Both would do anything to save Rennie from her dangerous occupation and become her one true love.Set in Miami s gaudy vacationland and the haunting atmosphere of the Everglades, Cruel Poetry is a gripping story of fatal attraction that captures the Florida behind the postcards As the lives of Richard and Julie unravel amidst drugs and murder, Hendricks amps the adrenaline jolts and sweeps us to a bittersweet climax.Vicki Hendricks lives in Hollywood, Florida, where she teaches English and creative writing A fan of dangerous sports, she has completed 550 skydives, learned to dog sled in Finland, and has been birding in the jungles of Costa Rica.
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      Vicki Hendricks Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cruel Poetry book, this is one of the most wanted Vicki Hendricks author readers around the world.

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    • As mentioned in another review, CRUEL POETRY is a good blend of erotica and noir and it s closer to 4 stars for me than 3 stars It s basically a three character story, taking place in a residential hotel in Miami Beach Each of the main characters live in pursuit of an ideal that only exists in the poetry of the obsessed For me, it worked better as a character piece than a noir novel The noir elements seemed a little bit forced, probably in effort to make it marketable as a crime novel, but that [...]

    • Publicado en lecturaylocura policiacas Se acerca el invierno, como dir a uno que casi todos conocemos, y c mo no realizar una buena selecci n de novelas polic acas para esta poca Si el oto o ayudaba y estaba en consonancia con este g nero, no digamos lo que puede ser el invierno, al menos por el clima, aunque tengamos la alegr a t pica de las fiestas navide as.Es buen momento para acordarnos de autores poco comunes, quiz no hablemos de obras maestras, pero no todo tiene que ser excelso, hay que [...]

    • Every summer for the last few years, I ve read a Vicki Hendricks novel I put off reading CRUEL POETRY because I knew that after I finished it, there wouldn t be any for awhile because I d read all the others.Cruel Poetry is probably her most accomplished novel instead of the usual first person narrative, she alternates POV between the three main characters, and the narrative holds strong to the end There is plenty of sex and off the grid characters, and there s still plenty of suspense and noir [...]

    • Vicki Hendricks has been dubbed the high priestess of neo noir This novel is a modern take on classic noir themes Just as classic noir characters hurtle downward in a never ending spiral of despair and destruction, Hendricks strips her characters of all normalcy and balance and tilts them into a world of sexual obsession and into new cages that replace old ones But, this is not the classic fifties pulp which hints at and tantalizes the reader It is filled to the brim with sex, booze, and casual [...]

    • I demand a sequel Do Jules and Renata keep their promises to each other And what happens to Pepito the snake I want answers, as I invested four days of reading into this amazing noir masterpiece Luckily this is my first Vicky novel, and I can find .

    • This intensely explicit story burns the way mesmerized moths burn In obsessive sex matters, it seems to say, survival is a shaky goal Survive what The shocking messiness of intimacy Hendrick s CRUEL POETRY crowds you it does not give you room to catch your breath, or gain one car s length distance Everything is on collision course here, though not always in a hurry flesh moves over flesh in a Miami Beach flophouse, sickly evidence seeps into the reader, and the prose has an awkwardly numbing sen [...]

    • Unless you re really really into lurid, pulpy tales of desperate people, there s little reason to spend the few hours it takes to read this book About 90% of it takes place in Miami s South Beach, at a squalid long term motel and the various nearby bars and restaurants Julie is a some kind of unspecified failure 20something who s desperate to prove she s someone by becoming a writer without seeming to have considered that she can t actually write Fortunately, her next door neighbor Rennie is a s [...]

    • This book couldn t possibly win with me First, I bought it because I had read Hendrick s wonderful Fur People and loved it Fur People is a poignant, clear eyed look at the heartbreaking life of a mentally ill animal hoarder Cruel Poetry, on the other hand, is a weirdly hazy look at the pathetic life of an ignorant, hyper sexual prostitute, who also happens to be a psychopath Not nearly as interesting, or believable.The next point against it is actually serious in my opinion The author cannot ke [...]

    • Tart noirI liked it.I was hooked on the characters by page seven and had no trouble turning the pages all the way to the end The story starts out with three characters in a seedy South Beach hotel two that take life as it comes and one that s a little up tight Already there s a dynamic and you re wondering how it s all going to turn out Long before the murder on page 28.Okay, if the murder is the inciting incident then the previous 28 pages were the setup I give a book 50 pages How many reviews [...]

    • Hmm, what to say.I wavered between a 3 and a 4 for this one At first, the book was better than I expected, but in the end it disappointed me Renata is an extremely attractive and engaging character Jules is impossibly naive and ridiculous This is a story about a shifting and changing web of relationships that go on a downward spiral I can t say much without giving away significant plot points, but in terms of crimes in the book, things go from bad to worse to we gotta get outta here NOW We ll se [...]

    • I wanted to like this, my fourth Vicki Hendricks novel, than I did Unfortunately it s a bit brainless Some good characterisation of the main players though.

    • I grabbed Cruel Poetry by Vicki Hendricks immediately after finishing her Miami Purity If you ve read Vicki Hendricks before, you know what you have in store for you compelling characters, Noir situations, crime, and sex Cruel Poetry has it all Jules is working on her novel in a rented hotel room on South Miami Beach Her neighbor Renatta is a mysterious prostitute with a pet snake Francisco is her lover and business partner Richard is a college professor that teaches poetry at the university, an [...]

    • It seemed like I waited for years for this book to come out Maybe that contributed to my disappointment I just wasn t feeling this one I didn t connect with the characters or even enjoy the ride much I never really understood what Julie found so facinating about Renata I think Hendricks usually does a better job of establishing the downward spiral of her main character but in this one, I just felt like Julie was already lost when the book started Is it possible that I had a problem connecting be [...]

    • Cruel poetry is the perfect blend of noir and erotica, told through the alternating POV of three main characters Rennie is a hardened semi prostitute, Julie a struggling writer and next door neighbour , and Richard a college professor, poet and John Somehow they get involved in a murder which ultimately culminates in a violent and unpredictable ending I enjoyed the multi dimensional aspects to each character and their mannerisms with each affecting the outcome A great read with some lighter mome [...]

    • Si el neo noir es ahora fucsia pues ser neo noir, pero vamos, que nada de duros detectives con vidas atormentadas, llenas de secretos y tramas con intrigas inescrutables Esto es una tragedia bajo el brillante sol de Miami Beach, que tanto deslumbra cuando tienes resaca Una novela que se lee de un tir n, como si la protagonista de Girls la hubiese escrito Una protagonista de Girls que se ve atrapada en una trama interesante y no se pone a hacer drama sobre su aburrida vida, claro.

    • Great character Kind of but not really reminds me of someone I was going to name Aileen W but decided not to who really doesn t like her johns, yet doesn t get out of the business Thoroughly enjoyed it

    • There was something clunky about the writing to me I know it was Vicki s first book, and I will try bother since she came so highly recommended by my Noir Friends.

    • Cruel Poetry is contemporary noir fiction full of sex and death, but it never seems to be sleazy or obsessively violent

    • Es un libro muy fresco y se lee f cil En mi opini n pega un bajoncillo en la segunda mitad para recuperar el ritmo al final Me gustar a verla adaptada al cine por los hermanos Wachowski

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