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Guinevere's Gift By Nancy McKenzie Guinevere s Gift On the night of Guinevere s birth there was a prophecy that foretold she would one day be highest lady in the land and wed to a great king But years have passed and the prophecy couldn t be furth
  • Title: Guinevere's Gift
  • Author: Nancy McKenzie
  • ISBN: 9780375943454
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Library Binding
  • Guinevere's Gift By Nancy McKenzie
    Guinevere's Gift By Nancy McKenzie On the night of Guinevere s birth, there was a prophecy that foretold she would one day be highest lady in the land and wed to a great king But 13 years have passed, and the prophecy couldn t be further off Guinevere is now an orphan and a ward of her aunt and uncle, the king and queen of Gwynedd Tomboyish and awkward, Gwen is no great beauty, and nobody takes the prophOn the night of Guinevere s birth, there was a prophecy that foretold she would one day be highest lady in the land and wed to a great king But 13 years have passed, and the prophecy couldn t be further off Guinevere is now an orphan and a ward of her aunt and uncle, the king and queen of Gwynedd Tomboyish and awkward, Gwen is no great beauty, and nobody takes the prophecy seriously especially not Gwen.But then one day Gwen meets a strange young man in the woods who claims to be part of an ancient tribe whose mission is to guard and protect her Then she stumbles across a sinister plot brewing within the castle walls one she alone might be able to prevent Guinevere is beginning to realize her destiny is complex than it seems and this is only the beginning.From the Hardcover edition.
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      Nancy McKenzie is the author of several novels based on Arthurian tales Guinevere s Gift is her first novel for young adults She lives in Danbury, Connecticut.

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    • I consider Nancy McKenzie s Queen of Camelot the best Arthurian legend book I have ever read This is a YA book by the same author I am sure I would have enjoyed it if I had not read Queen Of Camelot first as the first third or so of this book is very similar to the first part of the former Queen of Camelot is told in the first person by Guinevere and this book is not told in the first person however As this book evolves there are characters and events that were not in the other book so it took [...]

    • Guinevere s Gift is a fairytale set just before the dark ages following Guinevere in the years leading up to marrying King Arthur This is technically not part of a series,however, Nancy Mckenzie has written many other books on the latter life of Guinevere Pendragon This book is centered around the prophecy entailing that Guinevere will become the highest lady in the land by marrying the one they call the man unconquered No one knew who he was at the time Never would they guess the landless King [...]

    • I didn t end up finishing this one it seemed like every other paragraph had something about spirits, witches, or superstitions.

    • The idea behind Guinevere s Gift was undoubtedly to fill in the missing pages about the queen s childhood in a fun adventure for very young adults In some respects Nancy McKenzie succeeds at this her book is certainly very creative, and makes for some pleasant before bedtime reading, but in other ways it is a significant miss Here Guinevere stars the orphaned niece of Pellinore, being raised by her steely aunt Alyse and cousins in Gwynedd while her uncle is off fighting against the Saxons with A [...]

    • Not bad I d even be interested in reading the sequel if I could find it But while I did like this book, I had some issues with it The writing wasn t great and the characters, other than Gwen, weren t well developed There were also times when the characters were ridiculously stupid, which drove me crazy All in all, it was a good story but not a great execution.

    • Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadTooAt the time of her birth, a prophecy foretold Guinevere would one day be wed to a great king and be the highest lady in the land Guinevere herself refuses to believe this will be so.After all, she s thirteen years old and an orphan living at the mercy of her uncle and aunt, the king and queen of Gwynedd She prefers riding horses to feminine tasks, and it would be unlikely a great king would look twice at her boyish figure.When Gwen discovers an ancient [...]

    • Guinevere s Gift focuses on Guinevere, the young woman who would become King Arthur s Queen In this book, Guinevere is portrayed as tom boyish and awkward She is also an orphan when her mother died in childbirth and her father died 5 years prior to the events of the book of old age She is being raised by her maternal aunt, Alyse who despises her because her own father preferred her sister Guinevere s mother to her and Pellinore, her husband who is serving in King Arthur s army This book is a lik [...]

    • So, I ve been complaining in some of my recent reviews that I haven t read any books lately that I would actually want to own and re read It is with great pleasure that I announce that THIS book is worthy of owning and re reading The thing that really impresses me about this book is how truly human the characters are They are complex, making both good and bad decisions, thinking through what they re going to do and why, demonstrating good and bad qualities, and having their good qualities show u [...]

    • This book was really enjoyable It is fiction.It is based on a well known legend called King Arthur.I liked how the author clearly showed the characters personalities and thoughts Mainly the book is about the great legend king s, King Arthur wife, Guinevere and the story of her childhood The setting is when there were knights and castles during King Arthur s time Throughout the story she struggles between right and wrong choices, especially with her cousin ,Elaine.I was angry about how Elaine wou [...]

    • 1 Summary Guinevere s Gift is the story of young Guinevere s first adventure It begins when a king s evil son decides he wants her aunt s kingdom for his own Guinevere s uncle is far away leading a war, so the kingdom is left almost completely defenseless against the oncoming battle Only with Guinevere s amazing friends, intelligence and wits is the kingdom saved 2 Like dislike about book I disliked how some of the book s issues were never resolved It hinted at having a sequel, but others who ha [...]

