The Graduation #2020

The Graduation By Christopher Pike The Graduation It was his last chance to find the answer The last day of school had finally arrived six months after the homecoming dance and the ruin of a princess and nine months after the big party and the deat
  • Title: The Graduation
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9780671736804
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Graduation By Christopher Pike It was his last chance to find the answer The last day of school had finally arrived, six months after the homecoming dance and the ruin of a princess, and nine months after the big party and the death of an angel It is to be a busy day there is the graduation ceremony in the afternoon in the football stadium, and then the senior all night party aboard a cruise ship heaIt was his last chance to find the answer The last day of school had finally arrived, six months after the homecoming dance and the ruin of a princess, and nine months after the big party and the death of an angel It is to be a busy day there is the graduation ceremony in the afternoon in the football stadium, and then the senior all night party aboard a cruise ship heading to Catalina.But for Michael Olson, it is not a time to celebrate It is a day to finish an investigation that may cost him his life It is also a final chance to let the girl of his dreams, Jessica Hart, know his feelings for her.But the last day will not last long enough.For Michael or Jessica.The cruise ship will never reach its destination.The truth will turn out to be a lie.
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      Christopher Pike is the pseudonym of Kevin McFadden He is a bestselling author of young adult and children s fiction who specializes in the thriller genre.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name McFadden was born in New York but grew up in California where he stills lives in today A college drop out, he did factory work, painted houses and programmed computers before becoming a recognized author Initially unsuccessful when he set out to write science fiction and adult mystery, it was not until his work caught the attention of an editor who suggested he write a teen thriller that he became a hit The result was Slumber Party 1985 , a book about a group of teenagers who run into bizarre and violent events during a ski weekend After that he wrote Weekend and Chain Letter All three books went on to become bestsellers.

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    • At last the Final Friends gets a conclusion and finally the work done in seeing the crafting of the many central characters unfold is richly rewarded with this clever and wonderfully paced climax As I said in my review of Book 1, this is really a single novel split into three parts.The Graduation begins as Book 2 did, skipping a few months ahead from the end of the previous and finding the entire book s action taking place in a single day, the last day of school Granted, I don t know of many sch [...]

    • So here s the conclusion at last In that respect, The Graduation felt pulled together than the second part Pike explains the leap from the homecoming dance straight to the graduation ceremony by giving most of his characters reasons to have gone away and isn t it the least he could do after two tragedies hit this group of Tabb High seniors Following through as if nothing had happened is what would have been suspicious At any case, the end of the year has finally come With it the final friends w [...]

    • The whole Final Friends series was great at hooking you into the plot and not letting go I found myself DREAMING about the book because I had such a desire to know what happened in the end I truly love that at the end in this book, the third it was all explained.

    • The end is SOOOO cute I love how Jessie keeps teasing Mike about him trying to bring her to Vegas to get marriedAnd I m SO glad that Alice wasn t really murdered And Polly wasn t the murderer But the hallucinations of Clark That s kinda weirdpoor girl though She probably freaked with all this death around her WowMaria, she s really smart Who woulda thought So Claire really was pregnant and had an abortion And Bubba WAS the fatherAND they re getting married That s too cute And even Maria and Nick [...]

    • Finally the end of the Final Friends sereis I finished this in one night It was very intruging and I loved it just as much as the first two I did have my suspisions all along on who I thought did it, and I am proud to say that I was correct This book took place a few months after the dance Pike really tried to make Jessica likable in this book After the second she was one of my least favourite characters Maria was up there with them, after she screamed at Jessica, but once again, he really tried [...]

    • This book is super good Its a good ending for the series to though I cant believe Polly thought the bad Clark was real and it was really her all along, trying to cover up that she actually did it

    • The Graduation is the third installment in the Final Friends trilogy Graduation is coming soon and it d be time for Michael and his friends to move on to a new phase in their lives However, Alice lives on in their memories and Michael is getting closer to the truth Will he be able to figure out the last piece of the puzzle before someone else gets hurt again I was quite satisfied that this book provided the answers I d been seeking ever since the first book The explanations made sense and the tw [...]

    • Here are somethings I noticed remembered liked disliked about Book Three The Graduation the link is to.Let s seeNoticed1 Pike really does go out of his way to make Jessica likeable in this one.2 Ummm could anyone not notice where he was going with Claire s boyfriend 3 The second I started this book I knew exactly what happened to Alice, I remember every detail from this book especially the ending on the boat.Remembered1 Jessica and Michael and the sex in the showerexcept for my 13 year old brain [...]

