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Turning Point By Melissa Luznicky Garrett Turning Point None
  • Title: Turning Point
  • Author: Melissa Luznicky Garrett
  • ISBN: 9781461149705
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
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    Turning Point By Melissa Luznicky Garrett None
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      Melissa Luznicky Garrett

    About “Melissa Luznicky Garrett

    • Melissa Luznicky Garrett

      Melissa Luznicky Garrett is an author of adult and young adult novels She lives in upstate New York with her husband, three children, and numerous animals Melissa is currently hard at work on her next project.

    508 thoughts on “Turning Point

    • Turning Point was absolutely fantastic I was enthralled right from the very beginning I had no idea what was going on even when I knew something was just not right.Normally I find it hard to get into stories with 3rd person pov, but it worked for this story I actually liked knowing what was going on in another part of the story.I was so annoyed with Phil He just made me so mad because he was so delusional, insane, plain crazy I would have my annoyed moments, then my heart would start pounding be [...]

    • I was so gripped by this story that I read the book practically in one sitting I peeked at the first two chapters the day the book arrived, and then when I sat down to read a bit a few days later, I ended up finishing the whole thing I don t want to give away the plot, but I will say that I was intrigued to find out what was going on with Phil, the guy that Jenna meets when her car breaks down, and that I was surprised and fascinated by the twists and turns that appeared as the truth about who [...]

    • Turning Point is an exciting YA novel by an exciting new author Turning Point will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next to the main character, Jenna Lyons She has a complex relationship with the family she is leaving behind, only to find herself suddenly immersed with a new family that is even screwed up than her own Turning Point has many twists and turns, with well thought out characters, that will keep the reader wanting to know what happens next Highly recommen [...]

    • From the very first page I knew two things Jenna might not know exactly what she wants, but she won t let anyone hold her back from going after it, whatever it is On top of that, you re going to cheer for her while she goes after it.Then the story was compelling and every page held attention and kept me wondering what was coming next.To top it off, the story pulled me through some difficult emotions and hard ethical choices that transcend age I was left wondering how I would act in the same circ [...]

    • I started reading Turning Point on my Kindle phone app a few days ago I had only a few minutes, and I thought it would be a good time to start a book I had been meaning to read Big mistake Not because the book was bad just the opposite, actually when my few minutes were up, I did not want to put Turning Point down I found myself lost in the lives of Jenna, Dominic, Myra, and Phil needing to know and about them as the story progressed Melissa Luznicky Garrett tells a compelling tale from beginn [...]

    • Wow seriously over rated reviews in my humble opinion Seriously this book plays out like a low budget afternoon special The characters are so surface and the plot is so unbelievable at times It was OK for what I call brain candy meaning you can skip a bunch of pages and not miss anything Finished it in about 4 hours So glad I only paid 3

    • A great first YA by Melissa Luznicky Garrett It was exciting and suspenseful and had just a hint of romance I stayed up half the night finishing it in one day There were definitely some unexpected twists and turns that really kept me interested and dying to find out how things end.I m excited to see what she puts out next

    • A captivating page turner The suspense was gripping from the beginning to the very last page I couldn t put it down I enjoyed this book so much I read it in one day I really enjoy Melissa Luznicky Garrett s characters and feel invested in them and a bit sad when the story is over and I am done spending time with them A must read

    • Be forewarned, the story grabs you and won t let go You ll turn each page with both trepidation for what might happen and a strong desire to know The author s dedication becomes ominous, for all of you hidden in plain sight, waiting to be found Jenna s had a tough life Thanks to an alcoholic mom, she s grown up too fast Strong and determined, she s had enough when her best friend s father crosses the line She takes off for parts unknown and fate intervenes Her car breaks down and a passerby come [...]

    • I zipped right through Turning Point Hands down one of the best reads I have gotten my hands on this year I couldn t wait to start reading I was also intrigued because the town of LaGrange, where Jenna breaks down at is not far from me Now that high school is over, Jenna wants an adventure Her childhood has not been an easy one, what with an alcoholic mother and her BFF s father showing a little too much affection to her When her car breaks down outside a small town in Missouri Phil, a good Sama [...]

    • An incredibly gripping tale of well, I won t tell what that is so as not to spoil this page turner Think Okay, what s going to happen next A respite is anything but what just graduated 17 year old Jenna gets when she sets out for a much needed break from nursing her mother s constant hangovers After her car breaks down on a Missouri road and with no cell phone reception, things look bad until a man offers to go for help Upon his return, things look worse when she finds out it will take at least [...]

    • Jenna has finally graduated from High School Her plan is to take a carefree road trip before starting college in the fall, but that just doesn t seem to be in the cards for her After being stranded on the side of the highway when her car breaks down, she ends up staying at the Buckley s house As the family secrets begin to be revealed, Jenna is put in a position that no girl her age should ever have to deal with I don t usually read mystery suspense books, but decided to give this a try I have t [...]

    • I was hook on Ms Garrett style of writing from the start with The Spirit Keeper Turning Point kept me on the edge of my seat all through the book Good intrigues, build up suspense, add a bit of romance and you end up with a very good novel This one has some few editing glitches but very few and minor ones too, compared to some e books I read in the past.All the characters in this book carried a load of emotions, hatred, deep scares which is very well described by the author I have now read every [...]

    • 4.5 It was a good book but I just didn t LOVE it enough to give it 5 stars It had a good story line that keep the reader continuously turning the page to find out what would happen next I m not used to books being from 3rd person but I see why the author thought this was best considering how many characters were in the book I m just not a big fan of 3rd person books personal opinion The content dealt with heavy issues that not many people really deal with or talk about Which makes this book uni [...]

    • 2.5 Stars on this oneThis situation that these characters found themselves in was awful and I felt for them but I did not feel a connection to them I did not know enough about them The biggest thing for me was that I didn t feel a connection between them either.The author sheds light on a sensitive subject and for that I applaud her Everyone needs to be aware of the things going on around them good and bad.

    • I absolutely love this book You can feel with the characters as you read it, and really understand all the horrors they experience Written as though it were a true life story, this amazing book is a must read

    • This is a tense, well written book with rich characters There are some violent passages Some of it was tough to read even as an adult, but the violence was never gratuitous I ll look into other books by this author.

    • I d like to read this one but it is not available on the nook and I don t buy from as I don t like there business practices Too bad it got a great write up in RT.

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