    • I randomly selected this book at the library and brought it home As I started to read it, it seemed like an okay book, maybe something worthy of 3 stars But after the first few chapters, this book sucked me into a world of adventure and mystery This story tells of the glorious Guinevere of Gwynedd, King Arthur s renowned wife She is a scrawny 13 year old in this novel, mischievous and brave She fights between becoming an obedient, beautiful princess to please Queen Alyse and fulfilling her passi [...]

    • I ve read Queen of Camelot and enjoyed it so much when I found out the author was going to write about Guinevere for a younger audience I decided to give it a go.As this book is essentially in the same universe as Queen of Camelot, some of the things that happen are rehashing of events we know from the adult book, but it also fleshes out some of Gwen s childhood and gives some insight to her aunt and gives a bit understanding as to some of her actions in QoC.I think this was perfect for younge [...]

    • This is the first book in the Chrysalis Queen Quartet Series It is a fiction story based on the girl who would grow up to be King Arthur s queen At birth, a prophecy was told about Guinevere that she would one day be the highest lady in the land by being married to the King No one took the prophecy seriously as she was an orphan living with her Aunt and Uncle Everyone thought her cousin who was beautiful would become a queen Guinevere, however, discovers a plot to overthrow her Aunt and Uncles [...]

    • Guinevere s Gift is the story of 13 year old Guinevere of Aurthurian legend What exactly the gift is, Nancy McKenzie does not answer is so many words, but it doesn t matter This is a satisfying adventure story about a girl who loves horses and strives to do the right thing, even at cost to herself.This book contains alcohol consumption.

    • really good young adult novel I started and finished it in the same day I was flying across the country It made the trip go really fast I didn t find the book to have the darkness that lots of stories have these days, and especially Arthurian tales, which was refreshing It s a story of two different girls growing up together, and learning how to navigate in a grownup world, where their own desires don t always correspond to the adults around them I have the next book in the series waiting for me [...]

    • I really liked this book, Guin isn t just some pretty girl in a pretty world and ever man alive is trying to woo her There is danger, trickery, and twists to events that we would have thought to play out differently She isn t a stunning beauty, she is only a young girl, but we can see what she will become in a few years time, and that leaves you with the urge to want to read the next installment.

    • This book was beautifully written Nancy McKenzie has a refreshing simplicity of style and her storytelling techniques are impeccable I enjoyed the character that she has created for the legendary Guinevere She is courageous, humble, and honorable, traits that I find valuable in a strong female protagonist The plotline was exciting and I found myself unable to put it down The whole thing has stayed with me long after I turned the last page.

    • I don t often have to just go through the library and search the shelves for something that looks interesting I checked this one out and hoped for the best I was glad I picked this book up, it was definitely worth reading I loved it There was great character development and the plot was interesting It had good pacing and some fun twists Overall it was well put together and a great book.

    • This was a very good book Unlike a lot of aruthurian books I have read, where the author tries to show how it could have really happened and it makes all the characters who I think are cool, really obnoxious, this book made Guinevere a really good character Instead of the boring girly character a lot of books have portrayed her as, this Guinevere is much cooler.

    • A wonderful tale of young Guinevere The old ones believe in the prophecy concerning the young princess and watch over her Others choose to see it as fluff Guinevere is a charming, thoughtful, courageous and intelligent girl on the verge of womanhood who doesn t know what to believe.Full of adventure and strong relationships, I can t wait to read the next book in this series.

    • I am a suck for a good Guinevere novel and the author of this title is actually the one that started it Her transition to a pre Arthur period is fun, exciting and will set tweens up nicely for her adult novels.

    • Awesome I loved this book I would definetly recommend this book because it is all about friend ship and love, never mind love about friendship and war but don t worry it doesn t tell you the details about the wars

    • I just picked this up at the library one day knowing nothing about it I really enjoyed this young adult book about Guinevere s journey to who she would become one day I m looking forward to reading .

    • Guinevere is her aunt, Queen Alyse s ward, but Queen Alyse is still jealous of her dead older sister, Guinevere s mother When cattle start going missing, Guinevere shows her courage and loyalty and gains her aunt s favor This was a fun story set in Arthurian times.

    • Well it would have been kid friendly if the villan wouldn t have called the queen a slut and a b tch Several times Also, it s a girls book un account of all the talk about a girl s body, figure, and there is some very suggestive scenes

    • Book 1 in the Chrysalis Queen QuartetOn the night of Guinevere s birth, a prophecy foretold she would be the highest lady of the land.Story of her adventures just before her 13 birthday and before she meets Arthur.Story for girls grade 5 and up.

    • It s an awesome twist on an old tale in this four book series, Guinevere must deal with a prophecy she never wanted, meet a guardian she never knew she had and deal with a corrupted guard All before she turns thirteen.

    • This book is great, I have never read one like this This beautiful girl she s smart strong and everything else This book I couldn t put it down it was so good.

    • Author took her adult novel and rewrote it as three YA novels Goos idea Popular in both genres I have both adult and YA copies.

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