Who Needs a Hero? #2020

Who Needs a Hero? By Jennifer L. Hart Who Needs a Hero A Heroine in Distress In the span of one afternoon Maggie Sampson lost everything her job her fianc and her inheritance The thing she ll miss most though is her mind What else could explain her visi
  • Title: Who Needs a Hero?
  • Author: Jennifer L. Hart
  • ISBN: 9781463620967
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who Needs a Hero? By Jennifer L. Hart
    Who Needs a Hero? By Jennifer L. Hart A Heroine in Distress In the span of one afternoon, Maggie Sampson lost everything her job, her fianc and her inheritance The thing she ll miss most though is her mind What else could explain her vision of the handsome and enigmatic stranger who retrieved her engagement ring when she hurled the rock into the Atlantic Ocean Normal people just don t do things like thaA Heroine in Distress In the span of one afternoon, Maggie Sampson lost everything her job, her fianc and her inheritance The thing she ll miss most though is her mind What else could explain her vision of the handsome and enigmatic stranger who retrieved her engagement ring when she hurled the rock into the Atlantic Ocean Normal people just don t do things like that Sometimes fantasy is better than reality A Hero Who Needed Saving To the rest of the world, Neil Phillips is a decorated war hero, a Navy SEAL who has what it takes to get the job done In private he is a raw wound with two boys, a broken marriage and a nasty case of PTSD, but despite his personal struggles he helped Maggie when she needed it most Now, Maggie is on a mission and she s not going anywhere until she returns the favor with interest Who Needs A Hero A warrior with a broken heart, a woman with nothing to lose there are no victims here, only courageous souls, both in need of rescue.
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      MysteriesWithHartBorn and bred in Upstate New York, USA Today bestselling author Jennifer L Hart now lives in North Carolina with her three Hart men, two spoiled canines and a host of imaginary friends She is the author of several romances and mystery series including The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag and Mackenzie Mackenzie P.I THE GOODNIGHT KISS is her first Y.A N.A novel Follow her online using the thegoodnightkiss on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

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    • I loved this book I fell in love with Maggie and Neil from reading the first chapter Maggie s got spunk and I felt connected to her I felt her pain, loss and her joys too All in all a great read

    • Poor Maggie she s a mess lost it all or so she thinks Enter the Navy well, a Navy SEAL anyway who else makes such a great hero But this SEAL has messes of his own Who ll help him Who else Maggie the Mess Such a delightful contemporary romance Enjoyed every minute spent reading this book Although written in first person not my favorite , it never decreased the level of reading pleasure for me.Characters you ll love Romance that sizzles Just great fun to read

    • Fun, contemporary romance with a dreamy Hero Neil and a hilarious, smart mouthed heroine Maggie I really liked Maggie and she had me busting out laughing than once This was a sweet easy read.

    • WHO NEEDS A HERO by Jennifer L Hart07 11 Self Published by Jennifer L Hart eBook FormatIs the hardest life lesson learning that you are good enough to be loved Maggie Sampson doesn t need a hero she needs a break but some define intervention would be appreciated She has been in charge of everything including her brother since their parent s death and the breaking point is was finding her fiance in bed with another woman Maggie thought his feelings were true but found out otherwise when she caugh [...]

    • 4.5 stars This book was very funny, uplifting Neil and Maggie what a great couple Maggie was a hoot, love out she through sarcasm and jokes while she gets nervous or do not want to say what is in one her mind Leo, he was such a good friend for Maggie Marty, need to grow up How many woman in our ages that do the same thing that Maggie does, take care of other people instead of yourself I know I am one of them, started very young and now that I am older I am still doing it Habits are are to cut of [...]

    • 4.5 stars.This was so incredibly funny and sweet And original I d like to re read before doing a full review because I glommed this book with about 5 others while I was sick and writing half a review now just wouldn t do it justice.

    • I wasn t all that taken with Who Needs a Hero by Jennifer Hart All and all I felt she did a wonderful job of creating solid and extremely likable characters thus the 3 stars But the delivery of the character s descriptions, the addition of random useless scenes, and the h H journey towards love and each other I thought fell a bit short thus no than 3 stars Maggie is a woman whose been knocked down repeatedly by life Her parents are dead, she s been deceived, robbed and cheated on by her former [...]

    • Maggie is NOT my type of romantic heroine Yes, she can be pretty funny but her narrow focus has been limited to taking care of all the men in her life younger brother Marty, her embezzling former fianc , little Josh Kenny and lastly, their father, Neil ahead of her own well being Now, I admire people who unselfishly take care of others But not if the result is the caretaker s own emotional and personal growth is stunted Except for her dead mother whom she converses with in her mind, Maggie has n [...]

    • I actually started this book a couple of days ago again due to all the recent buzz here on It s not like I don t have a couple hundred books on the TBR but once I got this book I just had to read it even though it s written in first person which is my least favorite Also I think this is the first time I have read a book where we see the story from both the hero and heroine in first person.Very emotional, kids you can t help but love and an ex wife and smary ex fiance you can t help but hate Neil [...]

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this book I thought the characters were well developed and the plotline was interesting.The only things I deplored werethe typos that weren t caughtd there were far too many of them Donna Karen for Donna Karan, and for an, wear for where, he for the, not for know, my for me, with an with for Something I couldn t figure out I hope the author who has great talent can find someone better than whoever did this book to proofread her next works for her.