    • A parte il fatto che non sopporto pi sentire di lavoratori minorenni e di di partite di football baseball etc devo dire che la risoluzione del mistero mi ha deluso, troppo prevedibile Ho continuato la lettura per sapere dei personaggi, ma mi sarei aspettato altro per quanto riguarda la morte di Alice, o forse sono io che mi creo troppi scenari Questa storia mi lascia perplesso in punti come quando si dice che i liceali possono lasciare la scuola a gennaio se sono gi in pari con i crediti delle m [...]

    • You know how Ke ha says your love is my drug well this book was my drug seriously i was addictedThis is the third book form the final friends series 1 The party 2 the dance 3 the graduationu will get confused but at the end everything will be explainedi found myself crying at the end of the book i just didnt want it to end, i felt like the characters were a part of me The story shows you how life moves on no matter how hard it is And that true friends are the friends who stay with you no matters [...]

    • The saga of our friends comes to an end as their senior year also concludes A death is still unsolved and mysteries abound miscommunications threaten romantic relationships and the future of all is uncertain as our friends graduate from high school and board a cruise ship for their all night senior party One weird thing about this book that has always stuck with me since the first time I read it 10 12 years ago is that Jessica chose to sing Let It Be at the graduation Almost every time I hear th [...]

    • The third book in the series takes place all in one fateful day graduation and the senior class party And what a doozy of a day it is Secrets are exposed Feelings are expressed The truth is finally revealed Reaping from all the seeds planted in the previous two books, this offers a satisfying conclusion to the series It makes me wonder what they are doing now Rereading the series, I was impressed by the maturity and the diversity of Pike s characters This seemed like pretty risque things back wh [...]

    • I read and loved these when I was in middle school Christopher Pike and R.l Stein were always featured in the young adult section of the libary I kinda vaguely remember the plot.what sticks out the most for me was Jessica and Mike showering together 11 year old me was shocked It was shocking to me than the actual sex until that time I didn t think grown ups were allowed to shower together Pretty sophisticated stuff for an 11 year old.

    • Oh dear heavenly Lord This book took me at least two months to read because it was JUST THAT TERRIBLE Christopher Pike really phoned it in with the epilogue It s s pretty classic the way everything gets tied up at the end, actually, so I ll hang onto this as a good example of What Not to Do Jeepers.

    • Overall I think this was a good trilogy, not great book good.Definitely very teen, sometimes a little too much so with the writing style The mystery was good even though I had it figured out way before book three I think I have liked some of his others books trilogies a little better than this one

    • I knew that Polly was insane Yeah, my sleuthing skills are that great I also had a hunch about Bill s homosexuality The Rock turned out to be pretty cool, that suprised me I m glad Maria and Jessica made up Also, yay for Jessica and Michael A great ending to this trilogy.

    • An Ok end to a good series The twist at the end was good but somehow I did not expect a happy ending for all involved.It s strange how everything was neatly tied together at the end.The ending could have been better.

    • At long last After my than 10 years of searching for the third book in the Final Friends Series and for looking for Alice s murderer, the mystery was finally solved I am pretty satisfied with the way the story ended I am now at peace Like Alice Hahaha I hope she s in peace, though.

    • This series is one of Pikes best works Maybe because it lasts three books, his characters are much better developed He still has his same issues with not understanding the female male relationship from the feminine perspective.

    • This book finally answers all the questions from the first two books I thought the dialogue during parts of the ending was a bit weak, considering there has been this great build up to the finale Maybe now I will remember how the ending goes

    • although there wasn t anything supernatural in this book i loved it the mystery is good but the best thing about it was the characters i loved them all i love bubba, sarah, jess, mike, polly, bill, russ, nick, maria, claire, even clark and rockyey were fun.

    • My God, this entire series of books sustained me for many years I can t even remember how many times I read these, but I read them constantly when I was probably 12 or 13 So, obviously, I m giving this book 5 stars for the me I was when I was 12 or 13.

    • Done reading.I noticed that Final Friends and Remember Me have some sort of similarities but it was amazing anyway Chris never fails to make me clench on my seat whenever I m reading his works Overall, it was great

    • The Graduation is the last book in the Final Friends trilogy and is a shocker The book was suspenseful and I had fun reading it.

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