    • This book capitivated me from the beginning I won this book from first reads and am so happy I did The story was wonderful and made me live her life I even found myself laughing at times The main character is a real smart alic that I can relate too as well as admire I was a little thrown by the amount of detail in the sex scenes, but it also fell into the story so it seemed right I will read from this reader and have already had several people at work I have said can read it Thank you Jennifer [...]

    • I received Who Needs A Hero from good reads giveaway I found it to be a very enjoyable read and look foreward to books by Jennifer Hart

    • screams in horror I must warn you, this review will be heavy on spoilers because in order for me to describe why I disliked this book I must bring several things upFirst off, it could have been a decent storyline A woman childish and naive one at that who has lost everything and a war hero with a broken marriage This could have had some decent drama Instead, we got a farfetched storyline I m all for suspending belief when it comes to reading but thisI just cannot Yes, SEALs are amazing but Niel [...]

    • Tldr red hot real with respect.I normally don t get on with contemporary romance, but I really loved this one and have read it twice If I d read a synopsis I probably wouldn t have bought it, as it appears that the book is anti woman with careers and those who want a life beyond motherhood I want both those things But actually it s just a sweet story about two damaged people finding love in the midst of life chaos Both main characters develop with complexity, such that you don t think either is [...]

    • Military guy falls in love with a jilted woman randomly when they met on a beach when both are at their absolute low points.Maggie Sampson has just been ripped off by her cheating fiance and looking for a new life with literally two bags to her name when she meets Neil Phillips Neil is in the middle of a nasty divorce custody battle with Amber over his old life and two sons Maggie randomly ends up the nanny to his two sons both under the age of 2 so she is first hand witness to the nasty demise [...]

    • I was graciously gifted thank you this audiobook from the publisher and Audiobookjukebox.Who Needs a Hero by Jennifer L Hart was a good story, I enjoyed the commentary the heroine had with herself and other people Maggie s down on her luck and can t catch a break Neil is a Navy Seal so yeah he is an alpha male, but he has a sweet side and loves his two little boys He is having issues in his life as well I felt like we really didn t get to know him really until the end of the book.Since this was [...]

    • I m usually a paranormal romance kind of girl, but I ve been trying to expand my horizons This book made me happy I ventured off my normal path.I loved the interaction and the chemistry between Maggie and Neil Neil exuded an extreme maleness that draws us to the boarder line crazy of a special forces soldier As a mother, Maggie won me over with her capacity to reach out and care about Neil s children, not all woman are cut out to be mother, as clearly demonstrated by Amber, the boys mom and Neil [...]

    • So, after reading Skeletons in the Closet , I stumbled upon this one on BN while trying to find the second Laundry Hag book I didn t realize that there was a book before Skeletons in the Closet So, I bought this one, and decided to read it before 2.I was not as impressed with this one I was ready to give this one a 4 or maybe even a 5, and then I reached that last fifth of the book All of a sudden, it became a bodice ripper I did not realize that this was going to be quite so raunchy It seemed v [...]

    • This is an entertaining prequel to the Laundry Hag series We get to find out their back story and how they met and fell in love I have to say I found part of his story highly unlikely, they are not going to keep sending you to all these things if you are that messed up In a way it took away from the story and realness of the story Overall it was an entertaining read, but I almost wish I didn t know parts of it Plus the author took a turn into erotice, which just didn t fit with the series.

    • I give this book a 3.75 star rating I really liked the main characters, even though their situations are a little sad and desperate However, the supporting characters are little extreme and the development of the relationship between the main characters wasn t strong enough to believe a HEA I think that s what kept me from giving it a 4 However, I do recommend this book The writing is witty and I really liked the main character.

    • Like it a lotThis book is a hoot Though not without it s frustrating parts, the misunderstandings and consequences of them are diverting and sometimes laugh out loud funny The protagonists are entertaining and due to the author s style, easy to get to know and care about I have read several books in the series and I doubt I ll stop until I ve read them all There s some pretty graphic sex, so be warned.

    • I thought the author did a good job of blending the serious with the comedy I didn t expect the book to be as light hearted as it was I thought with the subject of PTSD, that it would be a deep, emotional book, but it wasn t I was pleasantly surprised by the book as a whole, however, the main character, Maggie, got on my nerves with her constant sarcasm snark.

    • Great backstoryAfter several dark, complicated books, I was looking for lighter fare that would also keep my interest I have enjoyed the Laundry Hag series, and looked forward to this one, which while not the first, tells the back story It was such a pleasure to learn how Maggie and Neil got their start.

    • oh this was so so so good.No idea what took me so long to get to this series in my tbr pile this prequel has been there for a long time but I finally got there and I stayed up all night reading cause I had to finish it I LOVE Maggie she made me laugh, cry get angry, slap myself silly and then fall head over heals it was a totally awesome read and one I know I will re read again and again.

    • Well done, Jennifer You did your research It s definately got a military feel and the hero wasn t too perfect I loved the flaws and the baggage he brings with him to the relationship I loved the dynamics between the characters The only question I have, is what happened to her birthday present

    • E This book came free with the combo pack of vols 1 3 that I bought I was hesitant to read it since I didn t care for vol 3 very much, but I wound up reading it I enjoyed reading it and learning about everybody s back story.

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